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Marion Barry Endorses Vince Gray In Ward 8

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Pulling on a Vince Gray campaign shirt this afternoon, mayor-for-life/Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry declared that even U.S. Attorney Ron Machen can't stop Gray's re-election bid.

"He's in it to win it, regardless of what the U.S. Attorney does," Barry said.

Barry, who endorsed Gray in the basement of Matthews Memorial Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE, added that Gray was the only experienced option for District voters.

"If you want a surgeon, you don't call a plumber," Barry said.

Along with ex-offender services and a drop in unemployment east of the river, Barry praised Gray for his commitment to keeping residents, especially the "black middle class" in the District in the face of gentrification, a process Gray said must be stopped "from a black perspective and a city perspective." But Barry said that any racial division in the city couldn't be blamed on him or Gray.

"I think it's up to white people to be more open-minded," Barry said.

Gray denied he was focusing on just one demographic to win the race, pointing to his city-wide Supercan replacement program and the Barry endorsement itself as evidence of his citywide approach.

"Marion Barry appeals to people across the city," Gray said.

Barry, only two weeks out of medical rehab and still recovering from a blood infection, said he wouldn't risk his health to campaign for Gray. Worried about Barry's health before he arrived, Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies asked NBC 4 reporter Tom Sherwood not to shoot Barry with a walker or being helped up the stairs (Sherwood declined, and Barry eventually showed up without a walker).

Barry's son Christopher Barry joined Barry and Gray onstage. But the younger Barry declined to say whether his appearance alongside two District mayors was a sign of any political ambitions of his own.

As for what Barry's endorsement brings to a mayor facing the threat of federal indictment, Barry thinks it's simple. "It's no secret that I'm the most popular elected official in the city," Barry said.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Tight Lips

    Awesome, so now we understand how EOTR works..

    Keep Barry & Alexander in office so they can endorse their candidate of choice..

    If you keep EOTR in bad shape, the residents will not be forced to leave and white people will not be interested in moving to that side of town.

    Funny how Barry said that Gray shouldnt be the cause of a racial divide (ironic because gray is light skinned) yet everyone EOTR thinks Machen and the Gov't is trying to take the Black Man Down, because ANOTHER BLACK MAN SAID THAT HE KNEW ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN. LET ALONE, MACHEN IS BLACK AS WELL...

    EOTR operates like North Korea lol.

    As long as "Native Washingtonians" EOTR can stay on that side of town, there are willing to vote anyone in that will keep the system running the way it is....

    Marion Barry is a historical figure for Ward 8, but his days of making change in that community is LONG GONE!
    But because Barry got someone a job back in 1992, it means the whole community should vote the way he tells them to AHAHAHAHAA.


  • Corky

    Hey tightass, when you can show me any one else running for mayor who gives a rats ass about the east side of town, then you might have an argument. As for racial considerations, it seems like that its the only thing you are considering. You act like Jack Evans, Tommy Wells, Catania and Muriel Bowser have ever done anything for Anacostia so as to meritt the votes of people from Anacostia. What have they done for Anacostia? Are those crickets I hear? Gray and Barry have at least tried to direct government services and development to Anacostia while Fenty was cutting schools and building dog parks. You act like Barry has been the Mayor for the last 10 years. Maybe you are that stupid, but the people east of the river have a lot more sense than you apparently give them credit for. They vote for the people who support them. Not the mayor of Georgetown or the mayor of Capitol Hill or the Mayor of Dupont Circle (Catania) or Fenty in a dress.

  • mike

    it was a mistake for Catania to fight so hard to keep Unity Medical Center (formerly Greater Southeast) open. EOTR ingrates shoot each other over missing bracelets - they deserve what they get

  • sam

    Barry is a great mayor and a or rust one. Yes you can be corrupt and terrible mayor like Gray.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    @Corky:. What have they done for Anacostia? Are those crickets I hear? Gray and Barry have at least tried to direct government services and development to Anacostia while Fenty was cutting schools and building dog parks.

