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Gray, Bowser Spend More Than $1 Million Combined


If you didn't get paid by one of the leading District mayoral campaigns over the last two weeks, you weren't trying hard enough. Both Vince Gray and Muriel Bowser spent more than $1 million combined in just the two weeks since March 10, according to new campaign finance reports filed last night.

Tommy Wells' campaign finance report isn't available yet.

Vince Gray

Raised: $99,255; Expenses $487,212.86; Cash on Hand $322,435.38.

Gray campaign expenses included $124,001.05 for a New York-based strategy firm, $10,000 for campaign manager Chuck Thies, and $11,750 for campaign political director Steve Glaude. The campaign also paid $7,000 to pollster Ron Lester and $19,500 to another firm for polling and mailing list help.

Gray administration officials continued to back their boss, including city administrator Allen Lew ($500), Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Paul Quander ($500), and District Department of Transportation director Terry Bellamy ($200). Gray also took in $2,000 from the D.C. Chamber of Commerce PAC and $100 from Large Retailer Accountability Act activist Graylan Hagler, who apparently has gotten over Gray's support for a "little bitty cracker corporation from Arkansas."

Muriel Bowser
Raised: $77,894; Spent: $567,484.47; Cash on Hand: $204,703.36.

Bowser's year of comparatively stingy campaigning came to an end this week, with her operation spending more than half a million dollars in two weeks.

Bowser's campaign spent big on advertising this month, paying Comcast and local TV stations a combined $107,234 for ad time. Former Barack Obama administration mouthpiece Robert Gibbs got his piece, too, with Bowser's campaign paying his firm $29,567.31 for digital advertising.

The firm owned by Adrian Fenty political mastermind Tom Lindenfeld, meanwhile, received $54,736.85 from Bowser's campaign. The campaign sent a combined $320,987.30 to two companies for mailer postage and printing.

Bowser donors include local gadfly Marie Drissell ($100), former at-large candidate Pete Shapiro ($500), lottery contract figure and Jim Graham antagonist Warren Williams ($2,000), EMILY's List ($1,000), and developer Jair Lynch ($1,000). Marijuana activist Adam Eidinger gave Bowser $420, which was a nice touch.

Jack Evans

Raised: $67,120; Expenses: $345,513.90; Cash on Hand: $179,436.94.

It's a world turned upside-down—Evans is being outraised and outspent. Evans donors this period include former George Washington University president Stephen Joel Trachtenberg ($100), Logan Circle liquor store Barrel House Liquors ($2,000), a company associated with gas baron Joe Mamo ($1,000), and Late Night Shots founder and bro extraordinaire Reed Landry ($1,000).

In news that should surprise no one with a mailbox, Evans' campaign spent big on printing this period, paying a Connecticut-based printing company  a total of $251,279.57.

Andy Shallal

Raised: $32,389.97; Expenses: $15,163.35; Cash on Hand: $65,785.37.

Shallal got a cool $2,000 from Ben and Jerry's founder Ben Cohen, along with another $15,000 from himself.

Vincent Orange

Raised: $11,450; Spent: $3,250; Cash on Hand: $26,258.48.

Orange took in $2,000 from the grocery store union that endorsed him, along with $500 from something called the "On the Potomac Special Project," a business that shares its address with a Mt. Vernon liquor store. While Orange's expenses were low, his campaign did pay a Laurel, Md.-based limousine company $400.

Reta Jo Lewis

Raised: $8,130; Expenses: $20,712.57; Cash on Hand: $21,446.38.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Word 1

    Word is that Gray campaign internal polling numbers show a 10% erosion which has not drifted to Bowser. Suggests to me Evans may be benefiting from this dog fight over competing EOTR strategies. Evans is to me clearly the only one competent to do the job so maybe it behooves people to vote after all.

  • DC Oracle

    How much has been raised for "Gray Shadows" Defense Fund?

    Is "Uncle Earl" the treasurer?

    Countdown to Breaking News April 2014!

    15-count indictment...


    Gray wins the Democratic primary on April 1st!

