Loose Lips

Here’s What Vince Gray’s Election Night Party Looks Like at 11:25 P.M.

Gray party

The Board of Elections is still counting votes, but there aren't many people waiting around at Vince Gray's election night party to see what totals they come up with.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Jeff

    Vince's people probably need to be up pretty early to catch the cross-town busses to work.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    That room looks about as empty as the inside of Chuck Thies's head.

    Later Vince! Bye Chuck!

  • Selena

    the Curse of Chucky

  • Ward 5 Resident

    Pack your bags Vince.

  • CataniaIsNEXT

    That same place was as crowded as corns in a shoe back in 2010.

    I remember after campaigning very hard for Vince, I and others who campaigned hard attended the Vince Victory Party. Well that was the beginning of his end, that Victory Party. One could tell that the atmosphere had turned for the worst for all the people who supported him who were not his close friends. In fact, his close friends were snarling at those who weren't. It was kinda like: You were used as chattel so now begone. Poetic poetic poetic justice. And it didn't take long.