    - Uhm, this is demonstrably false. Fenty spent more money EOTR than any of his predecessors.

    Check your "facts". That is all.

  • Corky

    Roscoe, you need to check your "facts". Apparently you consider all of Southeast to be east of the river. Maybe if you include Capitol Hill and the rest of Ward 6, would your statement be true. But if you are talking about Wards 7 and 8, which are legitimately across the river, then you are just blowing smoke. I find it laughable when people who have nothing to do with EOTR, who never venture across the bridges, think that they know what's going on over there. I live there and I work in NW. I can assure you that the city paid little if any attention to Wards 7 & 8. That's why Fenty was kicked out of office. Remember, Wards 7 & 8 supported Fenty the first time around. People there are not stupid, despite what these racist in the City paper and the Post think. They vote their interests and know that people like Evan and Wells and Bowser have no interest whatsoever in serving that part of town. The barely know where it is!!!

  • cminus

    @Corky, I don't think it's fair to say Wells and Catania have no interest in serving EOTR voters. Wells is the biggest cheerleader for expanded mass transit service on the Council, which is a matter of city-wide interest but is especially important EOTR which has the lowest rate of car ownership and isn't within walking distance of the area's large employment concentrations. As for Catania, he may be a jerk but he's done everything short of grabbing a gun and robbing banks to try and keep Unity Medical Center afloat, even though it serves almost nobody from the other side of the Anacostia and acts as a lightning rod for dumbasses like @mike.

    (Bowser and Evans I'll give you, although to be fair they have no interest in representing voters west of the river either. They only represent businesses and campaign donors.)

  • Jones

    Barry has been councilmember to Ward 8 for many years. He helped create a large black middle class which also fled DC when the city was the murder capital.

    He's said himself that Ward 8 has around a 25% homeownership, but I haven't heard any solutions to that from him. That means the rest are renters whether section 8 or market. Renters are at the mercy of the market.

    I have not seen him make any public statements about young black men and women staying in school, speaking on the problems of teen pregnancy, or the black on black crime in his ward.

    The only time he makes any public statements is about gentrification. Change is hard and he could do a lot to help people help themselves by being more positive and not so divisive.

  • eddy

    Marion Barry needs to shut up and get lost! His day has come and gone - long gone. Mr. Barry, please get lost!!


  • ellerbe is gray is ellerbe

    a vote for gray is a vote for change. think on that for a while.

  • DCCorrupt

    If Barry and Gray were so "Afro-centric" and concerned about preserving the city's black power structure for residents of Wards 7 & 8, they would admit that a vote for Gray is simply a stepping stone to electing DC's first white mayor. If he wins the primary, Gray is certainly going to be indicted and subsequently convicted. That sets up the scenario for Catania to walk right in during the general election. And if Gray is elected, and the indictment comes shortly thereafter, then Phil Mendelson will move into the slot. It's a simple logistical equation that egotistical politicians like Barry and Gray won't admit. So, all east of the River residents need to ask Barry this important question: How many pieces of silver is he getting to sell out his people? Gray is a dead man walking. And Barry is positioning himself to make a buck off of his corpse. Wake up, people.

  • schoolman


    You are dead on point! Also, I listened to Barry speak about his endorsement and "White" folks on the news. And he sounded like an absolute idiot!! He stated that, "Whites need to be more open minded." My question is - more open minded about what? Three Black councilmembers have been forced from office for engaging in illegal activity, several members of Gray's 2010 campaign have pled guilty to felonies, Marion Barry got caught smoking crack before the entire country, Jeff Thompson has testified that Gray knew about the illegal shadow campaign and the U.S. Attorney stated the Gray knew about the illegal shadow campaign.





    Ha, the "Godfather" of DC politics has spoken..... 4 more years of "One City" it is!

