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Wells Campaign Accuses Bowser Supporters of Spoiling His Birthday

Tuesday's mayoral polling data boosted Muriel Bowser's campaign hopes, with the numbers confirming Bowser's claim that she's the frontrunning challenger to Vince Gray. Bowser supporters are so jazzed about the new figures, apparently, that Tommy Wells' campaign is accusing them of crashing his birthday party to brag about them.

After last night's ACLU mayoral forum, which Bowser didn't attend, Wells and his supporters headed to Bloomingdale's Boundary Stone to celebrate his birthday. Little did they know that they were walking into one of the odder stories of the primary season (although there's still time!). Toward the end of the night, according to Wells campaign manager Chebon Marshall, former at-large D.C. Council candidate and Bowser campaign worker Josh Lopez and other Bowser supporters showed up at the shindig.

Marshall says Wells' camp didn't mind their opponents joining the party—but Bowser's backers allegedly didn't return the hospitality. Marshall says the Ward 4 councilmember's backers were soon insulting Wells and his team by asking pointed questions about Wells' own fourth-place finish in the WAMU/NBC4 poll.

“These kids coming in and talking about poll numbers was shocking," Marshall says.

Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff tells LL he's not aware of any poll-related trash talk. Lopez didn't return a request for comment. Marshall, meanwhile, says he was surprised to receive what he describes as hostility from fellow Democrats.

"It was interesting that the staffers could find time to come and do that but Muriel couldn’t find time to come to the ACLU forum," Marshall says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC Guy

    Murial's peeps representing her well.

  • Dundee



    - GREEN



    - ALL TALK

  • DCShadyBoots

    I'm going to need Josh Lopez to take a few seats...

  • Thunder

    Why is this whiny stuff even being reported?

  • SEis4ME

    Why exactly would her campaign people show up at an event honoring Wells' birthday UNLESS they intended to disrupt it?

    Yes it's telling that they couldn't make it to the debate but did crow about the polls at an event they shoulda never attended in the first place.

    Proven amateur hour...

  • Baby Truth

    Josh Lopez? Clearly, he should have known better than to lead a bunch of Muriel's staffers in this clown safari. If a simple WaPo endorsement gets the Bowser Bunch this juiced up what can we expect if they win the nomination? Hey, call it what it was -- a punk move.

    Perhaps much more to the point, a candidate who doesn't have solid control of the troops acting on his (or her) behalf isn't fit to lead. Witness Vince Gray.

  • The Wilsons

    Perhaps Tosspot Tommy should avoid bars until after the primary. Just sayin'!

  • listenmissy

    Stay classy Muriel campaign!!

    Let us never forget John Stewart's John Oliver predicting Bowser's entire political career in 2008 when she started in council...

    (start at 00:47)


  • Ward One Resident

    When Josh first ran for office, I gave him props for getting involved, now he's just become annoying both on social media and now apparently in person.

  • TommyBoy

    That's weird. I heard the Bowser Boys were invited over by one of Tommy's female staffers. Does Marshall have no idea what his staff is up to or did he just make something up hoping for a hearsay headline?

  • bryan

    Josh Lopez and the rest of the "green" team are arrogant pricks.

    Imagine if these dickheads get to be in power...

  • #19theHawk

    So it's either "Bowser has no control of her kids" or "Tommy's female staffers are hot for the bucks"? What a lark. And shame on those who single out Josh Lopez as annoying, this young man knows how to stir the pot right.

  • Josh

    Tommy Wells was drunk like a skunk. Chebon is an amateur, we will win the nomination.

  • Tiberius

    What is wrong with Josh Lopez behavior? The guy is a surly troll and one day he will meet his match like in the Starz series 'Spartacus'.

  • Josh

    We were invited by a friend my bro Ian. Tommy and Chebon are just lame to complain. Making this a media issue. There are more important things to fight about.

  • Josh

    Tomorrow we will win the Latino Straw Poll, just watch and see.

  • Nup Conyers

    We were invited. Pointing out that it was a public venue, and had every right to be there. Wells will lose stra poll tomorrow and Stein is ours as well.

