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Bowser, Gray Tied in New Polls

With only seven days left until the primary, the District has come down with mayoral race fever, and the only cure is more polls. Two media organizations obliged today, with NBC 4 and the Washington Post both coming out with new numbers that confirm that Muriel Bowser and Vince Gray lead the field. (Washington City Paper and WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show had their own out on Friday, showing a 27-27 tie at the top. More details of that survey will be released tomorrow.)

Bowser has 30 percent of likely voters to Gray's 27 percent in the Post poll, while the NBC 4/Marist poll puts them at 28 and 26 percent, respectively. Both polls put the two leading challengers within the margin of error of one another.

Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies says he factored a close race into his campaign strategy."We always expected this election to come down to the wire," Thies tells LL.

With his candidate gaining on Gray, Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff claimed vindication for his months-long claim that the race is between two candidates.

“The mayor’s stuck," Shuff says. "He has a pretty good solid core of folks. It’s not growing at all."

Tommy Wells came in third in the Post poll with 14 percent, while Jack Evans and Andy Shallal both received 6 percent. Reta Lewis and Vincent Orange both received 3 percent of the vote. In the NBC 4 poll, Wells received 11 percent, Evans 9 percent, Shallal and Orange 4 percent, and Lewis 2 percent.

Both polls also considered candidates' chances against independent challenger David Catania. Gray and Catania polled at 43 percent and 37 percent in the NBC 4 poll, respectively, while Bowser/Catania came down to 46 percent to Bowser and 26 percent to Catania. The Post poll had similar numbers, with Gray and Catania tied with 41 percent of respondents each and Bowser beating Catania 56 percent to 23 percent.

Catania campaign manager Ben Young blames his boss's poor showing against Bowser on media focus on Gray during the primary and Bowser's year-long campaigning.

“It’s a primary on who should not be mayor," Young says. "And we intend to make it a general on who should be mayor."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • ward 4

    while we do have to believe the POST.........they will do whatever to help Bowser. If she wins I will have Catanaia Yard sign next to Gray yard sign. Never Bowser, my front yard will vomit if i put The green sing in it.

  • Ward 2 Cindy

    Well well well. Looks like the rest of the city sees what us in Ward 2 (who pay attention) think about Evans.

    If this poll is right, and he comes in fourth, I am certain he'll face tough opposition for re-election to the council.

  • DC King

    Will we finally get to meet Mrs Bowser after the campaign?

  • Ward 2

    Pulleeze...maybe people who say things like "what us in Ward 2" don't like Evans but many of us did not dive head first into the shallow end of the "ceement pond" until after they put the water in.

    Jack Evans works like a dog. People know that.

  • S.E.

    "Jack Evans works like a dog. People know that".

    Yeah..........like a sneaky one!

  • Ward 2 Cindy

    Hey "Ward 2," for the record, I happen to have a college education and post-graduate degree, albeit, one that acquired many years ago. And you?

    I won't say Evans doesn't work hard, he works very hard for Georgetown. The rest of the ward has to fend for itself and that's well known throughout. His big drop in the polls is evidence that the rest of the city is getting a taste of the Evans we all know. And besides, it's time for a change, whether Jack gets 25% or 5% in the mayor race.

  • real dc 411

    well i have watched all the Bowser haters - and guess what --most of DC has ignored her that is why she is now leading--and will become mayor--a great mayor

  • lap dog from Philly


  • Dartemus

    Muriel "Walmart" Bowser led a big-corporate takeover of our neighborhood, next it will be the whole city. Now that's real corruption, even though its perfectly legal. We need a mayor who stands up for the common people of DC, not Billionaire fat cats.

  • two horse race

    jack evans is the best candidate. what's that got to do with winning?

    a vote for vince gray is a vote for david catania.

    nah, won't happen.


    @lappydoggiefromilly-Stop insulting campaign props. They can't help it that they are smarter than Bowser.

  • E. Masquinongy

    Word is, Ms Bowser is spiteful and never lets a resentment go. She may be an empty suit, but as mayor, she sure will be easy on the eyes. Especially on television.

    Let's hope she does not do any damage...

  • Chgobluesguy

    Part-time councilmember Jack Evans is really hauling off of Muriel Bowser. His rants are confirming what insiders already know: He's a bully and an egomaniac. Back to shilling for Patton Boggs clients.

  • stick2yourguns

    word is right she is evil and doesn't care about me or you....if they vote her in they get what they deserve

  • Saywhat

    Muriel Boswer is one of the kindest persons I know, when the chips are down, she has your back and I will always love and respect her for that. I went to Muriel and told her that there were protections in place for homeowners in the District of Columbia, that find themselves in forclosure. Muriel had a bill out and passed it in one week. I was impressed! Go Muriel!

  • E. Masquinongy

    @Saywhat: your story only proves that she knows where the votes are.

    But don't cross her.

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