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Thies: Blame U.S. Attorney for Gray Loss

Chuck Thies earlier this year

Vince Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies blames his boss's nearly 12-point loss to Muriel Bowser in the Democratic mayoral primary yesterday on one man.

"One thing changed this election: Ron Machen," Thies said.

Speaking after Gray's concession speech to a knot of reporters, campaign workers, and Gray administration staffers in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom, Thies explained. He said the U.S. Attorney's Office's March 10 plea hearing with Gray shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson doomed Gray's chances thanks to its pre-election timing—timing that Thies calls "intentional."

After his speech, Gray himself called the timing of the plea with Thompson "odd." He compared his situation with former Virginia governor and man-of-expensive taste Bob McDonnell, whose indictment was delayed until he left office. Why, Gray wondered, couldn't he get similar treatment for Thompson's plea?

Can of Sierra Nevada in hand, Thies complained about the details included in Thompson's statement of offense, especially the "Uncle Earl" alias Gray has admitted using for Thompson. "Why create the made-for-Twitter 'Uncle Earl' moment?" Thies said.

Thies was joined by Gray chief of staff Chris Murphy, who had some Machen-bashing of his own.

"Are U.S. Attorneys deciding elections?" Murphy asked Thies rhetorically. "We shouldn't vote. Why do we bother voting?"

Gray campaign political director Steve Glaude, who now returns to his job as Gray's director of community affairs, listed other obstacles that helped foil Gray's re-election. Among them: a late start date and a smaller campaign staff and budget than Gray's first mayoral bid.

Thies, disappearing into the hotel with the other Gray staffers, yelled at Glaude that they were going to finish the rest of the beers. That, Glaude explained, was his cue to stop talking to LL.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • James Strom Thurmond

    I don't always agree with former ANC Commissioner Leroy Thorpe. However, he's on point with his comment. I predict race riots in the District in the future like in 1968 and whites will flee the District.

  • Marvin Garden


    Nobody is stopping anyone from competing for the high-paying jobs in DC. Blame others for your failures all you want but it's not going to change anything and it's not going to stop the rest of us from moving forward.

    I don't care what race/religion people are: Keep up or get out. The future of this city shouldn't be constrained by the limitations of the weakest residents that can't figure out how to succeed in DC's economy. Those that can't hack it are being left behind and I couldn't be happier.

    The future of DC should be a haven for the nation's best and brightest, and race has nothing to do with it.

  • drez

    These foolish strawman arguments give me a headache.

  • Tom M

    Wow. Going to forecast RACE RIOTS. SMHS.

  • likedrypavement

    No point in trying to pawn the blame off on Machen. He merely brought to light Grey's corruption. Good riddance Vince.

    I think we'll see a reversal of the pattern of the primary in the general: those wards that voted for Bowser will vote for Catania, and those wards that voted for Grey will vote for Bowser. I hope Catania wins.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    @CataniaIsNext - think you and I appreciate your cerebral comments - intelligent and respectful.

    @Marvin Garden - It' obvious you never lived the Black experience in America to be judged by your race and needing Civil Rights legislation to enjoy the freedom of America like white folks. Particularly, since we all came to the Native Americans land on separate ships - the only difference is that my people did not colonize the Native Americans like your white folks. I don't need to be validated by no one's culture or race to be worth anything - Allah is the only validation I seek - rest assured on judgment day we all will be validated and a growing and thriving city to by and purchase a home or business won't save you or matter.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    @aka drez Martin Moulton - take your medication and you might feel better.

  • Marvin Garden


    You can live in the past and watch opportunities blow right past you or you can live in the present and be part of this city's future. I hope you own your home because the winds of change are coming fast. Try to keep up.

  • tony

    @Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.,


    It's still some Adam Clayton Powells on them streets.

    It's still some young blacks in this city who can govern the right way for black folks.

    We can't throw in the towel. That can't happen!

  • Kes

    "The day's [sic] of strong African-American leadership in DC has been replaced with testicular castration and amazons wanting to be male warriors."

    ...the fuck?

