Loose Lips

Here’s What Jeff Thompson Says He Did

Federal prosecutors and Jeff Thompson, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges today in U.S. District Court, have agreed on this statement of offenses detailing his campaign finance misdeeds in D.C. and U.S. politics. Read it here:

  • http://ciypaper Tony

    Johnny and F. Lee could not save Gray.

  • HUAlum71


    Why is it United States of America v Jeffrey E. Thompson, but no United States of America v Vincent C. Gray?

  • James Ward 2

    Vincent Grays' 2010 mayoral campaign promised "character. integrity. leadership" and now we realize that his promises are... "Lies. These are lies."

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    @HUAlum, because the government has not indicted Vince Gray yet.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    HUAlum71 with all respect the guilty writing is on the wall of GOD.

    Gray has been lying even to you, and I feel painfully sad because you want to believe in this untrustworthy character, who is regretfully a Black Pale Face liar.

    Did you know that he served his wife their divorce degree on her dying bed. One kind of person does that but an evil spirited control weakass person.

    She never smoked, but he did, and his yellow teeth reflects his obitual habit. However, he is so anti-controlling of woman, look at the number of Directors and Deputy Mayors and ssked why is there a shortage of woman.

    The light of the truth has been marked on your unfit Mayor, just as Fenty was unfit - however, one knew where Adrian cometh even when he was wrong as hell. Gray NEVER knows anything.

    Thanks, Mr. Thompson for telling the truth unlike Gray's allegiate friends Thomas Gore and Vernon Hawkins.

    Finally, this starts the beginning of the end for Vincent Gray, goodbye and farewell forever from the scene of DC politics. You are an embarrassing old Black Paleface fool, who look like Casper the Crazy Ass Ghost.

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