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Marion Barry on Muriel Bowser: “The Post Called Her Adrian Fenty’s Protégé. We’ve Been There and Done That.”

Marion Barry lit for Vince Gray

Supporters of Mayor Vince Gray are passing out this literature at some precincts, featuring a letter by Ward 8 D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry defending Gray against accusations of corruption and attacking Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, who polls show is Gray's closest rival. LL picked this one up at Hendley Elementary School, at 4th and Chesapeake streets SE.

Some excerpts from the letter:

Vince is not selling a gimmicky "new plan" like the other candidates who have no track record of real results for us. We don't need Muriel Bowser who has never managed more than 10 people in her life and is not ready to manage a $10 billion corporation called the DC government. The Post called her Adrian Fenty's protégé. We've been there and done that.

Finally, the federal government is appearing to influence our election with charges on the eve of our primary. I believe in the presumption of innocence before guilt. Show outsiders that we decide our elections, not anyone else. Let us continue our progress and not risk losing the gains and investments Vince Gray has made for us all along.

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Photos by Will Sommer

  • Oliver

    It astounds me that an endorsement from Barry would be a helpful thing. DC has made a ton of progress in the past decade but still has a long way to go.

  • Joe

    All this "us" language from Marion Barry is rich. Anyone who thinks the old guy cares about anyone other than Marion Barry is a sucker and a fool. He hasn't done a damn thing for the people of Ward 8 since being elected council member, and he never will. Gray cozying up to him in the last days has been like Fenty's embrace of Ron Moten: when you lie down with dogs you're going to wake up with fleas.

  • Adam

    I see a lot of "coded" language and race-baiting coming from Gray/Berry in the final days of this campaign. Seems a little desperate to me.

  • Pop M

    One City! Say it ain't so, Vince. Your crushing all the faith and adoration we've devoted to you.... not. This is how politics is played in DC. Done the day of so as to minimize the "blow back" for embracing such tactics and appeals. SMHS. DC Voters and Citizens deserve better.

  • Jacob


    Agreed. If Gray wins today, the donations flow to Catania tomorrow.


    Barry is on POINT!!

    Bowser is an idiot and here bull**** will go no where.

    GO GRAY, 4 more years!!

  • Corky

    So what did he say that wasn't true? She IS Fenty's protege. Who could honestly deny that?

  • Capital City Records Panhandler

    Nice work, Will.

    You're deep in the oasis at Hendley ES. Shooting at police ain't no thang around that tilt.

  • truth hurts

    Isn't Barry still on probation for tax evasion? Pretty sure he hasn't paid DC back taxes yet.

  • Big Daddy

    @Truth -- Uncle Earl will pay his back taxes :)

  • Chops

    Truth Hurts,

    Barry likes coming up with "programs" in order garner votes. That doesn't mean he's going to pay for them. Geesh!

  • Vista Hotel Security

    Barry is a person whose personal political acumen is something I respect and admire. He has sold snake oil to desperate folks for over 30 years, consistently produced results (and communities) that are worse off than previously, and yet he still does a brisk business in exaggeration, simplification, outright lies, and garden variety corruption and criminality.

    Just imagine what P.T. Barnum could have sold in Ward 8.

  • Jacob


    Fools and their money were lucky enough to get together in the first place...

  • newcomer

    The Lizard has lost!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://fuckjbg gogo

    were fuck Dc all of them ain't shit. sell outs to Zionist.

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