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    @ James Strom Thurmond - James I hope we don't have any race riots.

    @ Marvin Garden - I own my home in DC and New York - what you don't understand is that this world is temporary and will past you by quickly. You and I will be in the grave very soon and the only home we will own on Judgment Day is either in heaven or hell. I hope Insha Allah, I will be in Heaven where man and woman were created until Satan had Adam and Eve kicked out and placed in this world which you desire - I do not desire this world I am only passing by. Again- I don't need to be validated by no man or culture I know who I am and whom I serve Allah (The one and only God). You can have my two homes which are only temporary in this world - show me the money so I can build a Masjid and live in an apartment. It's obvious you are not educated with common sense or you just are a roaming misguided soul. I will cease communicating with you because your viewpoints are not intelligent.

    @tony - kick the faith.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    @ tony - sorry tony I meant keep the faith. Kes lack of command of clean language threw me for a loop.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Tom M, there will be race riots in D.C. because many whites come on this blog, DCist, and Prince of Petworth hiding behind their computer screens spreading their true racist and elitists feelings about non whites. I don't think most blacks gay or straight will vote for a racist white gay male like David Catania. White gay males are some of the most racist people I've encountered. I never experience as much racism and prejudice from heterosexual white males.

    Blacks will not be pushed out of D.C., NYC, Philly, Chicago, Boston, etc due to white gentrification. Those cities will burn again like in 1968 after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. White racism is on the race in the District and many rednecks gay and straight want black D.C. residents to move. Whites are becoming the minority in this country and many white gay and straights are afraid. Latinos will be the majority ethnic group in the U.S. in 50 years outnumbering both black and white U.S. citizens.

    Right on brothers Leroy and Tony. I remember Leroy reading Catania at a live hearing years ago and Catania backed down and shut the hell up. LOL

  • Southeast Ken

    Leroy, you must remember, most white folks are Godless and they don't believe in God or Allah. If some whites had their way, they would put blacks back into slavery or they wished Jim Crow laws still exists. Many slave owners were gay or bisexuals and they practiced racism. I am so sick of white gay males identifying as a race of people. Black gays or non white gays catch hell and they are discriminated against by the mostly white gay community. White gay males complain about discrimination and they turn around and discriminate against black gays or non white gay males.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    @Southeast Ken - I agree with you and I am glad that Jewish woman from Ward 1 kicked Jim Graham out of office. One of our Muslim organizations endorsed that Jewish woman over Graham and campaigned for her with literature in the Muslim community - I apologize for not recalling her name right now.

  • drez

    MLT I am not Martin, now please go back to fomenting fake-ass problems which you then pretend to solve (for a price) and stroking Jack's... whatever.

  • Northwesterneer

    Mr. Thorpe, people can still google you and find out who you are. You can't run from your past.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hogg

    Reading these comments sadden me and made me cry. There seem to be no hope for race relations or mankind.

  • DCShadyBoots

    @Miss, it is all in Muriel Bowsers hands right now. If she reverts to the divisive politics of Adrian Fenty putting one community against another things won't change, they will get much worse. She needs a major bridge builder. If we see the return of Ron Moten and Sinclair Skinner and crew ciphering off of the government with her blessing (by inaction), the city will become more polarized and citizens more at odds with each other. Ms. Ethics had better mean in in all aspects of the government; including contracting. Everyone will be watching. I will. If she wins.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    Leroy Thrope for the first time, the people of DC agree with your analysis, as to why Vincent not Vince Gray lost.

    He did nothing for the Black people of low-income, moderate income nor middle income, who took the time to support and vote him into office, all which he has ignored.

    It is not about the indictnment believed to come, but the fact thst this yellow rooten tooth, black-headed, pale face old-ass man could think he could win by treating those who helped him wind w/o any regards, as it relates to employment, housing and contracts for qualified and deserving non-profits.

    He is unable to accept constructive criticism, not the abrasive and abrupt critiques that a Ron Moten provides.

    By the way, he will have no problem returning to the Convenant House or securing a job outside of DC politics. I am sure that Jack Evans can assist him.

