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Graham Alleges Photoshop Mischief in Ward 1 Race


With 15 days to go before election day, the Ward 1 D.C. Council race is literally getting ugly. Councilmember Jim Graham claims that challenger Brianne Nadeau's campaign used Photoshop in a recent mailer to make him look worse.

In a mailing (above), Nadeau's campaign claims that Graham's dealings, including one that lead to a reprimand from his Council colleagues, are hurting the ward. But Graham claims Nadeau is using more than just words to make her case. "I have half my teeth and they’ve made my face look scruffy," Graham says of his photo in the mailer.

Graham took his complaints to TV this morning for a debate on NewsChannel 8 with Nadeau. Waving a copy of the mailer, Graham accused his opponent of darkening out his teeth.

“To my knowledge, we did not alter that photo," Nadeau said.

“To my knowledge you did alter it," Graham shot back. "All these scruffy cheeks and everything."


Original photo

But not so, says Nadeau spokesman Tom Fazzini. Rather than Photoshopping out teeth, Fazzini says the campaign's designer made the original image (at left) black and white, then used a newspaperlike filter on the photo.

Photo courtesy Jim Graham, Brianne Nadeau campaign

  • I Play a Psychiatrist Occasionally

    Graham diagnosis: narcissistic personality disorder

  • DC Guy

    If that is Graham's biggest issue, he is in more trouble than anyone can imagine.

  • Timmy

    What's unfortunate is that Jim cannot complain of his opponent making up any of the facts on the flyer. His record is that disgusting.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Jim is so paranoid. Not sure why he is even running again. He's got enough cash to just retire.

  • Graham needs to go

    Graham is a shakedown artist. I am a business owner, and I use to have multiple meetings with him in his city hall office about various ward 1 issues, and before each meeting he would ask me for a campaign donations. He is a sick sick man

  • Rich

    I think he actually looks better in the b&w mailer. At least his teeth look white and you don't have to see the ridiculous glowing orange spectacles. He should have thanked Nadeau's campaign for making him look better.

  • U Street area resident

    Watch the interview. Even if you listen to it without video you can hear Graham's flop sweat.

    Jim, thanks for your consistently ok constituent service. I'll be voting for Brianne this time.

  • truth hurts

    All of the above.

  • AB

    I like Brianne, but honestly that flyer was in poor taste.

  • joan

    I'm so happy seeing Diamond Jim get his due - can't wait to see his perp walk in an orange jump suit!

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  • Typical DC BS

    It's about time someone used Graham's OWN RECORD against him. The man has been screwing people ever since he was at Whitman-Walker (left the organization in a very bad way financially) and has continued his reign of incompetence in Ward 1 for many years.

  • Sebastian Townview

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Jim, you do look like the photo in the flyer.

  • MtP resident

    He's upset about a photo?? That's all he can come up with? Ward 1 residents don't have time for his pettiness. I can't wait to vote him OUT.

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