    Bowser and her greenies will whine and start calling for her to be a write-in in November..."switch parties"....blah, blah. Just go back to screwing ward 4 over.....

    Then onto November and kicking the delusional, mean, nasty, bi-polar Catania's AZZ in the general.

    Come January 1st, Wells and Catania will be out of DC politics...Oh, Happy Day!!

    Oh, Silverman will run to "save" the day for the progressives..... hahaha... she is not electable for real, even some progressives don't like her...abrasive know-it-alls suck!

    For REAL!


    ..And bammas that are cheering or calling on an indictment on Gray are just that, BAMMAS!

    There is no indictment coming, he did nothing wrong except hire folks that turned out to be bumbling "crooks" and liars....end of story!!

    Funny thing is that Bowser has based her whole campaign on Gray getting "indicted"....she offers nothing else, no vision, no plan.... nothing!! DC proud, wtf is that?? She calls herself "honest"......hahaha! Her education plan...."Alice Deal"...... her economic plan...."Alice Deal"..... her jobs program...."Alice Deal". Everything is Alice Deal for her....SMH! Just DUMB!!

    Ward 4 is truly blessed to have "Alice Deal" as its council member..... LOL!!

    Bammas for life!!

  • cminus

    New Washington Post poll: Bowser 30%, Gray 27%, Wells 14%, Evans 6%, Shallal 6%. In the general, Gray gets 41% versus Catania's 41%, while Bowser beats Catania 56-23. However, Gray's support is much more committed than Bowser's.

  • truth hurts

    About what I figured. Word 1 is making it up -- likely an Evans staffer.

  • Northwesterneer

    Bammas? What is this 1973? DC has changed forever people. "Bammas." Oh my gosh. Let's see if I can remember back to some choice quotes of Flip Wilson as Geraldine. This isn't the same city as it used to be. It's a city of internet millionaires and phone apps now.


    @nwneer-LOL- you know what it means. Progress and technology are great but you don't forget about classics like "Bamma"..... i bet you are first one in the door in costume at a '70s party shaking your monkey azz to "Brick", "Slave" or the "Barkays" but read the term on a blog and you want called somebody "out of date".....get real! Where you even in DC '73? Probably not.

    See your DC internet millionaires and phone apps are great for now but "Bammas" can last forever. You can have both.

    Speaking of internet millionaires....is Living Social still around? That Bamma internet coupon company was some crap.... How about the Bamma app?

  • tony

    Mayor Gray’s supporters’ poll show that he’s winning and Muriel Bowser’s supporters’ poll show that she’s winning.
    And I am pretty sure Vincent Orange, Tommy Wells, Jack Evans supporters' polls show they are winning.

    Muriel Bowser can’t compete EOTR. That’s her problem.

    Right now Mayor Gray is holding a 20 points lead over her amongst black voters’ city wide. Thus, the spread EOTR is even greater. That type of spread that just keeps expanding is impossible for anyone to overcome.

    Just Ask Fenty!

    Mayor Gray will win.

    Point Blank!

  • drez

    Gray is toast. Take a look at the multiple public polls that have been done over the past month and a half and they paint a distinct trend toward Muriel.
    She's probably up by 8 at this point.
    The results will be 1) Muriel, 2) Gray (followed by pre-November indictment), 3) Wells, then 4) Evans.
    Muriel will make short work of Catania in the general. Come April 2nd he'll wonder why he ever announced.

  • tony

    The only way to defeat an incumbent is to make inroads to his/her base. Period!

    Muriel Bowser can't do this.

    Vincent Gray will win and then he will defeat Catania easily!

  • drez

    In 2010 gray took 55% of the vote. He's now set to take 25%.
    That whooshing sound you hear is the wind whistling through the empty seats where half his "base" once sat.

  • tony

    You can't beat an incumbent without penetrating his base.

    The sound you hear is from that massive motorcade that took over da street on da southside a few days. Oh, missed it?

    Ok, we will be back on April 1st. But, this time we will triple da number and drive all over da city!

    Gotta bounce!

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  • Jr.

    drez hit the nail on the head. Gray is long gone and will lose by a lot, and Catania will barely move the needle.