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Ron Moten Drops Vince Gray Diss Track With a Vince Gray Lookalike

Adrian Fenty loyalist Ron Moten was the mastermind behind 2010's surprisingly catchy Green Team anthem "Don't Leave Us Fenty," and now he's back with an homage aimed right at the scandal surrounding Vince Gray, featuring Backyard Band singer Weensey just like the last campaign's song did.

The video for the tune opens with a Gray lookalike reenacting the alleged 2010 conversation in Jeanne Clarke Harris' apartment where Gray asks Thompson (LL fact-check: in the video, Doppel-Gray asks for the whole $668,800, but prosecutors say Gray allegedly presented Thompson with only a budget for $425,000).

The scene also features "Thompson" telling Gray—"Slim Grady" in the video—to call him "Uncle Earl."

“Uncle Earl got on this big Burberry fedora hat," Moten tells LL.

Moten, who's supporting Muriel Bowser in the mayor's race even though he's nominally a "Civil Rights Republican" these days, is currently locked in a legal battle with the Gray administration over accusations that his Peaceoholics anti-violence group filed inaccurate tax returns and misued grant money.

  • tony


    He lacks real influence.

    Ask Fenty.

  • Tonya-Uptown Lady

    The video is jive cranking. I like it.

  • tony

    Too obvious!^

    Fake comment!

    Gotta bounce!

  • Selena

    How many o' dem nice intelligent genius guys and sing-ahs got jobs or even geds? When Gray wins, they may ass whale jus' git up on outta dis camp and move in wit day auntees out in PeeGee. Gray's DOES office (or any other administration) sho nuf won' be precessing any apps from these geniuses.

    Dubya CeePee be luvin them some RoMo tho'. ... dang. ... get a room, Will! ...

  • Art

    Ditto @Tonya-Uptown Lady


    It is absolutely amazing what some people will do for attention. This scrub asked for it so lets get to it.

    A vote for Muriel Bowser is a vote for this buffoonery to the highest degree. Ron Moten is a GREEN TEAM FOR LIFE MEMBER, which is what Muriel Bowser represents. All of the FENTY Cronies who were robbing the city blind such as Omar Karim, Sinclair Skinner who just did a huge Fundraiser for Muriel Bowser in the home he bought with the crooked Construction Contracting scheme he got caught in…. Along with David Jannarone who worked from the Deputy Mayor's Office to make sure people the Green Team got development contracts - Just ask BEN SOTO - Muriels Treasurer who scored big on the WHARF DEVELOPMENT DEAL THROUGH FENTY AND JANNARONE.

    Ron Moten is almost 50 years old. Take a long look Washington DC, b/c this is what broke, desperate, and ignorant looks like. Expect more of this if Muriel Bowser is elected, along with Josh Lopez, Muriels' right hand guy, who is also a best friend of Ron Moten. Yes, the same Ron Moten who after years of selling Crack Cocaine and Heroin to Teenagers, Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents, in low-income neighborhoods in NE DC.

    After spending years in prison after being caught, Moten then decided his next hustle would be to scam the DC Gov't out of millions of dollars for youth violence prevention programs which he contributed to as a low-life drug dealer.

    Oh you're mad that Vince Gray cut off your gravy train of free money from the Fenty Administration???



  • Jailbirds’ song

    ... What do they expect to happen when they drop out of free public school, commit crimes and hang with Moten, a law degree from Georgetown or an invite to practice medicine at NIH? No one in their right mind would hire one of these individuals given this demonstration of how they waste time during the day.

  • dan

    ...So sick of this buffoon. Want him to just go away.

  • truth hurts

    Too funny!!! Love the gray/uncle earl interaction, especially near the end where one city gets his groove on!

  • DC Oracle

    I see with this comedic video the "ebonic tragedy" continues for our youth...

    The entire video was recorded with a stolen iPhone. SMH!

    The sequel will be called "The Fleeceoholics Strike Back" starring an all-star cast of "returning citizens."

    Open casting call in front of the "Big Chair" in SouthFeast - the "F" is pronounced by ebonic speaking peeps.

    Hey Ron "Mo Money Moe" Moten, how is your former "returning citizen" employee doing?





  • S.E.

    Com'on Man!!

  • wreckfish

    Can't argue with the anti-Gray message. But I'm voting for Wells.


    LOL! This is stupid on all levels!

    This monkey mouth Mofo has lost his mind. Get your nose out of Fenty's/Bowser's AZZ and get a life!!