  • Nup Conyers

    Josh is a patriot and local hero. He deserves respect from media and all voters.

  • Josh

    Don't mind the haters Ian, Nup's for life. Soon the Nup's will control downtown again.

  • Really?

    Josh being a donkey butt? Tommy celebrating his birthday at the bar....shocking! Shocking I tell you!

  • truth hurts

    Really, LL? In other news: Cheh broke a nail, Mendo's hemorrhoids are acting up, Alexander plucked her eyebrows, Barry hit on a nurse, Grosso scored a medical MJ prescription, blah blah blah....

  • Ghosts of the pandemic

    @Nup Conyers

    Stein? Is Bowser going to...? Either way she loses. If anywhere the "truth" is known it will be in that room and no way will a closeted lesbian fly.

  • Surprised Not

    Lopez is a scrub… Been a scrub and still is a scrub
    4 time loser and definitely gon see his 5th with Muriel.
    Don't know when to close his mouth or curtail his ignorant behavior.
    Glad you're out front and center representing Bowser and the Green Team b/c you're a reminder to everyone of exactly what we worked hard to get rid of… And that goes for you, and the rest of the Fenty steering contracts crew that Bowser while as Councilmember turned a blind eye to, and did what she was told… Via Ex-Mayor Fenty

    See you at the finish line butter boy.

  • PayUp!

    LL needs to ask Josh Lopez when he plans to pay the thousands in fines that OCF ordered after Dorothy Brazil got them for the campaign violations of his joke of a "write-in Fenty" campaign. Pay Up Lopez!

  • Baby Truth

    Josh February 28th, 2014
    6:21 pm Tomorrow we will win the Latino Straw Poll, just watch and see.
    OK, Lopez - You called it. Muriel got just four votes at your Latino Caucus this afternoon, you arrogant asshole. Four votes!!

    Get yourself ready to run another write-in campaign on April 2nd --- this time for Bowser.

  • Wooopsy

    @Josh...Tomorrow we will win the Latino Straw Poll, just watch and see"

    Ya LOST dude and LOST BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HUAlum71

    Four votes for Muriel probably cast by the Tommy Wells party crashers.

    No need to gloat about it, folks.
    This is just the beginning.

  • ward 4

    Muriel got four votes the latino caucus and she has the largest population of Latinos in ward 4. Only 4 votes. Joshua (lap dog), joshua's mother Olimpia, jasmin and jacqui (graham assistant). In the asian endorsement muriel got zero yeah zero votes. Mayor Gray got both endorsements today because he represents one city.

  • Olympia L

    Josh is an outstanding young man. Bowser did not loose Latino vote. Caucus was rigged.

  • HUAlum71

    No disrespect intended Mother Dear, but your little Joshie walked right into the hard fisted truth of this 'rigged Caucus.' He should have kept his little thumb in his mouth and been sent to his room for all of his poor behavior.

    Maybe if you had done that a few times when he stepped in it as a kid, he would know better than to try to walk around in big boy shoes. They're hard to lift on little teensy weensy feet.

    Now gon back up the mountain top and take his narrow wanna be azz with you. But don't forget to stop by 441 (or wherever) to pay that fine before you leave.

  • KappaNupe

    LOL@HUAlum71; most Latinos in D.C. are from El Salvador/Central America and many aren't citizens and they can't vote. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens at birth.

    I concur with you comment HUAlum71 & Ward 4

    North Portal Estates Resident
    Ward 4

  • Joshua L

    Today's straw poll was a joke, like the organizers of the this side show.

  • noodlez




  • DC Guy

    If the straw poll was a joke, then why participate? Disparaging after the fact shows lack of organization and incredible disrespect.

  • Pedro

    Lopez is such a loser I don't understand why people pay attention to him. Is it because they like ridicule him? I am sure he costs fenty a lot of votes with his antics as he will cost Bowser.

  • hey josh

    haha seriously, josh lopez is the biggest asshole of all time. coward. i see you, you little coward.

