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Internal report unearthed by Fox5 reveals new details from Medric Mills' death. [Fox 5]

Tommy Wells buys time for TV ad criticizing Vince GrayMuriel Bowser. [LL]

And Bowser will be on TV to respond to Gray's "State of the District" speech. [LL]

Kaya Henderson talks achievement gap in schools. [Post]

A whole slew of endorsements. [LL]

Attorney general candidate Paul Zukerberg makes one final attempt to get on the ballot. [Post]

D.C. public school enrollment up. [WAMU]

Another rock attack on a Metro bus. [NBC 4]

Teen shots and killed yesterday afternoon. [Post]

Saturday is the best time to get an inspection at the DMV. [Post]

Accidental shooting at St. Elizabeths. [Post]

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    why is there nothing on this? It happened yesterday... DC made history and national news... it would be nice if good news was reported here, too... bias? I hope not:

    New York Times: "D.C. Insurance Must Cover Treatment for Transgender Residents, Mayor Says" http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/28/us/dc-insurance-must-cover-treatment-for-transgender-residents-mayor-says.html?_r=0

    MSNBC: "DC orders transgender health care coverage"

  2. #2

    Yes, SUCH great news that DC is paying for gender transformation.

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