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Muriel Bowser beats Vince Gray in a low-turnout mayoral primary. [LLPost, LL, LL, DCist, WAMUWashingtonian, CNN, Al JazeeraTimes, WAMUPost]

Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies blames U.S. Attorney Ron Machen. [LL]

Bowser plans noon press conference at the National Press Club. [Twitter]

Ward 1 councilmember Jim Graham ousted by Brianne Nadeau. [LLBlade]

At-large councilmember Anita Bonds holds on to her seat, Tommy Wells protege Charles Allen replaces him in Ward 6. [Post]

Here's why the vote count took forever. [PostPost]

Gray party doesn't draw a crowd. [LL]

Everything else that happened yesterday. [LL]

How sole remaining Bowser opponent David Catania spent his election day. [Post]

Don't trick Wells supporters. [LL]

Post ed board spikes the football. [Post]

Jeff Bezos-era Post signs letter of intent to move to Franklin Square. [Housing Complex]

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  • CataniaIsNEXT

    What a smile!!! DEMS UNITE!!!

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    BOOM BYE BYE! Later Vince!

    So many people to thank:

    Chuch Thies: Chuckles, who you gonna blame this one on? With Graham and Vince done on the same night, I hope you pocketed some Uncle Earl cash and saved it for a rainy day - amateur gadfly.

    Vince Gray: Thanks for showing us what you really meant by "One City" in the last 48 hours of this election. You crooked, doddering old middle manager. Good luck with the indictment!

    Marion Barry: Despite protestations to the contrary, your days as a "kingmaker" in DC are finally over. Thank God.

    Sulaimon Brown: Thanks for providing some humor, but darn if you weren't right all along...

    Uncle Earl: Enough said. Looking forward to the trial!

    Harris, Gore, Hawkins: So, was it worth it?

    Lorraine Green: At least you got some home repairs out of this mess.

    Condolences to my Onecitidiot fam:

    SEis4ME: Another failed prediction! Best of luck next time.

    tony: Looking forward to how you spin this one, bro.

    NOODLEZ: Later, slim. Stay in your lane or whatever.

    Almost forgot SE Ken and seDCdude, but it's cool 'cause neither of them are relevant

    Done City: 2010 - 2014.

    Onward and upward.

  • Craig Mcgalaz

    good bye Vince. Good riddance

  • Tight Lips

    Orange lost, but I will fight with Orange till the end!I still believe he is the best candidate to provide balance on both sides and operate this city similar to how Williams helped us.

    Bowser did a good job running an early effective campaign. Regardless of how we all feel, it's only right to stand by her and make sure Catania doesnt become Mayor.

    S/O to all the Gray supporters, I respect you all for sticking with your candidate despite all the stuff he is dealing with right now.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    As the glee fades and the MMQB sets in, I have to change some things from the last post. First, should read I hope chuckles saved some of Vince's campaign pay.

    Second, while it seems clear to me that Vince's campaign was disorganized (see the flyer mess), and that the strategy turned very divisive toward the end, Thies did generate a LOT of column inches and material. I don't think that much of it was a benefit to someone so locally (and nationally) known.

    BUT, were I someone interested in running for a council seat who had minimal name recognition I guess I'd have to be foolish to miss the amount of ink Thies generates. I'd assume that for someone in, say, W4 looking for a campaign manager that would be an attractive quality. Heck I think it could have helped the guy who ran against Charles Allen...

    Maybe Gray wasn't the best match, but if I really look back on it, at least some of the campaign was effective in that Thies couldn't be ignored.

  • CataniaIsNEXT

    @Roscoe's Wetsuit -- a good thing you didn't help that guy, Darrel Thompson, against Charles Allen...the former has issues, in fact, he may be too arrogant to have accepted your help. HINT.

    I will say that Thompson wasted a lot of money putting his signs up in Wards that didn't count toward his getting in...that is stupid right there.

  • Tight Lips

    "Supreme Court strikes down limit on overall amount a person can give to political campaigns. "


    Justices strike down political donor limits

    By Bill Mears , CNN Supreme Court Producer

    updated 10:21 AM EDT, Wed April 2, 2014


    (CNN) -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down current limits on the total amount individual donors can make to political campaigns.

    At issue is whether those regulations in the Federal Election Campaign Act violate the First Amendment rights of contributors.

    The 5-4 ruling could have an immediate impact on November's congressional midterm elections, and add another layer of high-stakes spending in the crowded political arena.

    © 2014 Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Tight Lips

    No where are all the residents that are going to call the Supreme Court corrupt?

  • Pop M

    Actually, the "low turnout" meme is only PARTLY correct and therefore is too simplified. Comparing vote totals by ward in 2010 and 2014 primaries, the three LOWEST turn out rates were in Wards 5, 7, and 8. That is the Gray base. And turn out was HIGHEST in Wards 1, 3, 4, and 6. That was the base for Bowser. Two conclusions are suggested. First, that Gray's team couldn't gin enthusiasm or turn out in their base. Second, that the illegal money sloshing around in 2010 resulted in unusual turnout and fidelity to the Uncle Earl-finance illegal shadow campaign. In 2010, Fenty's was wiped out by the tidal wave of turnout and Gray Percentages in Wards 5, 7 and 8. In 2014, Bowser's margin over Gray in JUST WARD 3 ALONE was larger than his vote margin in Ward 5, 7, and 8 COMBINED. Something for the U.S. attorney to examine... if you see signs of the second possibility described above.

  • Jhamaniquia

    YASSSSSSSSSS!!!! Werk, Muriel!

  • cminus

    @Tight Lips, I'm a resident and I'll call the Supreme Court corrupt, or at least those five justices who voted for that decision, who have made the Roberts Court the worst Supreme Court since the Dred Scott decision. In fact, I'll let the other four justices speak for me:

    "Where enough money calls the tune, the general public will not be heard... [donors can now] channel millions of dollars to parties and to individual candidates, producing precisely the kind of 'corruption' or 'appearance of corruption' that previously led the Court to hold aggregate limits constitutional."

    - Justice Breyer, joined by Justices Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor, dissenting from a horrifically bad Supreme Court decision.

  • S.E.
  • drez

    +1 cminus.