  • Manuel

    Lopez has zero clout with latinos, neither does bowser. She has the second highest latino population in her ward but no one in her council office is latino? That is very disrespectful and people notice these things. Lopez is never involved with latino issues or groups at all. most think he is an immature, hotheaded and disrespectful.

  • justsayin

    I met that Lopez dude a few years ago when he was campaigning outside of a community meeting. He was obnoxious and rude to a few older citizens that approached him and made a smart a$$ comment about the city not needing any "old" folk. He slithered up to me with a stupid grin last month as I entered Paul Charter School for the Ward 4 Dems forum. I looked at that fool and kept on walking. His behavior is characteristic of siddity Bowser and many among her staff. They look at most people as if they are beneath their time, until they need votes. I long ago stopped bothering to contact that office for anything.

  • ACG

    Josh Lopez was the same dude who interrupted the Gray rally in 2010 with the megaphone. Muriel should distance herself from him. He is a jerk.

  • samantha

    This is the same ignorance and lack of home training exemplified by the Fenty /Nichols/Lightfoot Brigade . In the election against Linda Crop ,they were the beneficiaries of the Jeff Thompson money and Machin just may be on that page .As for party crashing , lopez is a true "animal house wanna be ".
    As a daughter of a real Kappa ,many of our fathers ,brothers ,uncles and husbands want the Grand Chapter to investigate the seeming fraud that allowed Lopez into this illustrious fraternity . Their chapter charter should be revoked at UDC and his sponsors should be outed .These are not men of integrity .
    As for Bowser , she must be wired by FNL. Her lack of depth and flakey commentary is what the WAPO wants in a cendidate woh gets permission from the FNL to go to the bathroom . She and Lopez headline "ANIMAL HOUSE".
    Stop using Kappa Alpha Psi for such low life deeds !

  • Eric J. Jones, MSF


    It's one thing to not like Josh, but it is another to disrespect our Fraternity or your father. I don't know your father but I can tell you that dragging the name of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc isn't something that your father would have taught you to do to attack one of his brothers. Especially not to try to prove a point.

    For that matter there is no divine nine organization which would encourage their membership to do so. If the best that you can do is attack someone based on their membership in an organization then you are beyond shameful.

    Surprised Not

    Maybe you first off shout have the balls to list your real name if you are going to post lies. Now to address the issue. There was a report commissioned by then City Council Chair Gray which reviewed the issues about the contracts. They report was supposed to come out a few weeks before the primary. It was pushed back until after the primary by Committee Chair Harry "I steal from the kids" Thomas, Jr. To make matters worse when the report was finally released and it showed that Fenty was responsible for any wrong doing it was rushed through committee. Bowser was the only person to speak on this issue. Chef kind of mentioned it but didn't do much more than that. Bowser made it known and Thomas cut off her microphone and removed her comments from the record. I wonder if you could explain this.

    Now listen, if you all want to go after candidates or their teams for stuff then go ahead. But please make sure that you are being truthful. Even further, have the balls to give your real name instead of hiding and being cowards and cyber thugs.

    In closing Son of Washington you made some good points. You aren't 100% accurate but you are pretty close on this issue.

  • dcshadyboots

    Um, why are we even talking about Adrian Fenty.

    #oldnews, #irrelevant, #gone, #getover it....

  • Saywhat

    That is exactly what happened, the little hot ass girls invited them to the table and why not? They are not enemies. End of discussion

  • HUAlum71

    So, Mr. Eric Jones, MSF, it is okay for Son of Washington to use a handle as opposed to his name, but not okay for Samantha. How would you know whether or not Samantha is her real name? Oh, and by the way, unless is a guy names Samantha, I doubt she has any balls to give.

    Well so much for your shady creditability. And as far as the glad handing about your Fraternity, it should be beneath YOU to attack one of your fraternity brother's daughters for stating what she evidently believes is the truth and which your fraternity brother Lopez is proving to be the case regarding his integrity.

    Goose and Gander sir!

  • lol

    josh lopez = ronald moten....just a spanish version...

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