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Bowser Says She’ll Give Gray Time to Get Over Election Loss

Three days after Muriel Bowser handily beat Vince Gray in the mayoral primary, the mayor still appears to be smarting from his defeat. At today's Democratic Unity Breakfast, Gray only shook Bowser's hand after reporters pointed out that he hadn't yet, then shared an awkward whisper-smile thing with her.

Still, Bowser's hopeful that Gray will come around.

“It was just a very fresh few days after the election, so we’re going to give it some time," Bowser said this afternoon on WAMU's The Politics Hour.

It's not clear, though, whether Bowser wants Gray's endorsement ahead of her general election fight with David Catania. On WAMU, Bowser stopped short of saying she's seeking Gray's endorsement, looking instead for a smooth transfer of power in the whopping nine months until Gray leaves office.

“He is still control of this city," Bowser said. "I'm hopeful as a member of our party and a person who will support the Democratic ticket that he will work with me and Phil Mendelson and all members of the Council to ensure a smooth transition."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • justsayin

    The Real Housewives of the Wilson Building.


    Run, Catania RUN!!!

    Keep that DING-BAT in ward 4...... sorry, the rest of the city does not need to SUFFER like ward 4!!

  • DontSleeponDude

    The Bowser Dilemma. MB was elected without a mandate but rest assure, with Catania in the race, she will need a mandate in order to become Mayor. Going into the primary, she did not have "true believers" -- just a group of Fentycrats mostly led by government contractors or developers that want access. There is no Movement behind her candidacy, and to many she doesn't represent anything that people relate to, and are inspired by. So unless she can step up, and take Catania on, she will not be elected in the General Election. Some thoughts:

    1. Catania is smart, shrewd and tactical. He will draw a very stark contrast between him and her for voters to decide: experience and accomplishment vs. amateur and not ready for prime time. He has already won citywide elections. Lets face it, he does have appeal in this heavily democratic city. Even now, he is drawing stark contrasts between him and MB, in terms of what he has accomplished on the Council, and what she hasn't delivered on the Council (education).

    2. Democrats are divided and she will have an uphill battle to unify them. The Gray voters view her as the second coming of Fenty. Think about this, pretend that Fenty beat Gray in the primary of 2010, and Fenty was running against Catania. The is NO way that Gray's voters would have voted for Fenty--too much venom. Likewise, MB will have a hard time motivating Gray's voters to vote for her in the Fall. The vast majority of them will stay at home.

    3. Evans & Well voters. These voters who are primarily white are going to vote for Catania. Anyone that says differently is being disingenuous. Catania is independent, and will not be advocating some "Mitt Romney" crap. Expect his message to be politically acceptable in DC and represent real change, which will appeal to the Evans & Wells voters.

    And, lets be real, these voters didnt want Gray in office, yet they cast their votes for Evans/Wells (two who had ZERO chance of winning the primary)--rather than Bowser. Why did they passed on her: they were much more willing to risk Gray being re-elected then to vote for her. So imagine in the fall, when they are presented with a seasoned, sharp, substantively tight, independent candidate like Cantania--advocating good government.

    The Sad thing is that the WashPost endorsed her to take Gray out. And, with Gray out the picture, they will dump her--like the Republican Party did Hermain Cain--and endorse Catania. Real Talk

  • Jimbo

    Pat, that you? ;-)

  • Marvin E. Adams

    Very insightful and shrewd analysis. It seems the only individuals who can't or won't accept your premise(s) are the delusional ones in charge of the city's one-party Democratic machine. That, along with ignorance and apathy, will set the stage for a historic outcome for the upcoming general election.

    I still marvel, actually, I am utterly amazed at those who emphatically pronounce that "DC will N-E-V-E-R elect a white mayor!" They, like some of our Republican, GOP, Tea Party and Dixiecrat compatriots truly do N-O-T understand, nor is accepting of change. It is my personal opinion that one of the best things that could happen to this city is to have someone elected, who is not a member of the "entitled" class; a member of the status quo, and yes, I realize I may be in the minority here, but someone who has not been affiliated with the Democratic stronghold.

    As the late great Sam Cooke crooned "A Change Gonna Come." Actually a change is here. Sadly, some folk just will N-O-T embrace it.

  • ward5

    I voted Gray. I will vote Catania. We need experience. She doesn't have it.....

  • Tight Lips

    So you mean to tell me that Catania could be a better Mayor than Jack Evans, Tommy Wells & Vincent Orange?

    Because if she loses the race, then the DC Dems have got to be the dumbest group of people on earth lol.

    I think the last thing ANYONE wants as Mayor is David Catania. But because everyone was so focused on Gray, Democrats allowed an even weaker candidate in Bowser to run against Catania.

