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David Catania Will Run for Mayor

Whoever wins April 1's Democratic mayoral primary will face a challenger in the general. At-Large Councilmember David Catania will file papers to run for mayor.

Catania, who's been mulling a run with an exploratory committee, will make his candidacy official sometime this week, Catania exploratory committee Ben Young tells LL tonight. Young declined to reveal exactly what day Catania would pick up his candidacy papers.

In June, LL figured that the only way that Catania, a white, gay, ex-Republican, could become mayor would be for Vince Gray to run for re-election and be tarnished close to the primary by the federal investigation. As it turns out, that's exactly what's happening. Young wouldn't say whether today's guilty plea from Gray shadow campaign backer Jeff Thompson had something to do with the timing of the announcement, but LL imagines that's just the Catania camp's version of politeness.

Catania's bid will also likely increase the competition among the slate of non-Democratic candidates trying to take his seat. Since Catania holds one of the two at-large seats that are reserved for members of the non-majority party, his spot on the Council, which is up in this year's election, offers a tasty chance for candidates, including party-hopping Democrats, to grab a seat while avoiding a primary.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC Guy

    If Bowser or Orange win the primary, he gets my vote.

  • Mike not Ike

    I would vote for Catania if he were still a Republican.

  • Truly Cool

    People are going to abandon Gray so they can align with someone who will beat Catania or the seocnd coming of Fenty! Muriel Bowser.

  • tony


    No, this will actually embolden the Mayor. I will tell you a little secret. The worse thing that anyone could do is publically attack a black politician over and over again. Especially a black man.

    If there's one thing that can unite black folks, it's the perception that a black man is being unduly attacked by the white power structure.

    I will give you a glaring example. Clarence Thomas is viewed by blacks as one of the most despicable black man to ever grace the public arena. However, when it was perceived by the black community that Clarence was being attacked by the white power structure he won the support of the black community. And, there are examples after examples of this phenom.

    Mayor Gray's supporters will not abandon him at all and in fact he will only gain more supporters by Election Day.

    I just can't believe that a very smart and well respected young black prosecutor with so much promise would stake his entire legal career on tearing down a black Mayor of the Nation’s Capital.

    Quite frankly, I will never understand this.

  • schoolman


    If you can't understand how sick and tired this city is of corruption, you're dumber than I thought you were.
    You sound like an absolute idiot! Do everyone a favor and SHUT THE F--- UP!


  • truth hurts

    In Tony's twisted mind, Charles Ogletree (black) and Anita Hill (black) were the white power structure. Why? Because they took on Clarence Thomas, a black man.

    Now, Tony is stunned that a "very smart and well respected young black prosecutor" would bring a corrupt black mayor to justice.

    GOTV for one city, tony. Who knows, your man might win the primary.

  • drez

    Buzzards circle high
    Drawn by the gathering storm
    Leaves spin on the ground.

  • James Ward 2

    Vincent Grays' 2010 mayoral campaign promised "character. integrity. leadership" and now we realize that his promises are... "Lies. These are lies."

  • tony


    You are interesting.

    He's a white man who wrapped himself in black skin to justify his otherwise racist attacks against black folks. See, these are the games white folks play with the black community.

    When white folks wants to speak their minds about black folks, they presents themselves as being black with the idea that a black person speaking racist talk can't be perceived as being racist. I understand, to you crackers, it's all a game.

    However, to the thousands of blacks who call this city home, it’s not a game. To the thousands and thousands of black government workers who fought hard and long for a decent job and security, it's not a game. For the black businessmen who sacrificed so much, it's not a game. For the black grandmothers and daddies who work low paying jobs to create a better way for their kids, it's not a game. And, the tens and tens of thousands of black folks who see and forever will see this city as "chocolate city, it's not a game.

    And, don't get angry. Just know, we Black Washingtonians are here to stay!


    Just like a typical white man, you believe that the black community really believed that a black professor and attorney were behind the efforts to deny a black man a seat on the Supreme Court. No, we knew who the real culprits were. How long has the Supreme Court existed? How many black men have been chosen much less appointed to the high court? Exactly!

    I am not sure what Law School you attended. But you should really consider asking for a refund!

  • NE John

    I saw him on the list! Shit!

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Catania is an angry surly white gay male....

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    @Tony, I thought Truth Hurts was a mulatto?

  • tony

    @Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich,

    Naw, he's a 100 percent cracker! Word!

  • DC5

    Great timing, Catania... I expected nothing less from the likes of you.

  • Mrs. D

    When perception trumps reality, everyone suffers. At about 15 years old, I decided that my hometown (white) Congressman needed to go to jail. I was 24 and no longer living there when it finally happened. My fellow citizens awarded his guilty verdict with a not-insignificant portion of the vote while he was sitting in the slammer. He STOLE PUBLIC FUNDS, HANDED OUT CRONIE CONTRACTS LIKE CANDY, AND RAPED HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS, and they still voted for him. People who can't call a fish a fish annoy the f out of me. I couldn't care less who you are...but I ALSO couldn't care more what you stand for.

  • DCShadyBoots

    This Republican opportunists hand's aren't clean

    Who received money from Jeff Thompson:


    Vincent Gray, Linda Cropp, Vincent Orange, Jeff Smith, Michael Brown, Mark Long, Kelvin Robinson, Adrian M. Fenty, Kwame Brown, Muriel Bowser, David A. Catania, Marion Barry, Yvette Alexander and Patrick Mara.


    Hillary Clinton, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Arlen Specter, Donna M. Christensen, Kweisi Mfume, Harry M. Reid, Kendrick B. Meek, Jesse Jackson Jr., Charles B. Rangel, Heath Shuler, Harold Ford Jr., Robert P. Casey Jr., James E. Clyburn and Bennie Thompson.

