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What Do D.C.’s Would-Be Mayors Think of Jeff Thompson?

Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans had his strongest words yet for friend and mayoral rival Vince Gray today over Jeff Thompson's plea deal, saying Gray should "do what's in the best interest of the city" if he's charged with a crime.

"The allegations against the Mayor are extremely serious; however, it is critical that this matter not cast a pall over our city and the progress we have made," Evans said in a statement. "If the allegations are true, and if the Mayor is charged, I believe he should do what's in the best interest of the city."

LL's guessing that Evans is envisioning the best interest of the city as Gray dropping out if he's charged, though Evans' campaign didn't respond to requests to clarify what Evans meant.

In interviews today, Gray insisted that Thompson's claims that Gray took a role in requesting the 2010 shadow campaign to get him elected are "lies." But Gray's rivals weren't sold, with most candidates (though not fellow shadow-campaign beneficiary Vincent Orange) putting out statements about the plea.

Leading Gray rival Muriel Bowser put out an oddly capitalized statement, writing that "the citizens of our great City are witnesses to a flagrant betrayal of the public trust."

Busboys and Poets restaurateur Andy Shallal called on Gray to "come clean" about his relationship with Thompson, positioning himself as the outsider for a "city hall now engulfed in a full-blown ethics crisis."

Former State Department official Reta Jo Lewis tried to do the same, accusing all of the elected officials in the race of being complicit in promoting "scandal after scandal." And although he didn't send out a statement, longest of longshot mayoral hopeful Carlos Allen was interested enough in Thompson's plea to sit in the front row at the hearing.

But no mayoral hopeful's campaign appeared to enjoy the moment more than Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells, the only elected official in the race who never received money from Thompson or his straw donor network. Even before Thompson's plea hearing, Wells campaign manager Chebon Marshall called LL to say the campaign was glad that "justice is prevailing."

Wells' team followed up twice tonight with fundraising emails based on the plea, including a missive from Wells' wife, Barbara Wells, with a subject line pulled from Gray's codename for Thompson: "Uncle Earl."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • James Ward 2

    Vincent Grays' 2010 mayoral campaign promised "character. integrity. leadership" and now we realize that his promises are... "Lies. These are lies."

  • NE John

    Who let Frank Perdue in here?

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Muriel Bowser is an idiot and she too have skeletons in her closet. Bowser's association with surly Joshua Lopez will help her to lose votes.

  • Closet Door

    Hey, Big Daddy Grace....there's more than skeletons in that closet.

  • Wells by default

    I was lukewarm on Wells, and still am, but I'm now a supporter solely because he doesn't take corporate cash. Given the breadth of the conspiracy - whether it's all true or not - it's enough for me to write off the other candidates.

  • vishnupriya

    i had just read an article published in http://www.theasianconnectionsnewspaper about Grey requesting shadow compaign to get him elected is lie

  • stick2yourguns

    LMAO @Closet Door

  • stick2yourguns

    bottom line is nothing will get bowser elected just ask any of us who live in ward 4, and be very afraid if you ask those who live in her own neighborhood

  • Typical DC BS

    @NE John: LOL

  • tony

    A little "political noise" won't dismay the Gray's Supporters.


    See you on election day!

  • NE John

    Harry Thomas Jr. is anxiously awaiting an extended visit from his mentor

  • Samantha

    Let Ye without sin cast the first stones . People who live in glass houses should not throw bricks . In the US,a person is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY ! The DC Daryl Issa in the body of the WAPO and it's editorial board and their mouthpieces Debonis with Petula are the Limbaugh /Tea Party DC Jumkies . Remember, It Ain't Over Untill God Says It's Over ! Wells has a closet that cannot afford to be opened .Catania has a one way ticket back to Kansas ! Bowser has to get potty permission from Fenty ! Check out what Nichols and Lightfoot are writing for her rebuttal to the State of the City . Ghost Bowser is in the house !

  • tony


    Damn that was good!lol!


  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    NE John, Harry's mentor who mislead him, and is a bonafide and arrogant liar.

    What Harry Thomas Jr forgot to learn from his mentor, Gray is when you are in trouble, please do not call or count on him because he's always innocent.

    However, they might run into each other, as Harry exits, and Gray enters PRISON.

    Tell Harry that Gray keeps post-poning his State of DC Address because his time is technically and embarrassingly UP and OVER.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Jack Evans is a solid politician that has won a vast majority of Black votes in his Ward - particularly when he represented Shaw. Jack helped out a lot of Black people in and out of Shaw. White voters would lose political clout if they voted for Tommy Wells over Jack. Well's on the other hand patronizes black people and doesn't understand them - you see he was raised in Alabama and educated in the mid-west with little contact with black people. Well's council office has black's performing duties that are less important in rank and pay compared to white staffers there - I don't black people in DC would prosper under Well's. On the other hand Jack Evans chief of staff is black and is one of the highest paid council staffers in the John A. Wilson Building.

  • Mombusa


    Your grammar is so horrible that you would be better off keeping your opinions to yourself. At least Wells stands up for what is just. Also, He has spent more time serving black people in a one on one setting than any of his counterparts. He did this during the long time he spent as a social worker, serving the youth of D.C.. Learn your facts and how to type.