    What a LOSER!! Sorry AZZ idiot "stole" money from the city for Xboxs and PS3 to keep the "peace" and now he does "home" movies....LMAO!

    Get Monkey Mouth Moten da phuck outta here!!

  • Sato DC

    Moten is a NON-MF'ing FACTOR in DC. Why does the City Paper give this no talent corrupt clown the time of day?

    Moten's an ex-con who misused city funds when he got sweetheart contracts from Fenty. Moten sent other ex-cons INTO SCHOOLS to sit in classrooms alone with kids. One of them proceeded to molest a teenager. Moten defended this person!

    Moten misused city funds to create shady housing which never came about, the city never got the money back.

    Now he wants to call Gray corrupt? And the City Paper posts articles about his more recent acts without noting the scandals that Moten himself was involved in?

    Where's the journalistic integrity when it's so blatantly obvious that the "White City Paper" and the "Northern Virginia Post" are desperate for "Marionette of Fenty" Bowser to win?

    Ya'll are just salty that your alcoholic Ward 6 do nothing Councilmember has no chance of winning citywide.

    Where's the report from the City Paper about how Bowser, a Metro Board member, NEVER RIDES METRO. She posts on her twitter about how great Uber is, but has no connection to real residents.

    Bowser's election will mean a return of the AKA overinfluence on DC. Yay. More arrogant chumps who get contracts because their in one fraternity. NOTHING corrupt about that.

    You suck City Paper. There was a time when Loose Lips and your politics section didn't stink of one sided reporting and blatant bias. It sure as heck does now.

  • Rob E

    Is that Gray's son in the video? looks like a young Vince Gray.

  • Ward 5 Resident

    Cheers!!! Ron Moten, great job. The truth was told in that video. Can't take another four years of Vince Gray.

  • DoWhatYouDoBOO

    Yes, Rob...I agree...the young man playing Vince looks so much like Carlos...

    Contrary to the negative criticism on here, this video is very creatively done...Ron never tried to be something he's not...he is a DC street dude and he stays true to that regardless of what forum he takes part...he took his political activism to the real hoods in DC...those hoods where these DC pols dont give a darn about...I respect that...if it weren't for Moten bringing his camera-man to these parts, these people would be invisible

    AND, talking about Moten's prison time is useless...MOOT in fact...those who talk about ex-offenders could not survive a day in the joint if placed in that position...in fact before nightfall those same criticizing folk would be cooking oodles and noodles by match stick for his new love...you can talk that talk but believe that you couldn't walk that walk without being preyed upon....LOL LOL LOL...in fact, these same weak criticizers would capitulate without a fight in the joint...BELIEVE DAT!!!!

  • DC Oracle

    I see with this comedic video the "ebonic tragedy" continues for our youth...

    The entire video may have been recorded with a stolen iPhone. SMH!

    The sequel will be called "The Fleeceoholics Strike Back" starring an all-star cast of "returning citizens."

    Open casting call in front of the "Big Chair" in SouthFeast - the "F" is pronounced by ebonic speaking peeps.

    Hey Ron "Mo Money Moe" Moten, how is your former "returning citizen" employee doing?


    "D.C. Peaceoholics Mentor Barry Harrison Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse of a Child

    By Keith L. Alexander
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    A D.C. Superior Court jury on Friday found a counselor with the mentoring group Peaceoholics guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl at the school where he was assigned to work with troubled students.

    The jury of five men and seven women spent about a day deliberating before finding Barry Harrison, 50, of District Heights guilty on all five charges, including sexual abuse of a child.

    The case came down to credibility. Harrison's attorney insisted that the victim and three of her female classmates concocted a story that Harrison, who served time in prison for a 1984 murder, used his position as a mentor to prey on female students at Spingarn High School.

    Because of the age of the victim, Harrison faces a maximum of 90 years in prison on four of the five felony charges. Harrison faces additional prison time for parole violation from his 1984 conviction. He is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 13.

    "This was a very ugly crime," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward O'Connell. "We're happy that this perpetrator is no longer in a position to prey on other students."

    The victim, now 16, tearfully told the jury that on April 14 Harrison kissed her and forced her to touch his groin after luring her to the basement of Spingarn, on Benning Road NE.

    Harrison's attorney, Robert Mance, introduced evidence to try to show that the victim and her friends were troubled students who targeted Harrison because he reported them for fighting and skipping class.

    Harrison spent about 22 years in prison for beating and shooting to death two D.C. men. In 1978, he was convicted of armed robbery, and last year he pleaded guilty to cocaine possession.

