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Bowser, Police Union Launch TV Ads

The Fraternal Order of Police and Muriel Bowser's campaign each came out with new TV spots today, both of which offer their own criticisms of Mayor Vince Gray.

The police union's spot takes viewers on a tour of the District's recent public safety lowlights, with Officer Colette Clemencia along as your guide. After visits to Lincoln Heights and the street where a cop had to wait 20 minutes for an ambulance after being hit by a car, Clemencia stands in front of a washed-out Wilson Building.

“His political friends come before public safety," Clemencia says. "That’s why police officers like me are against Mayor Gray."

The FOP ad doesn't mention Tommy Wells, the union's pick to replace Gray.

Muriel Bowser's own ad is more upbeat (and much greener), but just as critical of Gray in its own way. After touting her ethics bill and promising to bring "a fresh start," Bowser says she'll be "a mayor you can trust." Left unmentioned: the name of the mayor who you can't trust.

Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff tells LL the ad will be running on a combination of network and cable channels.

  • SEis4ME

    The police union ad has been running at least since last week. I thought it was a it odd that it didn't name the candidate they supported.

  • S.E.

    So..............this one of the 10 MPD Officers who live in the city?

  • LGBT

    How can she hide, while her brother is so dc proud.


    LOL! She wears her gun like that? SMH!

  • LGBT

    Catania will be a first for dc as an open and proud gay man.


    What is DC Proud? Is that grammatically correct? Is it a proper noun? Name of a team? Please help me understand.


    Gaytania will not be the only gay candidate in the general election, if bowser wins the democratic nod.

  • drez



    ^sock puppets at work again...

  • drez

    Police brass prefer bowser over gray as well.

  • S.E.

    Gotta' love the unions........take YOUR money and tell YOU to vote for THEIR choice as THEY can't do it THEMSELVES as THEY are NOT ELIGIBLE to vote....SMH

  • drez

    S.E. You are right! Union endorsement is useless and fort show. They don't vote.

  • S.E.

    I understand it's about the money but you take my money and back a sorry a$$/weak a$$ Tommy Wells?

  • drez

    This race is old vs new. Dry vs fresh.

  • S.E.

    Which one's Tommy?

  • drez

    Often imitated, never equalled.
    The 2nd best thing about this election is how pathetically funny desperate sockpuppets get.
    The 1st best thing is that DC has a real chance to get back on a honest inclusive #all8wards track.

  • SayWhat

    Go Muriel! Stay focus on April 1, 2014.

  • Retired Cop 70

    Bowser what a joke! I am a former police officer who lives in DC and voted for Gray the last time. I found out from a personal experience that Gray is a liar. I would never vote for him again. Bowser alsong with all the other council members running and not running for Mayor are part of the problem. They all talk a weak game but do nothing in the long run. By the grin on Bowsers face she is just another want-to-be Mayor who will say and do anything just to get elected.

    Show us your real track record over the years you've been in the council what you have done for the working class, the poor and the homeless. I am tired of hearing the same crap from all of them "Better schools, Affordable homes, jobs. Better schools means new schools for the new residents, affordable homes means all homes starting at $600 thousand and up, jobs means more parking tickets writers - no degree required. This is why none of the above get my vote!

  • Smh

    I can't wait for a fresh start in the mayor's office! #All8Wards #MurielforMayor

  • DontSleeponDude

    Cho, cho, cho, cho, who hooooo...the Catania frieght train is coming to DC in November!! BELIEVE DAT. Her sexual orientation is irrelevant...where is the tolerance folks!!! The only analysis is who is best equip to go toe to toe with Catania in the general election.

    To some, Bowser presents well..no doubt--she is affable, looks the part, questionably smart, just ok political pedigree. Now Reality Check. The Bottomline is that she lacks a sizable force of "true believers"---that is a substantial number of people that truly believe she is the best that DC has to offer, and she can bring real change. The vast majority of Bowser voters are "anti Gray" voters, which on election day will be comprised of a large contingency of nonloyal white voters who would prefer to vote for a white candidate with a real chance of winning the election. Since Evans and Wells dont have a real chance to win the election, Bowser is the plausible "anti gray" vote.

    Assuming she wins the general election, they will abandon her in droves during the general election for Catania. He will appeal to them as a much more seasoned and well reasoned candidate. He will also gain the support of the republican party voters, gay/lesbian community, and Evans and Well voters. Not sure about the "anti-bowser" voters currently in the Gray and Orange camps. But suffice it to say, those voters will stay at home and aint gonna vote for her. REAL TALK

  • DCShadyBoots

    Bowser can't win. The numbers aren't there.

  • stick2yourguns

    the police union is supporting tommy wells not bowser....please make this clear
    and if bowser mentions that damn ethics bill bill that went nowhere of hers I'm going to scream....sick of this empty airhead bowser

  • John R

    @Dontsleepondude, there are loads of true believers for Muriel in my neighborhood, and elsewhere. That's why she's so ahead of the pack and that's why she'll easily beat Catania.

