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Here’s Who Won Yesterday’s Elections


The Board of Elections has (finally) finished counting most of the votes from yesterday's primary elections, though special and absentee ballots are still being added to the totals. Here's who won which Democratic nominations:

  • Mayor: Muriel Bowser
  • D.C. Council At-Large: Anita Bonds
  • D.C. Council chair: Phil Mendelson
  • Ward 1 D.C. Council: Brianne Nadeau
  • Ward 3 D.C. Council: Mary Cheh
  • Ward 5 D.C. Council: Kenyan McDuffie
  • Ward 6 D.C. Council: Charles Allen
  • Delegate to U.S. House of RepresentativesEleanor Holmes Norton
  • Shadow representativeFranklin Garcia
  • Shadow senatorPaul Strauss

There were also a long list of candidates seeking election to the Democratic State Party Committee; for those results, click here.

The District's other major parties nominated candidates in some races, too:

Republican Party

  • D.C. Council At-LargeMarc Morgan
  • Delegate to U.S. House of RepresentativesNelson F. Rimensnyder

Statehood Green Party

  • Mayor: Faith
  • D.C. Council At-Large: Eugene Puryear
  • Delegate to U.S. House of Representatives: Lino Stracuzzi
  • Shadow senator: David Schwartzman

Libertarian Party

  • Mayor: Bruce Majors
  • D.C. Council At-Large: Frederick Steiner
  • Ward 3 D.C. CouncilRyan Sabot
  • Ward 6 D.C. CouncilPranav Badhwar
  • Delegate to U.S. House of RepresentativesSara Jane Panfil
  • Shadow representative: Martin Moulton
  • Shadow senator: John Daniel

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Oliver

    It's refreshing to see the voters reject corruption.

  • HR Block

    It would seem by rough calculation that Jack Evans has had an overwhelming victory in one crucial category spending north of $300.00 per vote!

    Congragulations to the consultants at 270 Strategies or lack thereof("they worked for Obama" - although it appears not much thankfully - somebody better warn Texas), Josh Brown and his crack team of "One Direction" groupies.

    Will be interesting to see a more informed and careful analysis.

  • drez

    Jack spent $1.4 million on 4,000 votes.

  • Lets All Party Like Its 1999



  • benjamin

    in this town he'd could have beat the other white dude buy simply advertising that he'd slip c-notes to those who voted for him instead of overpaying campaign staff


  • lame duck confit

    The next eight long months are going to suck with an embattled scorned thin skinned incumbent and beat down EOM staff (hurriedly revamping and firing off resumes while on the tax payer's clock) with four councilmembers who piled on and spelled his doom hoping to get things done for their ward constituents. Corrupt Gray administration is not going to look good on the top of any cv.

    if you thought the last three years were oppressive, just wait for real dysfunction

  • suzgirl

    Obama is the most arrogant socialist ever to step foot in the white house. wake up all you libs. its time to go back to the strong and safe America we once knew.

  • suzgirl

    even though his cronies are deserting him one by one its time to get rid of them also.

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