    Like it or not, Democrats must stick together because Catania is going to hit below the beat!!! However, he will learn how Blacks will stick together for respect, integrity and real transparency (absent from the Gray's administration).

  • DCShadyBoots

    Thorpe is right. Gray lost this election the moment he appointed Lorraine Greene to run his campaign in 2010.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Let's see if Muriel Bowser will award Joshua Lopez a 6 figure position in government. This guy is young, arrogant, and surly.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    @ Nortnedhwestern & drez Martin Moulton - A million websites designed by the alleged Martin Moulton of Shaw aka drez could not stop me from being a successful businessman, home owner married family man,, father and licensed social worker. You fail to understand that we all will face Allah on the day of judgment regarding our deeds and belief in him, his prophet and Islam to be judge by our deeds. A website can't keep you out of thee hell fire or silence my voice. Those slanderous tactics have been used against every strong African-American male female, Asian, Islamic or Latin country in this world.

    My validation is with Allah not a website or politician or political party - your values are not my values and I don't take ownership of your wicked behavior which soon will end with trials of grave and judgment day with Allah.

    Moving forward from evil, Black elected leaders these day's are not electable unless they give up their morals, norms and values and independent thinking and embrace the validation of the dominant culture in America to be controlled by the power structure.

    When a Black leader fails to assimilate into the dominant culture in America he or she is branded a trouble maker by the power structure ie.. Washington Post, City Paper, US Attorney Office - you get my point. The same applies to America trying to dominate and influence other sovereign counties by forcing unwanted social norms and values on the which causes conflict ie.. Iraq, Uganda, Afghanistan, Libya, Latin America and Asia.

    If Black elected leaders forget about their base - their base will forget about them unless they are a Marion S. Barry who never sold out to his people despite his personal misdeeds - that's why his base continued to re-elect him despite the Post endorsement, US Attorney Charges or slanders gossip about him.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    @ drez - I will offer you a free psycho-social analysis of yourself. You were raised in California you and brother with the absents of a father which had a profound psycho-social affect on your mental developmental stages. You identified with women and hated being a man. Your validation to date is being a graduate of Dartmouth - you believe you have conquered the world and are the smartest person around; particularly, when you are around other Blacks - you feel superior to them based on your Dartmouth education. The reality is that you are a mis-educated House Negro that hates black people - look at the political yard signs you have in front of your house each election -never a black person unless they like you are a sellout and hate being black.

    As a gay black man - you despise strong hetero-sexual black men and women. Your reality is not reality - you want o be a woman and is angry with Allah for making you a man and black man in America. You have attacked your neighbors, government officials and anyone that is not irrational like you.

    You have lost jobs as the artistic editor of the Roll Call
    and that Blagden Alley job in he restaurant where you worked as a butler - despite your education folks realize you are mentally challenged and may be on psycho-tropic drugs due to your alleged mental illness and that's why you can' keep a job.

    Your are a lonely, sad, and envious man with the only companion in your life is a laptop giving you access to blog excessively with evil and the bike you have for transportation. Your obsession with my name is unbelievable and psychotic to the degree when I sued you in court - you still harass and slander me with your computer and flyers and our neighbors are aware of this.

    Your evil Insha Allah can't touch me - soon after the grave you will have to explain your sick behavior to Allah on Judgement day.

  • Ivy

    @ Al Hajj Mahdi L. Thorpe - right on. Chuck was the downfall to Gray's campaign. I was the first to expose the crazy aka blogger drez as Martin Moulton. His cousins in New York hate him due to his bizarre behavior.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    LOL@Leroy Thorpe. You read that snow Queen. It's sad that some black gay men want the acceptance of the white gay male to be accepted. I know several black gay men and lesbians. They have stated how racist the mostly white gay community is. Black gays and lesbians had to start their on 'Black Gay Pride' 25 years ago in D.C. and in other cities because they didn't feel inclusive by the mostly white gay community. Racism is alive and well in the gay community.

