Loose Lips

Ex-NBA Player Steve Francis Backs Muriel Bowser

While mayoral candidate Andy Shallal has been cruising the faculty lounge for endorsements, rival Muriel Bowser is taking it to the hoop. On Monday, Bowser's campaign will host a fundraiser headlined by ex-University of Maryland and Houston Rockets player Steve Francis.

Francis, who grew up in Takoma Park, hasn't been looking his best lately. Still, he promises to bring an exciting edge to Bowser's campaign. In the video above, for example, "Stevie Franchise" shows off his tattoos and rubs his hands menacingly for the camera while District rapper Fat Trel mixes Hennessy with Pepsi.

The Bowser campaign's invite recommends a minimum $50 donation to the event at the Westin Georgetown. Hopefully the fundraiser will go better than a Francis nightclub appearance last year, when the ex-star ended up in cuffs after another player tried to choke him.

If Francis is excited about Bowser's campaign, though, it's not clear the enthusiasm goes the same way. A media email promoting the event today identified Francis as "Steve Harris." When LL tried to find out earlier this week whether the "Steve Francis" on an earlier invite was Steve Francis from the NBA, campaign manager Bo Shuff wasn't sure.

“I don’t really keep track of every single former NBA player," Shuff says.


    My qestion, does Steve Francis live in the District? If not, his endorsement doesn't me shit because he can't vote in the District of Columbia. I can say I endorse Doug Gansler for Governor in Maryland, however, it means nothing because I live and vote in the District of Columbia.

  • 20011

    That attention to detail is too much to be asked of Will Sommer, WARD4NDC.

  • Tight Lips

    Ahahaha the same Steve Francis that has NEVER Lived in the city?

    The same STEVE FRANCIS who got choked out by Stephen Jackson and escorted out of the club?

    Yeah....... sounds like Fenty 2.0 to me!

  • Ballin’

    Stevie Franchise don't look so good. This must be Bowser's play to the geriatric crowd.

  • Auntie

    Odd that the Bowser crowd is pumping this pro bball athlete type dude up now on the day of
    the Stein Club endorsement. Are we supposed to infer an "involvement" beyond the rough and tumble of politics? Pretty fine stuff for a broad with Muriel's looks and "proclivities". "Sho Nuff", said, Bo Shuff!

  • lovessoldier

    Sad, sad state of DC Politics when Steve Francis is touted as a campaign boost. Sad, sad, sad...

  • justsayin

    LMAO & LMAO some more.

    **who dat??**



    My question, does Steve Francis live in the District? If not, his endorsement doesn't mean shit because he can't vote in the District of Columbia. I can say I endorse Doug Gansler for Governor in Maryland, however, it means nothing because I live and vote in the District of Columbia.

    This and other endorsements are useless. Many of the Union members live in Maryland or Virginia. The same applies to some members belonging to the D.C. Chamber of Commerce. They might own a business in D.C., however, they live outside the District and are registered voters in Maryland or Virginia.

    I so sick of this foolishness and I will be glad when this mayoral race is over and Bowser's ass lose. I just checked my mail and I found something from Muriel Bowser. I torn it up and put it into the lobby trash can. I've done this with all the mayoral candidates sending me their junk literature in the mail.

    16th Street Heights Resident
    Ward 4

  • Sho Shady

    This is Bowser's significant other? I thought Bowser is gay! Is this picture of a man or a woman or some kind of change or tranny? What kind of kink is Bowser in to? This looks like a degenerate alkie. What.gives with that Muriel?

  • Miss Lu Lu Hog

    One of the men in the video needs a bra. The use of the N word and the other vulgar speech is disgusting.

  • truth hurts

    Thies one city sock puppets keeping it classy as usual. Notice how they skipped over the real news: Gray's bff Jeff Thompson is talking to the Feds about the deal they made at Harris's condo.

  • Edward Grey

    I'm in no way condoning the actions of Steve Francis's past, but I do know that since retiring in (I believe 2002?), Francis has focused almost exclusively on his foundation/scholarship that pretty much focuses it efforts towards helping at-risk teens to NOT act like Francis. I'd like to believe that dude realizes he's got some serious anger issues and is trying to prevent kids from going down the same emotional path.

  • http://Citypaper Ward:4

    These all the ugliest black people I have ever seen. It's a shame you got to be that ugly and can't speak.And for a loser like Bowser.

  • Retired Cop 70

    The candidate that states they will FIRE the DMV Director Babers, the good buddy of the mayor Fire Chief Ellerbe, the I lowered the homicides therefore pay me more money Polce Chief Lanier, their first day in office will get my VOTE. LET'S WAKE UP AND GET RID OF THESE PEOPLE!

  • noodlez



  • SEis4ME

    "I'ma shyt on dem niggas."

    Reminds me of her mentor Fenty's time in the pig pin with Moten and The Wire guy.

  • Pressed

    Who's next Brian Tribble, Rayful Edmunds, Duke Ellington's great-grand niece, Marvin Gaye's great-great neice, Lean Horne's granddaughter in-law, Stacy Lattisaw,Johnny Gill,Sugar Ray Leonard and Bill Cosby

  • LOL

    So Fat Trel (a drug dealer) is who Steve Francis (who uses coke more than anyone I know) are the headliners for her kick off fund raiser. Just go on Fat Trel's Instagram and every picture is of him smoking weed holding guns in the air.....WAY TO GO MURIEL....Just promote to the youth of our city that having a gun and smoking weed on every corner is cool

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  • LOL

    and the answer is NO Steve Francis does not live in DC

  • stick2yourguns

    if you are surprised by this video then you really haven't been paying attention Bowser has been promising every drug dealer in the city a piece of our city. So just add Fat Trel and his thug a** crew to her list, see I been telling y'all....you don't really know bowser she ain't clear and free of dirt people... I haven't even clicked play on the video but from the above post this guy is using the N word and she is ok with this and associates herself with this video this guy and Steve's crackhead a**is if not before a sure fire sign that Bowser should not be allowed anywhere near our mayors office.

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  • Dan

    I'm waiting for Lil Wayne's endorsement of Bowser or T wells. My My

  • lol

    and people actually wonder why congress would allow us to have our own control

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