  • Dan

    My vote for Mayor Gray was never in doubt. AND, I will rally others to do the right thing. David Catania is NOT the saviour. Plez! This S___ stinks to high heaven. If the conspiracy and corruption was so wide-spread, then why the 6 months?

  • YW

    Mayor Gray is not going to be indicted. There is no evidence. Mayor Gray will WIN the primary handily. His supporters are indeed unwavering and their support solid. None of these “allegations” are a surprise to Gray supporters. Quiet as it is kept, many believe some of these allegations and will still vote for Mayor Gray because he has done a great job as Mayor and with all the scrutiny upon him, he could not do anything even remotely illegal if he wanted to.

  • Brian

    It is sad that people continually vote for these crooks and then like to make it an "us" vs. "them" racial dispute. I am white, live in Anacostia, and couldn't care less about what your race is. As a Washingtonian, we ALL deserve better than what we have been getting. These people work FOR us. WE should never tolerate corruption. When we talk about wanting better programs to help the city's poor, think about all the money that can't be accounted for and the lucrative city contracts that are awarded with OUR tax money. I, for one, will be behind Catania.

  • DCShadyBoots

    David Catania doesn't have the temperament to be Mayor. I will be voting against whoever runs against him. He will divide the city worse than it already is.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    G-R-E-A-T- N-E-W-S!

    Soon, and very soon, Councilmember Catania will become former Councilmember Catania. Albeit N-O-T soon E-N-O-U-HG-H!

  • pwc

    Gray will still win the primary, but will be so badly bruised by the time the general election comes that Catania will win.

    I think people fail to recognize the fact that: a) Catania will massively outraise either Gray OR Bowser; b) either Bowser or Gray will get crushed in the non-black vote and lose some of the black vote to Catania.

    It's easy to dismiss Catania now, but he will run a disciplined campaign, he will raise a lot of money, and his opponents are weak, to put it lightly.

  • aa

    There is only one candidate in the Mayoral race currently holding elected office that DIDN'T take Uncle Earl's money: Tommy Wells

  • DCShadyBoots

    Tommy drinks too much.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    You are full of assumptioms: 1)You assume that either Gray or Bowser will win the Democratic primary; 2) that Catania will out raise the aforementioned; 3) that white "non-black" voters will N-O-T vote for for either Gray or Bowser and finally, really adding insult to injury, you assume that black voters will vote for Catania as opposed to Gray or Bowser. Quite interesting, but that is all it is!

    Carol Schwartz ran a discipline campaign in '98 and was A-L-M-O-S-T rewarded for her efforts - even as a Republicam! But, I might add, Catania is N-O Carol Schwartz!

  • mike

    Excellent - David will kick butt as Mayor and will clean out the moronic DC gov. bureaucrats

  • NEThinker

    Catania the closet Republican....please!

    If this man becomes Mayor of DC, you will see major changes for those unfortunate souls who have no power.

    He has no respect for "all" those that live in this City, which can be seen/discovered/read in many of his past stories and actions.

    DC will be Rich, White and Gay!

  • tony

    Don't worry about Catania. He will be out of DC politics for good this year. lol!

    A little "political noise" being made by politically motivated people won't stop the Gray's Express Train.

    I still believe!

  • dan

    @tony, hope you are right about Catania being out of here. Good riddance to Catania and Wells.

  • Pete

    Remember that Catania chaired the Council's health committee until last year. As chair of this committee, one supposes Catania had substantial dealings with Thompson whose firm, Chartered Health Plan, was the city’s dominant manager of government-funded health care for the needy. Chartered's corporate parent was D.C. Healthcare Systems Inc. which was solely owned by Thompson. It will be interesting to learn how much, if any, of Thompson's money made its way into Catania's campaign coffers.

  • dan

    Catania, the opportunist, got into politics as a result of a lack luster campaign of Arrington Dixon. He wanted the education committee to try to gain a warm and fuzzy feeling across this city in preparation for his run for Mayor. How calculating!

  • Rob W

    hmmmmm, David Catania. Seem to remember him getting donations from an outfit called MZM, Inc. Someone ought to look that company up. I bet its interesting.

  • DCShadyBoots

    Catania has the same problem as Adrian Fenty, he is antagonistic, rude, disrespectful, surly and paternalistic. His entry into the race assures many more than expected will turn out for the "anyone but Catania" vote on election day.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    David Catania reminds DC residents of Hitler, a racist dum ass revolutionsit, who was nothing more than a napoleon control psychic w/o favor to win, only from those of his same sexual orientation and ethnicity.

    This insulting control freak is not even worthy of being an At-Large member, so who endorsed his petition to run in the primary as Mayor-elect. It must be Johnnie Rice with her dum as self.

    If it has to be Caucausian truly not Ms. Catania but Mr. Wells, at least he is married and have been honest w/o having any connection to Jeff Thompson's funding.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    @DCPeopleWhoThink; Miss Catania not Ms. Catania.

    What I hate more is a racist white gay male. The mostly white gay community is racist, segregated, and not inclusive of black gays. Yet white gays talk about discrimination and yet they turn around and discriminate against non white gays, particularly black gays.

  • John

    Catania has turned into an angry Republican who wants nothing to do with DC government. He thinks by being Mayor he could redo everything his way and then he would like DC better. Wrong reason to run as Mayor and the people of the city will not benefit. Vote Muriel the sanest voice of them all.

  • Jane

    Yikes! I don't especially love Catania but what's with the rabid hatred from the commenters above? Did he run over your dog?

  • Ivy

    Punk ass Ms. Catania will have us all wearing dresses if he is elected. Ms. Catania is another racist Tommy Wells in men's clothing. Ms. Catania like Elvis Presley has no use for the black community unless they are a Gump or Butch.