    Al Hajj Mahdi L. Thorpe, you forgot to mention, you are a pride member of the Nupes. I always thought Drez and his butt buddy Truth Hurts were gay lovers and black haters. LOL

  • newcomer

    Sounds like Leroy Thorpe is a bit of a loose cannon. Sir, you need to let it go.

  • HUAlum71

    @ newcomer: Sounds like you are just what you say and, Sir/Madam, you need to return from whence you came.

    @ Al Hajj Mahdi: Please expoud on your analysis of drez and elaborate more on: 'I believe Chuck caused a lot of damage to Vince Gray along with folks in that campaign that wanted to be seen as powers brokers and not do group work.' Especially elaborate more on the 'power broker wannabe.'

    Also, do you believe Vince was aware of their short comings (no pun intended), and appointed them anyway? And if that is the case, why?

    My family and freinds are going to support David Catania because he is the better qualified condidate and also because of the Channel 8 NewsTalk show with Peter Nickles this morning. Nickles surfaced saying Gray supporters should band behind Muriel, but that will never happen in our camp.

    I have heard some horror stories on what went on in that campaign and I have also heard a lot of the steadfast Gray supporters suspected sabotage within.

  • NBC Grimm

    In my opinion, a lot of black, white, Latino, and Asian voters will sat out this election because neither candidate is attractive enough to vote for. Also, many black D.C. voters view David Catania as another white gay Republican racist male. Many black voters dislike Muriel Bowser because they see Fenty in drag.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    @newcomer - I am a free African-American man that don't need to be validated by you or your culture to speak my mind in America.

    @Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich - Thank you - I am a life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity known as the NUPES. I appreciate your comments and I agree with you 100%.

  • drez

    MLT reveals more about himself in his "psychoanalysis" of Martin than he does of me, or likely the real Martin, for that matter. Specifically, MLT is possessed of self-destructive and obsessive tendencies to the point of earning multiple court judgements against him due to his narcissistic vendettas.
    This psychoanalysis of his is an uncomfortable look into the writhing worms which possess his own brain.
    His posting here is solely prompted by his need for public validation. Probably because he knows his government contracts and job will likely end since he backed the wrong candidate(s).

  • Grace Jones

    'Slave to the Rhythm'; you guys are so funny!

    Work all day as men who know.
    Wheels must turn to keep the flow.
    Build on up
    don't break the chain.
    Sparks will fly when the whistle blows.
    Never stop the action - keep it up
    keep it up.
    Never stop the action - keep it up.

    Work to the rhythm. live to the rhythm.
    Love to the rhythm
    slave to the rhythm.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    @ aka drez Martin Moulton - Unlike your crazy behavior I have skills and my job doe's not serve at the pleasure of the mayor to be at risk - never had a government contract you pervert - No one will hire you because you crazy, delusional and incompetent. That's why the Roll Call and Blagden Alley Restaurant fired you. your problem with me is that you want to be me. First clean up your perverted life style and jealous and envious behavior and be a man. Stop hiding behind false names on multiple websites and blogs like the punk you are.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    @Grace Jones - good rythms. How about this:

    Flip, flam jam
    bop debop man.

  • Grace Jones

    LOL@Leroy; that's funny about the Drez character. I googled him and see he's a graduate of Darmouth. Some blacks that attended an Ivy League school think they have arrived. I love Earth, Wind, and Fire and War from back in the day. I use to enjoy listening to Melvin Linsey on the Quiet Storm, WHUR back in the 70's. The hipters wannabes like Drez and Truth Hurts don't know nothing about that. LOL

  • Grace Jones

    People sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. The world is about to come to an end and the U.S. has gone to hell. I listen to 'HAPPY' by Pharell Williams to keep me upbeat. The hell with politics and politicians.

  • drez

    Again, I'm not Martin.
    Here's some psychoanalysis for you:
    Your continued obsession with him (in lieu of and at the expense of) self reflection is a manifestation of the pathology you project on him.
    Good luck with your drug and family counseling contracts, and whatever contracts you were hoping for your wife.

  • newcomer

    prison muslim. smh

  • Ivy

    Sounds like drez is one jealous dude and the ass body of newcomer.

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