    Now Democrats that don't like Bowser, will vote for Catania just to spite her.

    If you had your thinking cap on, all you had to do was just vote for a candidate you wanted to beat Catania in November..

    The Media pulled a fast one so that they can get the first White Gay Republican Mayor of DC lol.

    Works hand in hand with the push for Gay Rights!

    Not mad at that, just find it funny how Dems carried this situation.

  • peter rosenstein

    Of course she wants his endorsement and Muriel is smart to give it a little bit of time. She will get the Mayor's endorsement and he will help to make sure that Bowser is the next Mayor. It will be a long seven month campaign.

    The City doesn't need David Catania as Mayor and we can be nearly 100% sure he won't be. D.C. is still a Democratic town and many Democrats are very proud of that. With the past two Democratic Mayors Williams and Fenty and now Gray we are doing great as a city and are the envy of most of cities and states with how well we are doing.

  • truth hurts

    Here's what Vince whispered in her ear: It's all lies, all lies!


    It is a NEW Day in DC!

    We ALL want a COMPETENT Mayor!

    The party does NOT matter, race does NOT matter, religion does NOT matter, sexual orientation does NOT matter!

    You just can't put any dummy in office, just because they are DEM...... Vote Competence!

    Catania will get my VOTE, MONEY and TIME!!

    Say NO to Bowser and the green BAMAS!

    From a LIFE LONG resident and DEMOCRAT!! Y'all figure out the rest.....

  • DCShadyBoots

    Well, this is all fuel for Catania in the general.

    His winning strategy is to illuminate the things that he has DONE for the African American community, the poor, on education, etc. that Murial Bowser only TALKS about but hasn't in 7 year on the Council. His record isn't as conservative as his surly attitude may be. Then he debates on those topics and holds her accountable to her thin resume'. He has to hire a bridge builder to wards 5, 7 & 8. Someone whom all those people trust, yet has the trust, also, of every other ward in the city. They should use the the ugliness that Bowsers' supporters have expressed towards Gray, his supporters against her. Gain their support, then target those the 75% of registered Democrats that didn't bother to show up to vote in the primary.

    Democrats lived with Fenty for four years so we have the ability to overlook surliness if that resonates in real results. I am starting to be convinced that Bowser would be a very big mistake for this city. It is starting already. The Democratic pettiness, in-fighting, immaturity is beginning to be too much. Perhaps it is time for the party to be sidelined for a political cycle to get ourselves together.

    If pound for pound, David Catania can demonstrate that he has a better record of accomplishment on the major issues facing this city, he'll have my vote. I don't care much for either candidate. I will vote on the merits of the candidates record. If Democrats in New Jersey can support a Chris Christy, with his mean surliness, perhaps I can too.

  • drez

    Catania hasn't a prayer to be mayor, and soon will face an knowledgable and capable campaigner in Elissa for his at large seat.

  • Flapdoodle

    A decently fought election will be good for all.

    For gray, it's gonna be a long nine months.

  • Asuka

    Look at these nuts pushing for Catania. You people are STILL angry at Fenty? LOL - Catania has no chance.

    Where are the down-low twins Tony and Noodlez? Awfully quiet these days.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Not mad at Fenty, tired of DC Democrats.

  • http://Citypaper Ward:4

    I Vote for Gray. And I will not vote for Bowser I will be vote republican for the first time in my life for David Catania.

  • stick2yourguns


  • DC Native

    Unbelievable that anyone would consider voting for a former Republican in DC out of sheer emotion. That's what put Gray in office and you see where we are today. As a five generation Washingtonian, I see nothing about Catania that represents me or any other native's of the City. Not that I do not believe that he is intelligent. However, I am extremely confident and certain that Muriel will represent my interest as an African American native Washingtonian with children in DCPS, aging parents in need of tax relief and assistance and as a person who wants to see the RIGHT development in the City. Catania's very nature cannot do this effectively.

  • UNC-G grad

    @DontSleepOnDude - Spot on ! Ditto, ditto, ditto. You speak absolute truth in your well-thought analysis. Nothing to add, nothing to take away.

    Well said.

  • citydude

    Back in the old winning days of Redskins, there was famous quote by one of the owners 'You give George Allen any budget and he overspends it"....Well today it is David Catania...The biggest spender of all. You give him any agency for oversight and he will double the agency budget. Catania figured out early on that best way to get votes is to spend lots of money...Unfortunately it is us taxpayers!

  • DontSleeponDude

    @UNC G grad. Thanks, we all want the best for the District.

  • http://Citypaper Ward4

    Bowers is so dumb I can't see her running this city. David will know how to run the city. However I live in ward 4 and she do does absolutely nothing for ward 4.