Loose Lips

After Ditching Gray, Current Backs Bowser and Evans

Talk about a turnaround. After endorsing Vince Gray, then ditching him over shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson's guilty plea, the Northwest Current is now urging readers to consider voting for Muriel Bowser because she has the best chance at stopping Gray.

In a new editorial in this week's Current (jump to p. 8), the paper admits that Bowser is slim on legislative accomplishments beyond her ethics bill, but says she's the best hope for avoiding a second Gray term. (In its first endorsement, the paper had said her "only real weakness" was "her lack of extensive managerial experience," which the Current suggested she could address by staying on the Council.)

“Unfortunately, given the likelihood of a split tally, we fear a vote for anyone other than Ms. Bowser might help Mr. Gray prevail," the new editorial reads.

For voters who can't stomach Bowser, the paper recommends Ward 2 Councilmember Jack EvansTommy Wells, meanwhile, is disqualified because he talked trash about other councilmembers during his endorsement meeting.

While the Current's backing strategic voting for Bowser, Wells is apparently worried enough that he'll lose voters to her that he emailed supporters yesterday telling them not to pick Bowser because of her higher poll numbers.

"This isn’t the same as backing a team you don’t like because it might get you another win on your bracket," Wells writes. "This isn’t that kind of ball game. "

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


    Lol.... who cares?

    The Current will endorse anybody who spends money on ads with them.

  • reba

    Kennedy sold his paper's soul to the highest bidder. The Current deserves a slow but sure death.

  • http://Yahoo Jenn

    Bowser accepted money from Jeff Thompson also, why is she any better. Most of the DC Counsel has.

    What does Bowser stand for, she has no personality. She is a clone of detached A. Fenty.

  • 20009

    Wait, Bowser is going to be another Fenty? That's exactly what I'm looking for. Replacing Fenty with Gray was the dumbest thing DC voters have done since voting in Barry.

    How do I donate to the Bowser compaign?

  • dan

    All of a sudden Bowser has miraculously obtained the experience that the Current previously said she did not have. Geez. Glad this paper is free.

  • asuka

    The Current should reconsider its endorsement of Evans, who only entered the campaign as a favor to his good friend the Mayor in an effort to siphon off votes from Bowser. In a sense, Evans' run is just another Gray shadow campaign, one in which Evans is complicit in the undermining of the democratic process. I hope Ward 2 voters realize this is what went on and hold Evans accountable.

  • Puh-lease

    @asuka, are you just senselessly repeating the drivel you hear coming out of the Wells' campaign or do you actually believe that a guy who's been working for the city for 22+ years would risk all that to help a tarnished politician eek out a chance to lose to Catania in November. WHAT DOES HE STAND TO GAIN???

    Jack's bored in Ward 2. He cleaned it up, made it great, and wants a chance to do that for the whole city.

  • Jacob

    I don't understand why people are still voting for Gray. Bowser will easily beat Catania in the general election. Gray? Not so much.

  • noodlez



  • drez

    done city!

  • ward4

    noodlez - as a complex ass, open minded white man, I agree with you.

  • Sally

    The current is totally loosing their credibility with their first endorsement. Then they had the good sense to take it back but to give this lame endorsement in return shows no thought process. Bowser is the one to move the city forward and be a thoughtful careful mayor. Look at her voting record and response to issues and citizens. Evans has no popularity city wide as he represents just the developers who don't live here. Gray will be in trial as he realizes his people shredded the documents but Jeffrey Thompson did not.

  • Asuka


    "WHAT DOES HE STAND TO GAIN???" A couple million dollars in his campaign fund, and a mayor in his debt for the rest of his political career. As for what he's done for Ward 2, to coin your phrase, "puh-lease" - it's the whitest, wealthiest district in the city; a trained chip could run it just as well as Evans has.

    Evans has betrayed the city with this underhand deal with the devil - time for him to go.

  • truth hurts

    This is the first time I agree with a comment by asuka.

  • Northwesterner

    Asuka, do you really believe that white people are so superior to black people that "the whitest... district in the city" could be run by a trained chi[m]p? Are you self-hating? I'm creeped out here.

  • Asuka


    Huh? Oh - you're one of those demagogues. I'd guess a lot of things that cause you cognitive dissonance "creep you out." In fact, I bet objective reality creeps you out - you must walk around perpetually "creeped out."

  • Asuka

    @ Truth Hurts

    You mean it's the first time you've been able to think outside your talking points. You progressive zombies couldn't think for yourselves if your lives depended on it.

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