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Marion Barry backs Vince Gray. [LLPost, AP]

Barry endorsement could backfire in the general, says Dana Milbank. [Post]

Questions abound in Metropolitan Police Department crash investigation. [LL]

No reporters allowed at Medric Mills fire department hearing. [City Desk, WAMUPost]

At-large candidate Nate Bennett-Fleming declares opponent Anita Bonds the worst at-large councilmember in history. [LL]

D.C. United stadium backers swamp pols with emails. [WAMU]

Baltimore sees Vincent Orange working to get House of Cards. [Baltimore Sun]

Progressive groups back rivals in Ward 1. [LL]

George Washington University, land baron. [Housing Complex]

An easier way to get D.C. laws. [Post]

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  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    “Vince Gray,” Barry told a modest crowd in a church basement in Southeast Washington, “is a leader with a solid crack record.”

    One city, many punchlines.

  • Tight Lips

    @Roscoe and this is the reason EOTR is going to back Gray?

    EOTR please be "open minded" when going to the pols. Your current leadership is not going to get you all to where EOTR should be in 2014.

    The EOTR establishment has to GO!

  • Tight Lips

    We need leadership in EOTR that can help bring the development SE needs along with preparing residents for the many changes that will shape the future of EOTR.

    Barry wants Ward 7 & 8 to resist change while complaining that change is needed.

    Barry just wants to keep Ward 7 & 8 predominately black with all the upgrades, which is fine, but you have to prepare people for that change if your going to criticize or push away other groups from living on that side of town.

  • DC Guy

    Just curious why the roundup didn't include the Current endorsement in the At-Large race? Seems like a pretty blatant oversight?

  • Tight Lips

    @DCGuy Good catch!

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    @Dana Milbank

    Your opinion is wrong about Barry's endorsement backfiring on Gray. It's sad that folks in this town vote on racial lines. However, it is a reality, particularly amongst most white voters whom don't like outspoken strong African-American politicians that have self esteem and love for their people - most white voters believe it is racism and are not use to African-American's coming together and uniting on issues that affect African-Americans. African-American unity scares they hell out of most white voter's "What the hell are those black people doing trying to overcome our oppression!"

    Most white voters believe everything they read or hear or gossip about African-Americans and rush to judgment opting to oppose such a African-American politician whom has been assassinated by media propaganda and gossip - you do have a share of brain washed Negro's that oppose their own folks and practice self hatred just to be validated by white folks in power in America. Barry is comfortable being African-American and needs no validation from white people to be accepted most African-American's knows his struggles and knows that he is not a sell-out.

  • Tight Lips

    @Leroy who got the better end of the deal: Wal-Mart or Ward 7?

    The EOTR candidates dont have to sell out, the residents are selling themselves out short.

    As long as Barry, Alexander & Gray are in office, EOTR could care less about what happens. They would rather have their own people stall their progress then to let someone else come in and improve the communities, for fear that the cost of living will go up and people will have to move.

    "Validation of the White Man" - are you satisfied with the Skyland Development for quite sometime being nothing more than a wet dream?

    Are you satisfied that a large majority of students underperforming in our school system resides EOTR

    Are you satisfied knowing that your HAND PICKED elected officials are willing to let you work for scraps just so Wal-Mart can open their store LATE, after every other ward has gotten their Wal-Marts?

    All I am saying is that if you are going to stick with Gray, EOTR better hold him accountable for the slow progress taking place.

  • Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    @ Tight Lips

    I see your point; however, I will have to disagree with you and hope you also respect my viewpoints. I think the people whom were jobless won the battle regarding the Wal-Mart issue. When you are jobless with no food, bills, lot's of bills, no money to travel to see a doctor or get a job and no education - the only thing that matters is getting a job to survive and crawl before you walk.

    I am one of those African-Americans that appreciate the struggles my elders made for me in this country to have a life better than theirs in a country that is still racist and immoral. I may not agree with some of my elders viewpoints; nonetheless, I respect them for fighting against racism and opportunities to vote and work in America which is a value in the African-American diaspora that is vanishing with assimilation of European-American values.