    This mayoral race sucks but Gray is the best of bunch...... Bowser is an IDIOT on every level and is a shot in the dark by the Fenty loyalists to get another bite at the apple. The DC Proud mob is a bunch of "elitist, uppity", self-serving black folks that screwed over the their people under Fenty...... F*** them and feed 'em beans!!! No second chance with the Ding-Bat from ward 4!!

    Wells, Evans and Orange....... smh!

  • tony


    YES SIR!

  • schoolman


    The boot-licking CLOWN reappears!

  • Tight Lips

    @Corky ahaha no sir, you are fighting a lost cause right now. Gray has taken his talents across the entire city and has left his area in the same situation it was 4 years ago.

    SKYLAND DEVELOPMENT..... can yall tell me where they have broken ground on that site

    MINIMUM WAGE..... let Wal-Mart come in and charge us those weak ass wages

    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT..... outside of Uniontown, SE still doesnt have any new establishments across the area.


    They havent done a good enough job in my book, and thats coming from someone who lives in another part of the city. It's not enough in my book, its just not enough.

    And yall continuously praise them (including Yvette Alexander) for their lackluster approach to really taking care of SE.

    Yall keep barking about these "Middle Class Black Families they helped build", you gotta be kidding me. Gray nor Barry gave any of those families jobs, investments or anything to improve their financial stability. If anything, the Middle Class Black Families saved them.

    Barry continues to dig ward 8 in a deeper hole by making these wild statements about white people. That's the reason why Ward 8 will continue to struggle, because Barry knows if white people come into Ward 8, the property value is going to go up and everyone will have to leave. Barry will fight till the death to keep his promise and make sure that his community stays, but at the expense of selling "dreams" that he can't produce?

    Barry went at the asian community, now he is talking about the white community. Who will want to invest in that side of town if the councilmember continuously talks shit about everybody lol. I just don't get it.

    @DCCorrupt you have hit it right on the nail my friend. Machen is going to show Gray that he isn't playing games. He has no choice, it's the perfect opportunity to write his name in DC History. They need to realize that this election is more than just trying to keep the power EOTR, Phil Mendelson could wind up being Mayor and everyone would continue endorsing him lol. That will clearly be their ticket out the door in SE, so to Corky, Noodlez, and all the other Gray stans out there, you better pray Machen doesn't take your boy to jail.

    Gray leaving will open the FLOODGATES for a NEW WARD 7 & 8, YOU BETTER CUT YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE!

    lol.... good day!

  • Northwesterneer

    I am sorry that I ever started commenting on political posts on the CP site this season. This mayoral race brings out the worst in all of us, including the worst in me. Seeing Mayor Barry in print again reminds me of the time he yelled at me in 1984 when he thought one of us said something but it was actually some kids farther back in the theater. He told me, "You go out buying your Sony Walkman and your Japanese Panasonic stereos and then you wonder why the inner city is hurting?" And I'm sure he said that to every white kid who mouthed off to him (though for the record, I did not). And I decided right then that I wasn't a racist and would prove him wrong and I went and got a job in DC and hung out with friends from the City- Wilson, Immaculata, Mt Vernon College, St Johns... St Albans! Senate Interns. Booeymongers. Dixie Liquors. DC don't stand for Dodge City. Mickey and Minnie are Good to Go. Later as an adult a very good friend of Mayor Barry's told me some very real stories of what he did to destroy the city and manipulate the people- and the friend thought it was hilarious, well tinged with guilt, although he made (and lost) hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lot of people don't know that Mayor Barry did it all as a joke. All the stuff he did, it was a joke, a gag, a put-on, like he was acting or pretending to be mayor as a way to be a thorn in Reagan's side, like a gadfly commentator. Then the crack war happened and he had no plan how to fix it because he thought it was normal gang violence and so he did nothing to keep those children from getting killed and some of his, you know, deterioration is because he and his friends know this, they made no effort to save the lives of the children being killed in the crack war, because him being mayor was all a kind of complex joke to him and his friends.

  • tony

    I see that old Lazarus has awakened from the dead!

