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Andy Shallal Won’t Drop Out, Secures the Historian Vote

Over the weekend, Busboys and Poets owner Andy Shallal landed on Washington Post columnist Colby King's list of four mayoral hopefuls who should call it quits. Unsurprisingly, Shallal isn't taking King up on his offer, and he wrote into the Post yesterday to say so.

In his letter, an unhappy Shallal complains  that King didn't "celebrate" the eight-candidate field.

"He suggested that four of the eight Democratic candidates drop out," Shallal writes. "Why stop at four? Why not six or seven? Maybe Mr. King could just tell us his choice and let the rest of us sit this one out."

Besides, why would Shallal drop out when he has Reza Aslan in his corner? Shallal added the controversialish historian to his stable of celebrity endorsers yesterday with the above video, where Aslan promises that Shallal can make art "one of the principal drivers of the economy." Take that, Colby!

  • Bowser Drop Out

    Bowser should drop out actually. She is clearly the least qualified, the least appealing, the least intelligent and the least experienced among the candidates that count. A Bowser term will ensure the reasurrection of the Fenty cronies who scammed the District out of ten's of millions of dollars. You know how the game is played... Appoint David Jannarone as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, he then steers the contracts to Omar Karim, Sinclair Skinner, Warren Williams... etc. Just see the Washington Post today and the article about Bowser canceling a fundraiser thrown in the home of Sinclair Skinner. The Million Dollar Crestswood home I may add that he moved into after he scammed the DC Gov't out of a $90 Million Dollar Construction contract for which he was not qualified. Add on the Range Rover and Porsche he also bought and you now have the root of the Green Team's political aspirations. MONEY!!! Skinner lived in a shack above a dry cleaners prior to that. And Bowser claimed that Sinclair Skinner knows a lot of young people in the District as to why she chose to do a fundraiser there... That's a fraud claim... That dude is 60 years old. S/O to Josh Lopez who is also part of that team, and constantly ceases to amaze everyone with his ridiculous behavior that turns voters off across the city.

  • Busboys N. Poets

    You know what Andy Shallal and his biggest supporters (Reza Aslan, George Pelecanos, Angela Davis, and George Pelecanos) all have in common? They don't vote in D.C. elections!

  • Busboys N. Poets

    No, that's not a typo -- George Pelecanos is such a big supporter that I threw him in there twice. But also throw in Danny Glover to that mix, for good measure.

  • Zed

    There is something weird about craving celebrity endorsements from people who don't even vote in DC and have had no meaningful role in the politics or governance of the city.

  • stick2yourguns

    why are you not dropping out