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Mayoral Power Rankings: Week 9

Uncle LL brings you something better than $668,800: Mayoral Power Rankings. If you'd like to see a real life Power Rankings, come to the Loose Lips mayoral debate Sunday night at the Black Cat. The doors open at 8 p.m.  

1. Muriel Bowser

WhatJeff Thompson's plea comes at the perfect time for Bowser, who needed another reason for voters to ditch Gray for her. Thompson's downfall hasn't been all good for Bowser, who received Thompson-linked donations, too.

Why: With $694,293.83 in cash on hand in Monday's campaign finance reports, Bowser is nearly tied with Gray in reserves.

Power Rankings Momentum: Precarious.

2. Tommy Wells

What: Wells' campaign got a Twilight Zone-style twist Monday, when Thompson's plea proved Wells right all along about the moneyed city contractor who backed four of his opponents.

Why: But like any good Twilight Zone episode, there's one final twist. The ethical prudery that makes Wells so attractive in light of the Thompson plea could also make him unable to turn it into a win.

Wells' campaign was down to $68,909 in the latest campaign finance reports, even as his rivals finished accumulating their Smaug-like hoards for the final push. While Jack Evans can blow money telling voters about how he's not the "cool mayor," Wells doesn't have the same resources to talk ethics.

Power Rankings Momentum: Rising.

3. Vince Gray

What: Thompson finally put Gray in the shadow campaign planning Monday, and Gray responded with a State of the District address that may or may not have included racial codewords. A week after being praised by Gray's campaign for its wisdom, the Northwest Current withdrew its endorsement. Gray's opponents went at him in last night's NewsChannel 8 debate, but managed to bruise each other nearly as much as the incumbent.

Why: Gray would be much further down this list if he didn't also disclose this week that, with $710,393.24 in the bank, he has more cash on hand than any other candidate. But that advantage could soon disappear if Thompson's plea spooked donors. Even if it doesn't, the largest bankroll in the world won't buy off Ron Machen.

Power Rankings Momentum: Falling.

4. Jack Evans

What: Evans has been on a mail tear lately, spending $42,250.24 at one printing company in the last campaign finance reports. But is it money spent wisely? One mailer LL saw, about how much Evans loves Nationals Park, just has a blurry picture of a baseball player on the first page.

In other Evans spending money news, he tells LL that he'll start running TV ads soon.

Why: Evans might want to tone down his softshoe routine with Gray.

Power Rankings Momentum: Falling.

5. Andy Shallal

What: Shallal and the rest of the lagging four mayoral candidates finally got physically separated from their rivals this week, sent to the kids' table in the first round of the NewsChannel 8 debates. Shallal has a little less than $50,000 left in cash on hand.

Why: Shallal's press release mill reached a new level this week, repeatedly calling for Gray to "come clean" and, eventually, for him to drop out of the race. So far, Gray hasn't taken them up on the offer.

Power Rankings Momentum: Stalled.

6. Reta Jo Lewis

What: Former Clintonite Lewis' utter lack of movement gives LL space to consider the more technical parts of her campaign. An earlier Mayoral Power Rankings took up Lewis' absurdist style of tweeting. Now LL is struck by her so-boring-they're-fascinating fundraising email subject lines.

Here's an example: "more spreadsheets."

Why: The nexus between Hillary Clinton and Thompson bodes well for Lewis debate umbrage.

Power Rankings Momentum: Rising.

7. Vincent Orange

What: Not a great week for Orange, who, in one day, was mentioned in the Thompson plea deal and revealed that he only raised $10,000 in the last fundraising round. With only around $18,000 left in cash on hand, the rubber awareness bracelet fund is running low.

Orange also landed the less desirable community television timeslot for his State of the District response. Left out of the frontrunner debate, he was left to blast-text LL and some other people last night to complain that LL hadn't tweeted enough about the Bowser-Thompson connection.

Why: At least Thompson, now in the grips of federal authorities, helped Orange out one last time by saying in court that he's not sure whether Orange knew about the illegal campaign.

Power Rankings Momentum: Falling.

Honorable Mentions: Finally official mayoral candidate David Catania, who sailed through his first press conference and initial WAMU appearance. Mayoral also-ran Carlos Allen, who parked his enormous tour bus in front of the State of the District address, to the chagrin of parking officers.

Washington Post writer Clinton Yates, whose Monday column rankled Evans enough that he called Yates a Bowser "flunky" in the NewsChannel 8 debate. Thompson, who somehow leveraged being the Lex Luthor of District politics into a mere six months in prison.

Photos by Darrow Montgomery

  • NBC Grimm

    Northwesterneer, please go crawl back under the rock you came from. Sometimes ANC Commissioners, community activists, and constituents ask their elected officials to send a letter to be read at their family member funeral, birthday, or anniversary offering condolences or congratulations. The White House sends out letters like this all the time. Go to the White House website and you will see this. My great aunt in New York City turned 100 years old back in 2008 and the White House and my aunt's Brooklyn, New York Congressman sent letters of congratulations. A Ward 4 neighbor's mother turned 80 years old a few years and he asked former Mayor Fenty's office to send a letter of congratulations to be read at his mother's birthday party. The elderly man that was refused service by the D.C. Fire Department, several D.C. Councilmembers and Mayor Gray attended his funeral. Most didn't know him personally. It's an election time and politicians will kiss ass, pander, and sell their souls to the Devil to get elected or re-elected. Bowser is a cold hearted witch lacking people skills.