    Catania? He's a jerk, and has nowhere near the broad appeal that Bowser does. He might have a chance against the mayor but the mayor is not winning this primary. He's a Republican (who only left the party due to its gay-rights stance). Carol Schwartz was twice the candidate he is and she didn't get close. I'll admit that there's room for a white Republican curmudgeon on the council, but who wants one as Mayor of D.C.? Not even close.


    Gray wins!!

    Get real folks!!

    Bowser has no appeal......the Post and the US Atty have been hitting Gray with "bricks" and every turn and at worst it is a close race.....but Bowser offers NOTHING, ZERO to help her own cause..... she is LOUSY!!

    Catania has never run a real campaign.... and its ok for him to hold an at-large seat because "everyone" should be represented in this city..... but he is not going to be mayor with his nasty, bi-polar personality! No we will not have Mayor McNasty!

    For REAL!

  • DontSleeponDude

    John R...point taken, and although I respect your viewpoint, I differ with you. The crux of my position is that people sharing your view, within the Bowser voter block, represent the minority (and not majority). If she wins the primary, I hope I am wrong and you are right.

    But, Catania has already proven himself to be a palatable independent/republican to DC voters. Keep in mind that he won citywide elections multiple times because he is an electable candidate. If he was an unacceptable version of a Republican--tea bagger type--he would have been taken out a long time ago. Thus, he has proven to be politically palatable to District voters.

    All voters are seeking a real leader, someone smart, change-oriented, capable of governing and eradicating corruption. The sole question is who can go toe to toe with Catania in the general election..especially in a debate. My bet is that, in the minds of most voters, her candle will appear much more dimmer to Catania's candle. REAL TALK!!

  • John P. Reagan

    Gray wins? Gray is toast! Look at the polls, my friend, Gray is sinking like a stone and Bowser caught him a week ago. Gray is losing thousands of voters. He is gaining absolutely zero new voters. Early voters won't be interested in getting out for him and no one will be motivated to on election day. Voters are flocking to Bowser and the vote is not getting split (Wells is now in single digits and Evans hasn;t moved the dial).

    By 4/1 Gray will end up in the teens and Bowser will be over 35%. No one wants our next mayor indicted while in office. This is not going to be a close election.

  • John R

    @DontSleeponDude, I hear what you're saying but I disagree. True, Catania is smart. And I agree Catania will do fine in any debates. But he won't catch the imagination of the voters, he is a jerk, he is a white Republican. Bowser is a far more attractive candidate who will have the money, the endorsements, the ads, etc., to get it done.

    Again, if it were against the mayor then Catania would have a real chance. But the mayor is not winning this primary.

  • DontSleeponDude

    John R, my friend, I look forward to continued dialogue on this one...RESPECT!

  • John R

    Peace dude.

  • John P. Reagan

    New Post poll

    Muriel Bowser 30%
    Vincent Gray 27%
    Tommy Wells 14%
    Jack Evans 6%

    General Election versus Catania:
    Vince Gray 41%
    David Catania 41%

    Muriel Bowser 56%
    David Catania 23%


    Ok, the Washington Post poll....who did they endorse? Exactly.

    Bowser has picked up points but how many is debatable. Gray has not loss any points, his base is solid. Interesting to say the least.

    The Post and the US Atty has hit Gray with a brick anytime they get a chance, shameful.

    Still no charges but Gray is assume guilty, BULLSHIT!! Bowser surges because of false assumptions, that will be a BAD way to become mayor. Bowser is elected because of LIES and false allegations.

    Impossible to govern that way!!

  • John P. Reagan

    @REALDC, I think most people will disagree with you. I think most don't want our next mayor indicted while in office, and it looks likely based on the information that he will be indicted. Yeah, go ahead and blast the poll, it's not far off from the one the City Paper/ WAMU did a week ago. But check the numbers. The great majority of our citizens don't trust the mayor. THAT's no way to get elected.

  • Adam Morgans

    Serious Question: Will current Gray supporters show up on election day if it's Bowser vs Catania?


    @jpreagan- Sadly, you might be right that most people won't agree with me. That's fine but the mayor gets due process. Did you read the Colbert King's article on Sunday? Or the other Op-Ed column? Allegations in a press conference is not an indictment. It is a reckless
    way to administer justice. Could be slanderous if the mayor is innocent. What information do you have? Or is it a "feel" thing or a "look" thing? Be careful with that, "he feels guilty" or "he looks guilty" is a BAD road to go down. This is not 1814 or 1914, I want to believe this country has evolved to a better place in 2014.

