Loose Lips

Come to the LL Ward 6 Debate Tonight

Do you have plans tonight, D.C.? Whatever they are, cancel them, because it's Ward 6 LL debate night.

Ward 6 hopefuls Charles Allen and Darrel Thompson will face off at the Rock & Roll Hotel starting at 8 p.m. sharp. LL, DCist's Sarah Hughes, and the Washington Informer's James Wright will be moderating, but you can submit your own questions through Twitter with hashtag #lldebate.

Feel free to leave any other questions for the candidates below in the comments. Doors open at 7 p.m. and admission is free. You can RSVP, if you'd like, here.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Jimbo

    Charles Allen is Wells.2. We can't keep electing retreads. Darrel will inject fresh blood into a system that is desperately in need of a transfusion. Keep electing people like Wells and Allen and we get what we deserve. Spineless pandering.

  • I wish

    that Darrel would run for the At-Large seat. He'd have my vote then, but for some reason he's got a no-win path ahead of him. Smart guy though.

  • hillmom

    Harry Reid's Chief of Staff? Not only is the US Senate among the most disfunctional and useless bodies of government, Harry Reid is right up there as a terrible legislator. So, we're supposed to bring in "fresh blood" to the Council in the form of a former Senate staffer?

    Wells stood up to ethics violations when no one else would. And Charles, on the other hand, did a great job meeting constituent needs and serving the voters of Ward 6 on his staff. The Council may need "fresh blood" but not in Ward 6.

  • joan

    Thompson doesn't even both to vote in local elections. He is just another asshole from the Hill.

  • Go home Wells, You’re drunk

    Wells drove me home once, while he was drunk. He also tried to hit on my sister at a Chamber of Commerce party.

  • Jimbo

    Wells' so called ban on corporate money is a joke. Look at his disclosures and he's taking money from the individuals that own/control the business. Not everyone is fooled by his sleight of hand. Standing up for ethical reform? Give me a break. Allen is a Tommy Light. Ward 6 shouldn't be fooled twice.

  • observer

    Longtime Ward 1 resident here with no horse in this race. But from my vantage point, while Thompson seems like a decent candidate, Ward 6 would be crazy not to vote in Allen. Let Thompson vote a couple times in the District, learn about local issues, and see if he can win a city wide race. Being a staffer for Harry Reid means nothing - all politics is local.


    No horse in this race but this Thompson guy barely votes in DC or national elections but want folks to vote for him. Are you kidding me?

    Get REAL!