    In the black community, offering condolences to a family from politicians, organizations, and churches is culturally acceptable. I can assure you, many of the black churches in D.C. have been visited by pandering individuals like Wells, Bowser, Orange, Evans, and Gray to get votes. Northwesterneer, hopefully when your mother or father passes away, it will be a painful death.

  • Juliette Silverton

    Northwesterneer, you should take your own advice by visiting a mental health professional. I found your comment to be tasteless and mental illness is nothing to joke about. You are not a Clinician and what makes you qualified to diagnosis someone's mental health?

  • Washingtonian 8

    I read each and every comment. Not one refuted the essential elements of what Dorothy Brizill (Billy The Kid) said. My own observations and experiences coincide with Dorothy Brizill's comments. Muriel does not have the skill set, experience, nor temperament to function at the Mayoral level. If elected, she would be another disaster for the District of Columbia. Quite frankly, the citizens, the city, its employees, and the city's stakeholders cannot afford another neophyte. It's too bad that she did not attempt to fully engage the position she has, learn that job, learn how to manage at that level, etc. After reviewing each candidate, keeping up with the debates, etc., I certainly will not be supporting Muriel Bowser. She just does not have the vision, leadership abilities, experience, sensitivity and temperament to be Mayor.

  • Northwesterneer

    Juliette, you have no idea what I do for a living, but I stand by how my parents raised me- it's low class to confuse your personal life and your private life. It starts by not fighting on the porch or airing one's dirty laundry in public and the lack of such civility is a huge problem in the city, where I learn far too much about my neighbor's lives. Ward 4 Voter's comments were low class and NBC Grimm's defense of being low class is just strange- Rise, you know? Gain personal strength from yourself and not from a politician giving you something. Looking for politicians to make statements on a relatives birthday ... I guess it takes all kinds but how about not relying on the government for those things that are not the responsibility of the government? How about proudly standing up for oneself without constantly genuflecting to someone else in power- put yourself in a position of personal power.

  • Northwesterneer

    Sorry that should read "your personal life and your public life"

  • Shepherd Park DC

    Northwesterneer, I agree with Juliette. Please seek some type of mental health counseling because you are the one that sound unstable. Who are you to judge or make an assessment of someone's mental health? Looking at your writing skills, you appear to be lower class and an uneducated individual. Please come out of your mother's basement and get a life! When my father passed away several years ago, former Ward 4 Councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis sent her condolences and she attended the funeral.

  • justsayin

    What part of Ward 4 Voter's comments account for him/her being labeled as a "racist parody?"

  • Grant Circle Petworth

    Bowser have no substance. There have been several shootings or violence the last several months in Petworth and Bowser didn't respond to community emails. Boswer is not capable of managing the District Government. Public safety is as an important issue. I agree with Ms. Brizill assessment of Muriel Bowser and her Ward 4 Council staff.

    Northwesterneer, you sound like nut job! There was nothing racist in Ward 4 D.C. voter's comment. Please get a grip of yourself and please stay on your meds,Cymbalta.

  • WhyHate

    I do not understand all this HATE. Bowser this and that, she has NO substance WOW...and you do!!! We have read about the entire alleged allegation on GRAY, can someone from this group tell me what legislature did Gray produce before he took office in 2010? He took advantage of the opportunity in 2010. He did not even have the capital to run a decent campaign that why he is in trouble today. Even Gray mentions that. To the young lady that lost her mother my heart goes out to you. I know how you must feel, I lost my mother about 15 years ago, and I still miss her. You must find a peace within. I know we want our politicians to be aware of our love ones but you must remember they are humans just like the rest of us. People have read about your lost and how many stop and said a kind word. I must say we ALL want our leaders to be like us but that is NOT going to happen. I was raised if you NOT going to say something positive then do not say anything. Why do we continually to tear down one another, misery do like company. Do ALL thing in LOVE!!! and A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. Show your leadership and GO out and vote….

  • drez

    Muriel is clearly the best Democrat running.
    She's also the only one with broad enough appeal to defeat Catania in the general.

  • stick2yourguns

    I am so very used to hearing from residents that bowser doesn't respond but for her not to reach out to you after the moss of your mother is AWFUL, but true to who she is. See if your not in her clique as the kids say you gets NOTHING from her or her people...THIS IS FACT AND THIS IS TRUE AND OH SO PROVEN. sO FOR YOU NON WARD 4 RESIDENTS PLEASE RE-FRAME from trying to tell us about how good of a mayor she would be because we truly know that is not possible because in 6 years she hasn't learned how to be a council member and do the basics to that job

  • About Muriel?

    It's not just when there has been a sudden death that Ms. Muriel's office ignores e-mails. They ignore e-mails, phone calls and for that matter do not even answer the phone. If you do leave a message, it is never returned. I am simply curious of what if anything Ms. Muriel has done for business while serving as the economic development chair?? Google cannot find anything. Not just for business, but for the city? What has she really ever done besides being cold, not leading her staff or getting any real bills passed?? Can anyone answer me any of that? Catania might be cold too but at least he has gotten things done. I think I am going to have to start considering giving my support to Catania. While I didn't think I would ever think that I simply fail to see any good Ms. Muriel has provider the city? If her reputation points to future success, her becoming Mayor actually scares me.