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Morning Links

Post ed board wants Ron Machen to show what he's got. [Post]

Tommy Wells' campaign manager: "You're either running against the mayor or you're a well-funded Sulaimon Brown. [Post]

With mayoral primary closing in, the District is one of the last major cities without nonpartisan races. [AP]

Mayoral candidates struggle not to be seen as spoilers. [Post]

Andy Shallal puts out an "exit poll" showing him in second. [LL]

Muriel Bowser leads in the new Mayoral Power Rankings. [LL]

Gray falls short of Gertrude Stein Democratic Club endorsement. [LL]

Police accused of nonchalant reaction to huge brawl in Trinidad. [Post]

Three people injured in Metro fights. [Post]

Winter causes natural gas prices to jump. [Times]

Chevy Chase residents organize to save old house. [WTOP]

How to solve bus problem on 16th Street NW? [Post]

  • DavidS

    Am I the only one who sees right through the Washington Post's editorial board thinly veiled attempt to commandeer the Mayoral election in their favor?! Utterly disgusted. Whatever happened to fair journalism?
    You give a tepid, at best, endorsement of a candidate who you write just yesterday is very likely inexperienced and unqualified. You then ask for three of the lower polling candidates to drop out of the race? You dangle the sensitive issue of race like its an innocuous issue in DC politics? Now you're trying to bully Ron Machen to make an indictment on Thompson beofre the 17th so that you can immediately spin it as an indictment of Mayor Gray? Shameful. And shameful for the City Paper as they are just as guilty.

  • blackwasp007

    Why would the washington post endorsed Muriel Bowser who took money from Jeffrey Thompson? Something is wrong with this picture ;-)

    D.C. Council members Muriel Bowser (Ward 4), whom we have endorsed, 

  • drez

    Am I the only one who sees through sock puppets?
    Muriel is the most capeable of winning and leading.