  • HUAlum71


    I too am sorry that you ever started commenting on this political post. Please stop. WTF are you talking about when you say youd decided right then you were not a racist and would prove him wrong.

    Did I miss the part where Barry called you a racist for buying Asian made products????

    BTW: You don't sound like the average white dude. Did you miss out on that good schooling West of the park or sumpin'?

  • John

    Gray's idea of being a good mayor was to get jobs for his friends kids and overpay them. When this corruption was exposed he had to remove them from the jobs and cut the salaries back to what it should have been. Then Gray kept many of Fenty's people in place to run the city as he did not have a clue. Gray's current move to give everyone a new trash can and recycling can whether they needed one or wanted one is another waste of money. The old cans are not being picked up and what is the city doing with these still usable containers? Political posturing with no substance. Give me Muriel who will put more thought and get more information before wasting money.

  • DCShadyBoots

    "It's up to white people to be more open minded."

    Amen, and amen.

    You can't move into an established neighborhood and take on a paternalistic attitude to the residents who have been there for decades. As if you are somehow "better", know "better", are "better". Because you are white.

    Just saying.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Gray's attorney has sent a message to the US Attorney, put up or shut up, there will be no plea bargain. You indict, be prepared to go to trial. The stakes for the US Attorney couldn't be any higher. All the bluffing stops NOW.

  • S.E.

    "@DCCorrupt you have hit it right on the nail my friend. Machen is going to show Gray that he isn't playing games. He has no choice, it's the perfect opportunity to write his name in DC History".

    You mean like this guy: Joseph E. diGenova

  • Tight Lips

    @DCShadyBoots White people do not have to be open minded, their neighborhoods nor schools they send their kids too don't have as many issues as the neighborhoods and schools we send our kids to.

    They are financially stable enough to deal with the various changes going on in the city, while we complain and don't do the necessary things needed to stay ansd live prosperous here.

    Once again, EOTR is fighting a lost cause sticking with Gray because Ward 7 & 8 hasn't improved much since Gray & Brown won their respective elections.

    Barry thinks that the world should come to EOTR's doorstep bearing gifts and wanting to attend to their every need.... Since Barry has been in Ward 8 this go around, what is his track record?

    What is Yvette Alexander's track record?

    Absolutely nothing. Each Ward councilmember has done more for their neighborhoods than what Alexander & Barry has done within the past 8 years.

    Catania has a good chance of beating Gray if this trial comes to life and Barry continues to open his mouth.

  • S.E.

    "Catania has a good chance of beating Gray if this trial comes to life and Barry continues to open his mouth".

    And what will he accomplish EOTR?

  • DCQuilter

    Barry and company has had over 30 years to fix things east of the river. He hasn't. All he does is make hateful remarks about the rest of us who do live in the city. Those of you east of the river should be happy with all of us white folks because we help support you. I normally wouldn't say that but introducing race into the Mayor's race is racist and not on our part. Barry was good 30 years ago, but he is long past his prime and heaven forbid his son decides to run for public office. Ward 8 would probably vote him in and still complain that the white community isn't being open minded.

  • Adams Morgan

    Ward 8 real estate is ripe for the picking. Low home ownership means that a few developments EOTR can start driving up rents enough to let economics clean out the rest of the trash.

    NoVa, Georgetown, Potomac, and Bethesda will keep NW prices high. The purple line in Maryland will hopefully develop northern PG county and will price out the displaced EOTR residents. That means they'll have to go farther south into Charles county or make the jump to Baltimore.

    Good riddance.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    The people of this great city are much smarter than either Barry or Gray can image, and we will not be encouraged or forced to vote like these idiots desire. Nor can MB influence the wrongs of Gray that will soon come to past and be removed from this city's image, he for whatever reason what's to ignore, protect and forgive.

    Note, that MB endorsement for Gray represents MONEY he will receive directly and/or indirectly. Possibly through his kind hearted kidney donor, Ms. Dickens.

