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Sulaimon Brown Endorses Muriel Bowser

LL was so busy with Jeff Thompson's plea deal yesterday that he didn't get a chance to mention the return of the man who started it allVince Gray campaign stalking horse-turned-whistleblower Sulaimon Brown. The enigmatic Brown issued an emailed endorsement list yesterday, backing Councilmember Anita Bonds in the at-large race and Muriel Bowser for mayor.

Ditching Gray for Adrian Fenty protege Bowser is a surprise move for Brown, who passed the 2010 election haranguing Fenty and praising Gray during debates (a strategy that made a lot more sense once it was revealed that Gray supporters were paying him to do it). But Brown writes that both Bowser and Bonds will bring "a woman's touch" to the Wilson Building.

"Most of the corruption in the city has been a result of the actions of men and all have served under Mayor Vincent Gray," Brown writes. You can read the rest of Brown's endorsement at the end of the post.

Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff seemed all right with the endorsement. “We’re happy to have people who are going to vote for us," Shuff tells LL.

But does Brown have a vote to give his new favorite candidate? Even in 2010, Brown's residency status was up for debate, after a records search revealed him receiving a Maryland driver's license, a claim that Brown rejects. Brown declined to comment to LL Tuesday about whether he currently lives in the District.

Sulaimon Brown's endorsement:

On this historical day, I am endorsing Anita Bonds for At-Large City Council and Muriel Bowser forMayor. As reported by the associated press, I have given my endorsement to Muriel Bowser for Mayor of The District of Columbia because the city needs "a woman's touch" to move the city past this corrupt administration. Most of the corruption in the city has been a result of the actions of men and all have served under Mayor Vincent Gray. He was chairman of the city council and mayor when Harry Thomas Jr., Michael A. Brown, and Kwame R. Brown misused the peoples trust and stole their money. Many of the contracting scams, from the controversial lottery contract to the 8.5 million dollar Health Care Finance contract awarded to Jeffrey E. Thompson was also under Mayor Vincent gray's tenure as Council Chairman and Mayor. Even the homeless children in our city have been given the short end of the stick by Mayor Gray.I believe Muriel Bowser and Anita Bonds, two strong brilliant women,will provide the proper role model and woman's touch the city needs to move foreward.

Today, Jeffrey E. Thompson will plea in federal court.
Today, respect for the rule of law will prevail and the wheels of justice will turn.

Today two brilliant women will take the lead.regards,Sulaimon Brown

Photo by Darrow Montgomery/Graphic by Brooke Hatfield

  • truth hurts

    Catnip for the media and sock puppet commentators.

  • Tight Lips

    Sulaimon Brown, Steve Francis, and the WaPo endorsing Bowser = Weak

  • Miss Lu Lu Hog

    I'm sick of this foolishness. This guy is an idiot and he should have spent time in Saint Elizabeths Hospital for the mentally insane.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Brown is nuttier than a fruitcake.

  • cminus

    So, how much did Bowser have to pay for the endorsement? Or did she just offer him a job if she wins?

  • tony

    Muriel Bowser is the Washington Post "handpicked" negro!

  • mona

    This is not a ringing endorsement for Bowser. How she figures that out. It also speaks to Bowser of who is supporting her and what she is bringing to the table.

  • brians.Ions

    Ooops. There it is.

  • DCShadyBoots

    BTW, the animated picture is amateurish and silly. Something better for a teenagers Facebook page.

  • http://citypaper Sly

    Mr. Brown has spoken nothing but the truth.

  • SEis4ME

    Although I seriously question Bowser's intellectual depth, I'm pretty sure she's sharp enough to neither care nor have solicited this nutjob's endorsement.

  • joan

    What a JOKER.

  • Corky

    Gee, thanks. I'm sure all candidates were vying for the coveted endorsement of the silliest man in DC.

  • Jane

    Because if there's one person who I want to hear talking about a woman's touch, it's Sulaimon Brown...

  • S.E.


  • Ivy

    Where is drez (Martin Moulton)? The other nut that needs to be evaluated and placed at St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

  • Chris hauser

    You can't make this stuff up.

  • Susan

    One thing about Sulaimon Brown, all his picks have been winners so far and he has Gay Gray in the hot seat.

  • drez

    Silly or not, he was right about gray. Even Nikita Stewert credits him for exposing the gray/Thompson election fraud scheme.

  • Sharron

    I like Mr.Brown. I'm sure Vincent Gray has Sulaimon Brown nightmares.He exposed a whole underground of coruption in the city. Shucks...they should give him an award or something.

  • Ep Sato

    Okay, WHY is Loose Lips giving Stalker Brown the time of day? Every time this guy's name gets brought up in the press, it gives him legitimacy.

    Brown's only connection to DC was a job he held for a month. He doesn't live here, doesn't have a license from here. So why do we care what an outsider thinks or who he endorses?

    That Brown is endorsing a candidate who's political views run totally contrary to his own mayoral run should be an indicator of how he's just riding the coattails of popular candidates to keep himself in the news for something other than stalking 13 year old girls (or did we forget that story already?).

    I'm not interested in the endorsements of a child molesting unemployed loser who has the stability of a rusty teeter totter. But then again, crap does seem to often rise to the top.

  • Ep Sato

    BTW, given that DC's such a diverse city, could the City Paper every now and then consider hiring a poltical reporter who isn't the most honk-ified white dude out there? Or at least someone who has a real connection to the city?

    The last guy was a Cowboys fan from friggin' Alaska for crissakes!

  • SEis4ME

    @Ep Sato,

    Clearly there's something about WCP's honk-ified white male reporters that you've (given your historical perspective) found stimulating over the years. You did click and comment on an article one of them wrote.

    Its 2014 and so not a big deal. Homosexuality and interracial relationships are the norm now.

    #liveya #eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh

  • stick2yourguns

    this endorsement from a person who claims he was paid by gray's campaign but I never understood that because Slimmy Brown brought nothing to the table cause he didn't have voters that would follow him and join gray. but he got fired for not doing his work, walking in other department meetings and announcing he could do so because the mayor hired him, and harassing women on the job and bowser dumb a** is happy for his endorsement can you say stupid but wants to be mayor

  • Jim

    Brown only exposed the corruption after his own role in the corruption was brought to light and he got mad about not getting his promised job with the city (for which he had no qualification).

    I wonder how much Gray paid him for this Bowser endorsement.

  • Norma

    I don't know Sulaimon Brown personally, but everything he says publicly seems to be very accurate and true. I've followed this Vincent Gray saga from the onset and all of Sulaimon Brown's allegations have been 100% correct. He in my opinion is very credible. I wish him well.