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Progressive Groups Make Council Endorsements

Who should progressive voters back in the Ward 1 D.C. Council race? It depends on who you ask, with both challenger Brianne Nadeau and incumbent Jim Graham receiving endorsements from progressive groups today.

First up, Howard Dean-founded group Democracy for America backed Nadeau in an email to members this afternoon. "I couldn't be more excited to have a young, progressive woman like Brianne standing up to corruption in the Wilson Building for me," Democracy for America communications director Neil Sroka writes in the email sent out this afternoon.

Democracy for America also backed former Tommy Wells chief of staff Charles Allen in Ward 6 and Shadow Rep. Nate Bennett-Fleming in the at-large race against incumbent Anita Bonds.

But hold up, Ward 1 lefties! D.C. Working Families, the coalition of labor groups that's backing a minimum wage hike referendum for the general election ballot in November, endorsed Graham in the race against  this afternoon. D.C. Working Families director Delvone Michael tells LL that his group picked Graham over Nadeau for several reasons, including his push for driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants and support for gay rights.

D.C. Working Families is also endorsing Ward 5 councilmember Kenyan McDuffie and Council chairman Phil Mendelson, both of whom are facing easy primary wins. But don't expect Michael's group to make an endorsement in the mayoral race—they're sitting that one out.

"We just didn’t see anyone who we thought was a true progressive," Michael says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • tntdc

    Sierra Club also endorsed Graham over Nadeau.

  • ward one

    Jim graham is a con artist. Most corrupt politician in d.c.

  • AIDS Ghost

    Ward one

    Graham is the most corrupt individual ever in DC public life. Remember his venal wretchedness goes beyond politics. Hopefully he will have several months of public humiliation after having lost the primary to contemplate these truths much like he did as they exorcised him from Whitman Walker.

  • http://unlimitedecigs.com/ Ela Florante

    Wow! Being endorsed with the Democracy for America? She must be the best candidate. Cant wait for the results

  • John

    Graham does more for his ward than any councilmember. Any wrong doing regarding the Metro board incident has already been dealt with and is over. Graham is there to help every organization and problem in his ward and I wish my councilmember got as involved in ward issues like Graham gets involved. Many in the ward are aware of this and hopefully the vote will show how his service is appreciated.

  • Betsy Donahoe

    Sometimes Graham is too prissy and controlling about city living. His hysteria over under-age drinking and fireworks were pretty annoying. But Graham knows where the money is, and he gets things done. The story about corruption happened because he liked one contractor more than the other. He didn't make a dime from his mistake. In the other corruption story, Graham's aide tried to get him to take a bribe, and Graham refused it. He's been here longer, knows more people, than his competitor, and I trust him.

  • OG in DC

    Graham is there for everyone who kisses his ring and hands him cash. The rest of us in Ward One are shit out of luck if we actually want some help. For once I'm picking the devil I don't know.

    If you think he didn't make a dime from any bribes, I got a bridge to Anacostia I wanna sell you-- get it while it's cheap.

  • Typical DC BS

    Yes, what a great achievement - making DC streets safe for illegal immigrants. And Ward 7 & 8 wonders why there are no jobs in DC for unskilled labor, when their OWN representatives give the okeydoke to illegal aliens working in our city? Hard to overcome that level of stupidity that works against the interests of the CITIZENS.

  • stick2yourguns

    curious to know what this so called progressive group has done to help out what they feel Graham is lacking in?? probably NOTHING.

  • joan

    @AIDS Ghost - double ditto that

  • ivy

    Say what you will but Graham will win the majority black votes in his ward because that progressive woman running against him Nadeau care's less about black people.

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