    When one assess MB hearing on the Summer Employment Program under Employment Services for 2013, before he was sensored for the second time under Chairman Mendelson, every DC youth who desired summer employment was unable to obtain it, as contractor awarded were paid the lowest in the history of this agency and notable program.

    Can you believe that the Interim leadership at DOES offers $400 dollars per summer participant, as the quasi Trust DC goverment will grant $800 for each summer youth served. The question becomes what is going on, MB tell DC the truth and stop trying to employ reverse psychology.

    Even the Fenty's administration never interrupted MB's Summer Youth Employment Program's legacy, but his friend, Mayor Gray who spear-headed his first sensoring as Chairman of City Councies finds it important for the second year to reduce payments to summer contractors, and disallows every youth in DC from obtaining a SYEP job.

    Now, as it relates to Gray what kind of example for troubled youth does he reflect. His decision to offer an apology for the shadow campaign after he makes a decision to run, avoidance to met w/ FBI for the last four years, Appointments of Directors that served at Interim status during the Fenty's administration, the lack of jobs provided to Ward 7 and 8 low-income and moderate income adults that continue to remain unemployed, decision to just start talking about funding for affordable housing during his 4th year in office, developments that have exclude construction employment for DC Black men and women which drastically elevated for DC Hispanics, handful of leaders that consist of quality and experienced Women, limited amount of non-profits that have been funded federal grants that are low performance providers, and lost of federal incentive money from Labaor, disrespect of qualified Executives from DC as Deputy Mayors indicates that this unattractive yellow tooth old-ass senior citizen is UNFIT to be in any public office.

    Not to exclude, Jack Evans who shares Grays' views, who has never contributed to Wards 7 and 8, as Bowser.

    All of the above are professional facts, and we all do not live in Wards 7 or 8.

    Gray needs to take pride with the time left as the Mayor of DC, by starting with telling the truth. Soon and very soon, GOD will be his only hope, as he has abused and mislead Black citizens that trusted in him to do the right thing.

    This senior citizen's arrogance and self-centeredness will lead to his distruction, as a Black man who wished his was Caucasian.

    Hopefully, his ex-girlfriend Linda Greene (the whore for top DC politics) will come to his rescue, since she received the $40K from Jeff Thompson, when his dominion falls.

  • SayWhat

    Wow, I see the C's have finally linked up, the crack head and the crook. I bet all races flew to the polls today to make sure that Gray doesn't win and I don't blame them one bit. Scary!

  • DCShadyBoots

    @Tightlips, you presume much, but know very little, obviously. African Americans live in every ward in the city, contrary to melanin hating self.

    If you accept the sambo attitude that these people bring with them and fit comfortably into that role, that's you. It is chumpish, but so be it. Be the best Sambo you can be.

    The rest of us are proud, gifted, educated and refuse to be treated like children.

  • Anacostia boy

    @Corky, After 4 years of Grey as a Mayor why don't you work in SE but all the way in NW? Where are the jobs here?
    How many tax exempt development projects have happen in W8&7 and why all such development happens in NW? Is it because NW is desperate for development, not like W7&8? Or because this is where the money is.
    How many new grocery shops have opened here during his tenure? None.
    Wake up Corky. MB and Grey are just using you. Truth may hurt.

  • Tight Lips


    This is nothing more than a prime example of Foolish Pride.

    Yall keep talking about Educated Blacks this and that. Even a dummy can tell you that EOTR has turtle progress.

    Every other ward in the city has gone through major upgrades over the years, if you have 3 (until Kwame went down there was 4) elected officials EOTR on the council....

    @AnacostiaBoy you hit it right on the nail my friend!

    THERE IS NO WAY WARDS 7 & 8 should be in the condition they are in lol.

    Please tell me why you believe I should think differently?

  • DCShadyBoots

    @Tight Lips, you heard what I said, Sambo.

  • Adams Morgan

    Neighborhoods are defined by the actions of the people WHO live there. The residents of wards 7 and 8 are responsible for the condition of their neighborhoods. They want the benefits of gentrification without actually changing anything.