    Nobody wants their Mayor indicted but an indictment does NOT mean guilty!! It does not even mean a conviction. But people are "drawing their own" conclusion because of "allegations"? Bowser's "surge" is based on folks being scared of an "indictment" on Gray not Gray's record as Mayor. Misguided and wrong. Thats why the USAO has to either bring charges or clear the investigation. Not have this hanging over the city for 4 years.... then 3 weeks out from the primary hold a press conference and throw out allegations with no indictment. BULLSHIT!

    For real, if Gray is cleared or never indicted and Bowser is mayor..... she will catch HELL trying to govern under those false pretensions. Her whole campaign is based on the mayor's presumed guilt..... the backlash will kick her ASS for her 1- term and folks will run through HELL with GASOLINE SOAKED DRAWS ON to get her out!! But she is so blinded by her ambition she does even see it.......foolish!! Bowser is NOT ready!

  • Adam Morgans


    If Bowser wins the primary, what will you do on election day? Vote Bowser, Catania, or stay home?


    @adamsmorgan- I say NO. Will either vote for Catania or more than likely just sit it OUT!!
    Especially if there is NO indictment. Bowser will NOT be a able to unite folks!


    @adamsmorgans- Just to be clear. I will NOT vote Bowser under any circumstances!!

  • Adam Morgans


    I hear you loud and clear. If the rest of Gray's base feels the way you do, that's great news for the Catania campaign. EOTR may have nobody to rely on after this election.


    @adamsmorgan- Sad but true!!

    Have you heard her campaign, there is no there, there. Catania knows she is an "empty" can and she will play the "race" card. She can't use the "indictment" cloud.

    Forget what the polls say, Catania wants to face her and NOT Gray. His "sassy" ass will "slice and dice" her on every issue in the city. She will have to play the "race" card. Bowser will court Barry for his endorsement like nobody's business.

  • John P. Reagan

    @REALDC, I agree that the manner in which Machen raised the allegations against the mayor has been unfair and unethical. I voted for Gray, but I determined a long time ago I could not trust him -- before the latest revelations. I also determined I would vote for Bowser (I already have) because of what she will bring to the city. I think she will win and she'll handily beat Catania. I don't doubt there might be backlash but it won't be electorally significant.

  • SEis4ME

    Adams and I thought you wondered would Gray voters support Catania out of genuine interest. It's clear I was wrong.

    EOTR is not Syria. We have enough troopers who are willing to make our voices heard. We don't need to "rely" on Catania any more than we did with Williams, Fenty, and now Gray.

    BTW, what will Bowser bring to the city?

  • Adam Morgans


    It is out of genuine interest. I am not a registered Democrat so I can't vote until the general election. My interest is how the general election dynamics change if it's Bowser or Gray facing off against Catania. Which one is going to to be a tighter race? If Gray supporters are likely to stay home, that means a Bowser vs Catania election will be focused on NW.


    @johnpreagan- I hear you and you are right on Machen. A slander suit by Gray should be considered.
    On trusting Gray, what has he done to lose you trust? If its a feeling, then thats not his fault. But you have ever right to feel that way.
    On Bowser, what could she bring to the city? A better question is what has she bought to ward 4? Her resume is very thin with limited managerial experience. Putting her in the mayor's office is like giving a monkey a ray gun. It could be disastrous. Her first term as ward 4 council member was a "high paid" internship and ward 4 suffered. Look at the schools in 4. Look at Georgia Ave. Kennedy street.

    Catania will probably not win but he will "expose" her to be the "light weight" that we know she is and she will never recover from it.

    Oh the backlash will be just as hard as it was 2010 against Fenty. Anger will bring people out and the movement to make her a one term mayor will be overwhelming. She will play the "race" card and "show how down she is"....laughable. The same "Fenty" folks will line up at the "trough" and get ready to feast again.

    Gray is getting the shaft by the USAO and would easily win re-relection. To be quite honest with you, he deserves it. HE HAS EARNED IT!

    I'm sorry to hear you cast your vote already. We shouldn't keep changing mayors but oh well we get what we elect.

    For REAL!

  • Irather Knotsey

    F.U.C.K T.H.E P.O.L.I.C.E.


  • dcshadyboots

    Where does this officer live, Prince Georges County? How many members of this UNION live in the District. How many can vote here?

  • Titanic

    It doesn't matter where the officers live. Where they work is very important. They ALL work here in DC. And the mayor will have a direct impact on their ability to effectively do their jobs.

    An endorsement from the Police Union gives us an inside look at who they believe will be able to improve MPD. Nothing more.

  • DoWhatYouDoBOO

    At least Clemencia lives in DC...

    I know several officers who actually live in Maryland and send resumes to their bosses to secure DC GOVT JOBS FOR THEIR FRIENDS WHO RESIDE IN MARYLAND...WHAT A SHAME!!! There are so many in the District who are unemployed and qualified for work BUT wont be considered because a friend of a frined of a friend who lives in Maryland - and UNQUALIFIED - just got that good DC govt job (with the tax money being funneled into Maryland).