Loose Lips

Listen to the Loose Lips Mayoral Debate Here

Lots of voters and nearly the entire mayoral field came out for last night's Washington City Paper debate at the Black Cat. But there's good news for Vince Gray and anyone else who couldn't make the forum—you can listen to it below.

If you want even more LL debate action, come back to the Black Cat Tuesday night for the at-large debate moderated by LL, DCist's Sarah Hughes, and the Washington Post's Clinton Yates. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Listen to the debate to hear the full range of topics covered, including race, adult illiteracy, and marijuana legalization. Here are some highlights:

7:20: If Gray wins the primary, will the candidates support him against David Catania and other challengers in the general election? Carlos AllenJack Evans, and Vincent Orange said they would; Muriel BowserReta Lewis, Andy Shallal, and Tommy Wells says they wouldn't.

26:00: Lagging candidates Lewis, Allen, Orange, and Shallal say they wouldn't take Post columnist Colby King up on his request that they drop out of the race. Why not? Because, Orange says, King is an African-American Republican, and Orange doesn't listen to them.

40:00: Whose account of the 2010 campaign do the candidates believe, confessed election schemerJeff Thompson or Gray? Bowser and Lewis hedged with a third option, saying they believe U.S. Attorney Ron Machen. Allen said he'd leave it to the courts to decide. But Shallal, Wells, Orange, and even Gray pal Evans said they believe Thompson.

1:00:00: When the candidates ask each other questions, Orange asks Wells why it's OK for Wells to admit being "duped" over a city payment to Thompson but Orange can't claim similar ignorance. Unsatisfied with Wells' response, Orange sang "Mr. Clean" at him.

  • drez

    Who is paying grays legal bills? They must be over a half million by now.

  • Civil Rights

    You are, drez.

  • Will Sommer

    @Drez The administration says Gray is paying for it all personally.

  • drez

    That's a lot of money to have laying about.

  • samantha

    Sherwood is no Kimmel ! His attitude toward the Mayor has always been condesending , disrespectful and "olde boys southern Georgia ". His so called "jokes" are indicative of his cultural illness .

  • truth hurts

    Hold up! Evans and Orange said they believe Gray conspired with Thompson regarding the shadow campaign (i.e., Gray committed felonies), yet they both also said they'll back Gray over Catania if Gray wins the primary????

    LL, are you serious?

  • drez

    My thoughts exactly.

  • HUAlum71

    Too bad Kwame Brown couldn't afford to hire excellent legal counsel. He would have beat the Mickey Mouse charge they put on him. It was the first sign of calumny.

    I like Phil, but Kwame was elected by the people and the way he was shoved out of office was shameful. A pox on the houses of all involved in this disgraceful mess.

  • Anonymous,Too

    Originally Evans and Orange were both stalking horses for Gray, who now looks to be in it for the long haul, and there is no benefit to either of them for dropping out and supporting Bowser.

    It would surprise me if Jack's Patton-Boggs network doesn't already have the inside scoop on the viability of the Machen charges but still thinks it's worth "doubling down" on the Gray bet.

  • http://citypaper Tony

    Yes, Patton-Boggs are part of the STAR CHAMBER.

  • Tight Lips

    @TruthHurts only a fool who is apart of the democratic party would vote for a republican turned independant.

    What's the point of broadcasting the debate if all the remarks in the comments section have absolutely nothing to do with the issues of the city and the candidates stance on moving things forward.

    It seems like Gray is using the coverage on his scandal as an advantage because there isn't any other news coverage on any important issues.

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  • stick2yourguns

    bowser just proved once again how dump she is and truth be told she is a half exposed republican her damn self....can you say idiot

  • truth hurts

    TL, actually only a fool of any party would support a candidate for mayor who they believe committed felonies to get elected.

  • Tight Lips

    @TruthHurts well thanks for calling everyone who voted Marion Barry back in office for Mayor a Fool.

    And by the way, you voted for Kwame Brown as well.

  • cminus

    @Tight Lips, what truth hurts said wouldn't apply to Marion Barry since what Barry did was (1) unrelated to his campaign and (2) not a felony. (Barry was convicted of a misdemeanor.)

  • truth hurts

    Tight lips knows that, but made the comparison anyway. He/she also knows I was simply responding to his/her assertion directed to me and illustrating its foolishness.