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Watch Paul Strauss’ Latest Celeb Statehood Video

Shadow senator Paul Strauss has been rounding up Hollywood celebs of varying levels of fame to shoot pro-District statehood ads, and now he's got another. After winning over Mario Van Peebles and Sex and the City husband Evan Handler, Strauss sends LL his newest spot featuring actress Alexis Carra.

Carra stars in freshman Wednesday night ABC hookup comedy Mixology, which hasn't exactly been getting rave reviews (says New York Magazine: "It doesn't quite endorse rape, but it certainly has no problem with rape."). In the commercial, which is set to air with the other two spots on cable networks tomorrow, Strauss breaks the news to Carra that the District doesn't have congressional representation.

“So wait, let me get this straight," Carra says. "Congress can pass laws that effect them, but their representatives can’t actually vote on those laws?"

“Nope," Strauss says.

“That does not seem very funny," Carra says.

Strauss says he wants 48 more ads.

“We’re serious about getting 51," Strauss says. "It is going to be 51 stars”

  • Sarah feuker

    I think what Senator Strauss is doing is a wonderful idea! Getting celebrities behind causes has proven to draw great amounts of attention to causes/movements. Attention is what the statehood cause needs right now because most of America doesn't even know the residents of DC can not vote! Whatever attention we can draw to this issue is great regardless of what New York magazine says about the show the celebrity is in who is furthering our efforts. Acting is art and there will always be critiques and opinions of art. The residents of dc not having a vote , however, is not an opinion or something to be critiqued. It is a fact that needs light shed on it by any means possible

  • Cecilia Daniels

    I think the show is great! Carra never endorses rape and is clearly an inspirational and influential woman. Senator Strauss partnering with celebrities is a great idea and the "51 stars" idea is very clever. I hope that we can get DC Statehood passed before that time though! Best of luck to the Senator and thank you to the celebrities that have been working with him! Do it for the people of the District! :-)

  • Samuel Scheiten

    This is great that DC is getting this publicity! I Hope someday that there will be 51 stars on the US flag. And I also really like her tv show.

  • Joan

    You're Invited for a walk down the "Hollywood Walk of Shame" w/Paul Strauss, RSVP at the Russian Embassy and Meet & Greet Paul & Putin.

  • DCrat

    How about video of Strauss's DUI stop where he held his senate ID and asked the cop "if this was really necessary"? Comedy gold there.

  • Marta

    A wonderful announcement of Senator Strauss and Alexis Carra. The attention that DC is taking with those famous actors and actresses is so important for the Disctric, who deserve to be the 51 state. People of DC must to have representation and a lot of people in the US has no idea that they have not. Great idea Senator Straus!

  • Typical DC BS

    Ha. DC getting statehood? Please, spare us that nonsense. DC only deserves to be given back to Maryland, nothing more. Then you'll see the great Dumocratic tradition of corruption in Maryland and DC really take off.

  • Johan Prettre

    Very good announcement , It's time for the Congress to recognize DC as a state and to entitle many US citizens to be represented !!!

    Supporting Senator Strauss, always !!!!

  • Big night is on, gotta watch

    Strauss, he's my man!