  • SEis4ME

    Corky, After 4 years of Grey as a Mayor why don't you work in SE but all the way in NW? Where are the jobs here?

    What a ridiculous question to ask. Where is the infrastructure to support the jobs?

    How many new grocery shops have opened here during his tenure?

    Not only should a mayor be responsible for changing the course of urban history and create successful employment centers in historically inaccessible and underserved areas. WalMart doesn't matter because a Mayor (assuming like the many before him) shoulda made sure that more grocery stores are being built.

    THERE IS NO WAY WARDS 7 & 8 should be in the condition they are in lol.

    What condition exactly? Unless I'm reading the wrong data, more middle class residents are moving in, WalMart has broken ground, we're partnering w/WOTR establishments to bring in the arts and various other venues, we supported Fenty, we're making our voices heard as to which developments we support, more housing is being built, farmers market's and the list goes on.

    According to the metric most sane people use, it's easy to make the argument that EOTR is making the same slow strides every other underserved area in the country has. Now if you must be a republican and blame children for being poor and going to poor schools, then have at it.

  • Tight Lips

    @DCShadyBoots lol Sambo Rambo who cares.

    One City, One Soap & String!

  • Tight Lips

    @SEis4Me Children get the short end of the stick because parents were more concerned with the Raw Feeling of Sex rather than preparing themselves for parenthood and providing a child with the best opportunities to succeed in life.

    Yes, there are teens who have babies and they turn out alright, but there are WAY MORE children having children and thats a problem.

    If your 15-18 yrs old, what do you honestly have to offer a baby? You are still a baby yourself.

    If you need gov't assistance to take care of your kids, you should NOT HAVE ANOTHER CHILD. It's damn near like people's occupations are to have kids because the gov't damn near pays them for it.

  • S.E.

    So Gray gets all this criticism for the shape of EOTR but "2 Time Tony" Williams and "1 and Done Fenty" gets pass?

    I believe it was a coalition residents EOTR, Ward 7 to be exact, that drafted and convinced "2 Time Tony" Williams to run to begin with.

  • Tight Lips

    @S.E Tony Williams purpose for DC was to bring us Money, and get us Financially prepared for the future. He also made sure that we had a team for Baseball.

    Fenty lol sorry to say but he was meant to bring white folks back to the city and make DC an attractive city

    Gray was suppose to be about Education, The People, and connecting DC to become "ONE CITY"

    so far we are 2 outta 3. The city has been divided politically and EOTR hasn't received enough resources to have an attractive vibe like other parts of the city.

    You can't keep banging this "Ward 7 makes or breaks elections" type comments because, at the end of the day, if you all dont vote right, we will have a white mayor or will lose out to a "Grosso" or "Catania" type politician.

    At the end of the day, the jokes on yall for carrying it like that because thats the only side that still hasnt received its fare share of love and support from the District Government.

  • S.E.

    "@S.E Tony Williams purpose for DC was to bring us Money, and get us Financially prepared for the future. He also made sure that we had a team for Baseball".

    The Baseball team was supposed to bring revitalization to said area.........still waiting.

    'Fenty lol sorry to say but he was meant to bring white folks back to the city and make DC an attractive city"

    Mission accomplished.......by blowing the money made by Williams.

    "You can't keep banging this "Ward 7 makes or breaks elections" type comments because, at the end of the day, if you all dont vote right, we will have a white mayor or will lose out to a "Grosso" or "Catania" type politician".

    What is "voting right" in your opinion?
    Bowser? Orange?

  • HUAlum71

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around ...'the joke being on y'all'; and...'the only side that still hasn't received its fare share of love and support from the District Government.

    Is this disgruntled wanna-be politician talking about the Grosso/Catania side or Ward 7?

    Either way he needs to tighten his lips a little more and web his fingers together so he can't type either. I think I know exactly who Tight Lips is. If so, from the way he looks and carries himself, he couldn't tighten up the other end with stitches.

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