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Jim Graham on Jeff Thompson’s Support for Opponent: “I Have Been Seriously Victimized”

Jim Graham

Among the candidates D.C. campaign finance figure Jeff Thompson backed illegally, according to information filed by prosecutors in connection with Thompson's guilty plea today, was Jeff Smith, who ran a losing Democratic primary campaign against Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham in 2010. Smith, who finished 35 percentage points behind Graham (but four votes ahead of fellow challenger Bryan Weaver), got $140,000 in "excessive and unreported contributions" from Thompson, according to court papers.

Graham, who's running for re-election again this year against challenger Brianne Nadeau (and, possibly, Weaver again in the general election), says it's an outrage. "I have been seriously victimized by the huge illegal donation to my opponent,” he says in a press release. D.C. campaign finance officials, Graham noted, also never enforced a fine against Smith for failing to file required financial reports. "To my knowledge, none of that fine has been collected,” the statement points out.

The full statement is below:

Councilmember Graham Responds to Illegal Campaign Funds to his 2010 Opponent 

(Washington, D.C) Today, Councilmember Graham has reviewed the charges from the United States Attorney’s office against Jeffrey E. Thompson. Thompson is being charged with making contributions to a “Ward One candidate” in the amount of $140,000.

“I have been seriously victimized by the huge illegal donation to my opponent,” said Graham.

“The Washington Post has reported the funds were paid to my 2010 opponent, Jeff Smith. Smith did have a relationship with Thompson,” said Graham. “Jeff Smith did report $26,000 in contributions from Thompson and Associates during the 2010 campaign,” he added. There were 52 money orders in the amount of $500 each.

Graham added, “I want to note also that Jeff Smith failed to file his final month campaign report and his final total campaign report, which was very disturbing for me.”

After the campaign, Councilman Graham repeatedly pressed DC’s Office of Campaign Finance regarding Smith’s failure to file the reports. After much effort by Graham, on June 28, 2011, the Office of Campaign Finance sought enforcement of a fine in the amount of $2,650.00 against “The Citizens for Jeff Smith”.

“To my knowledge, none of that fine has been collected,” said Graham.

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  • Incredible Dr. Phibes

    ha ha. could not read past the title

  • truth hurts

    Graham's not as smart as he thinks. If he were, he'd keep his head down.

  • bow tie mofo

    i won't dignify his attempt to brush the tar off his feathers, but 2010 ain't got nothin' to do with 2014.

    bryan weaver is the victim.

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  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Miss Graham

  • dcvoterboy

    the victims are not the voters. the victim is not the election process. the victim is not the other candidates. the victim is not the other candidates. ME. i'm the victim. won't anyone think of ME?

  • Typical DC BS

    If we only manage to get this scumbag voted out of office this election season, it will have been a step in the right direction, no matter what else is going on in DC politics!

  • linda Linne

    Mr. Graham has been victimized by a candidate that helped him win? Had Weaver and Smith not split the vote is Mr. Graham sure he would have won? Perhaps Mr. Thompson was doing this to support Mr. Graham. I think he protests too much. He lost when there was just one opponent, gives one pause to think that could have happened before.