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Endorsement Round-Up: Police Union Backs Wells

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen is no fan of Vince Gray, and now another group of District law enforcers has turned on the mayor as well. Despite endorsing Gray four years ago, the District's chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police announced yesterday that it will support Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells in April's Democratic primary.

In a statement, FOP chairman-elect Delroy Burton calls Wells the person "that can restore public trust in District government and its employees." The union's endorsement only hints at it, but LL imagines Wells' support for legislation that would give police officers the cost-of-living increases they didn't receive during negotiations with the city didn't hurt his chances, either.

The union's reversal on Gray doesn't come as much of a surprise, with the group at odds with him over police chief Cathy Lanier and the contract. The union has even started a daily round-up of the mayor's alleged misdeeds. Representative headline from the latest edition: "Gray Continues to Embarrass Everyone."

In other Gray-to-Wells news, the smart growth collective at Greater Greater Washington endorsed Wells yesterday after backing the mayor in 2010.

More recent endorsements after the jump:

Current Affairs:

While the Northwest Current's latest issue gained attention for the endorsement it withdrew from Gray, the paper also made a pick in Ward 1, backing challenger Brianne Nadeau as an experienced, less ethically challenged replacement for Jim Graham.

Smoke Up

The mayoral field disappointed the anti-smoking activists at Smokefree DC. Writing in their round-up of candidate questionnaires on smoking issues, the group claims that the candidates were "clueless" about some aspects of second-hand smoke.

Still, the group had high marks for mayoral hopeful Andy Shallal, Ward 1 candidates Graham and Nadeau, and Ward 6 candidate Charles Allen.

The rest of the mayoral field that returned questionnaires to the group didn't fare so hot. Jack EvansMuriel Bowser, Gray, and Reta Jo Lewis all got failing grades from the group, despite promising to crackdown on e-cigarettes. Tough crowd.

Villagers for Evans

Ward 2 councilmember Evans missed out on the Washington Post and Current endorsements, but he did win over one paper: The Downtowner. In its endorsement, the editorial board says they picked Evans for his experience.

But is The Downtowner, sister publication to The Georgetowner, swayed by Evans' Georgetown residency? Not so, says the board.

"They have nothing to do with the fact that Evans and his family live in Georgetown and that he’s a familiar and important presence in our village," the editorial reads.

There you have it. If you take your voting cues from people who call Georgetown "our village," Evans is your man.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DCShadyBoots

    Now, how many of those officers can vote in DC?

  • Tight Lips

    Wells is the laughing stock of all the debates.
    If Wells receives an endorsement, it's because he is the only one who can say "I didn't take any contributions from Jeff Thompson".

    If you want to select your Mayor based off that ahahahaha you are more than welcome to do so.

  • Typical DC BS

    @DCShadyBoots: That would be interesting to find out. Same with DC firefighters.

  • S.E.

    "@DCShadyBoots: That would be interesting to find out. Same with DC firefighters".

    Less than 5% of MPD......maybe 7-8% DCFEMS.

    This endorsement means absolutely nothing.

  • tony

    Just look at that picture. Mayor???

    You have lost your damn mind!

  • truth hurts

    LL, you missed one. Today, the DC chapter of NOW also endorsed Wells.

  • tony

    What happened to white folks flocking behind Muriel Bowser?

    See, I told you. They believe Gray is politically damaged and that a white candidate now has a chance. So, now they are channeling their endorsements behind Wells to influenced white voters for his benefit.

    Again, you silly black Bowser's supporters have been tricked. LOL!

    Now Mayor Gray will win by even larger margins.

    Let the church say AMEN!

  • noodlez


  • Corky

    S.E.--I think you meant 5 MPD members and 7 or 8 DCFEMS live in DC. 5% would be a major exaggeration.

  • ThrowingShadeToo

    That endorsement and two cans of beer will get Wells closer to what seat as the Mayor? The percentage of eligible voters from that rank is laughable might as well have an endorsement from those who reside at Congressional Cemetary.

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