    In the end, it was Harrison's prison record, which he spoke of while on the stand and which he shared with the teens while working in the school, that his supporters say influenced the jury, not the evidence in the case.

    "Based on the evidence, we don't feel it was the right verdict," said Ronald Moten, a Peaceoholics co-founder. "If Mr. Harrison didn't have the prior conviction, people wouldn't look at him the way they look at him."

    Peaceoholics, which hires some ex-offenders, works with D.C. teens to resolve conflicts. It was created four years ago and has received about $7.6 million in city contracts and grants. Since Harrison's arrest, Moten said his organization has changed its procedures for screening employees. In the past, Moten would rely on D.C. police criminal background checks, but those reports only go back 10 years and failed to detect Harrison's 1984 murder conviction. Moten now uses FBI criminal checks, which are more comprehensive.

    In an e-mail, D.C. Public Schools spokeswoman Jennifer Calloway said the school system will continue to screen Peaceoholic employees and other workers who come in contact with students.

    During the two-day trial, three other teens testified that Harrison made sexual comments to them just days before assaulting their friend. The mother of one of the teens who testified said she was "pleased" with the verdict.

    "I believe he's getting what he deserves. All of his other past things that he has done has caught up with him. These girls were smart enough not to fall all the way into what he was trying to get them to do," she said.

    Harrison's wife and several of the couple's 10 adult children were in the courtroom throughout much of the trial, including the jury's deliberations. Dozens of Peaceoholics employees and volunteers were also present.

    Before the verdict was read, Judge Michael L. Rankin urged those in attendance to remain orderly.

    Harrison showed no reaction when the verdict was read."

    Peaceoholics's Moten Testifies for Counselor at Sex Assault Trial

    "Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten took the stand Tuesday to defend Barry Harrison, a Peaceoholics counselor accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student.

    He's also defending former board member Linda K. Harllee-Harper who now works at the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

    Peaceoholics has been criticized for getting no-bid contracts, particularly through DYRS. Council member Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), chairman of the Committee on Human Services, nixed one such agreement earlier this year.

    Reggie Sanders, spokesman for DYRS, said he did not know whether Harllee-Harper is in a decision-making position when it comes to Peaceoholics' contracts.

    But he and Moten and said there's no conflict of interest. They both said Harllee-Harper resigned when she took the job as a program manager in 2007. Sanders said she submitted the resignation letter as proof."

    -Nikita Stewart
    Washington Post


  • Please!


    Nah were gonna talk about Moten's prison time... The time he spent behind bars for destroying the future of kids and families in neighborhoods across the district by selling poison to them in the name of Crack Cocaine and Heroin. He doesn't get a badge of honor because he went to prison, he's a low-life scum bag who deserved to be there. The same neighborhoods he is falsely claiming to care about are the same ones he infested with drugs and violence.

    To the ex-offenders who have gotten themselves together and are making a positive difference in this world as a returning citizen, may you continue to be blessed. For low-life, scheming, bottom feeders like Ron Moten... Wishing you a short walk off a tall cliff.
    Do us all a favor clown.

  • stick2yourguns

    now he is coming out let's see her financials as to how much she is paying him. but ladies please remember ron moten is the same man who was disrespectful to woman at all the polls and forums last election.
    I heard Bowser has recruited all of the ex-cons and promised them everything under the sun. the city will for sure be in Hell by her 1 quarter as mayor if she wins.

  • DoWhatYouDoBOO

    I've encountered Moten several times...and I am female...he's always been respectful to me...

    @Please...I respect your comment BUT to talk about the devastation of CRACK in the HOOD is to talk about people making personal choices to be users, however, more importantly, when talking about who placed the crack in the hoods all across this nation is to talk about the RR ERA

  • New DC

    I wish we could vote all the native washingtonians off the council.

    Bowser is the closest vote to getting all of you out the city anyway.

    All the crooks are Native Washingtonians (Barry is an honorary member).

    I wish we had more white candidates for Ward 7 & 8 elections. Time to rebuild and Kick out those who cant afford it!

  • Takoma Station

    You cannot blame all the native washingtonians for what the councilmembers have done to the city.

    That's unfair, there is more to us than abusing political powers.

    If you "New DC" folks cared so damn much, then get involved and vote!

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  • Zed

    Would someone tell Ron Moten that there are openings at Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College? I think they still have a few Fenty green clown costumes in his size, left over from the 2010 campaign and scholarship funds are available.

  • StopFakin

    All yall on here talking about what Ron has or hasn't done and what he is but havent done ONE DAMN THING TO HELP THESE INNER CITY KIDS nor even CARE.

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