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Muriel Bowser Plans a Televised Response to Gray Speech

District politics: It's just like Congress! In her latest attempt to climb out of the crab bucket that is the field of Vince Gray challengers, Muriel Bowser will deliver a televised response to Gray's "State of the District" address.

Bowser's campaign promises that the response will reveal "Bowser's vision for the future of D.C." When LL heard this, he froze. If Bowser had figured out some equal-time loophole that forced community access station DCTV to air her response, the other candidates would follow suit, and LL would be up to 3 a.m. watching the Carlos Allen response.

Fortunately for LL, though, it turns out that Bowser is paying for her airtime. Her campaign bought a membership at the station,  according to campaign manager Bo Shuff. Shuff wouldn't say how much the response will cost the campaign, but organizational membership at DCTV costs $150.

Gray will make his speech at 7 p.m. Monday, at Ward 7's Kelly Miller Middle School. Bowser's response starts at 9 p.m. on channel 1, 2, or 3, depending on your cable provider. Check your local listings.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • postdebate

    Notes from the WAMU debate

    1. Bowser really did seem out of her depth. Not ready for primetime

    2. Lewis should run for COUNCIL. Not mayor. Not yet.

    3. Shallal is nothing but rhetoric. He isnt just a rich socialist, he got rich selling a watered down vision of socialism to yuppies. His "left" policy suggestions are vague

    4. Evans - strong command of the details of govt. But not a good grasp of how the prosperity has had a limited impact on many, and why thats a problem for advancing the improvment. If the others were way too overfocused on equity, he was too underfocused on it. And took too much credit for the gains.

    5. Wells - a disappointment. He HAS a strong vision - of a dense walkable city - but he keeps it under wraps and runs only on the ethics issue. About which Evans out argued him.

    6. Grey - if ONLY he didn't have the ethical clouds - he would easily be the best, strongest candidate, balancing a commitment to economic growth and change, with a real understanding of the need to make change palatable to those who fear they are losing from it.

  • Will Sommer


    Interesting point about Lewis, she does have the kind of resume/fundraising connections that would be formidable in an at-large seat with no incumbents. I'm not sure if her plan is to build name recognition in the mayor's race and run for something else later, but if it is, I wonder if she could overcome what looks like a reputation as an also-also-also ran in 2014.

  • dan

    The problem is the air in the head and not the hair on the head.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    This is funny about another funeral home opening on Kennedy Street, NW. What's up with that Miss Bowser.


  • Lewis for Ward 4 Councilmember

    Lewis should move to Ward 4 and run against Bowser in 2016.
    Bowser's dismal record, lack of intellect and personality should help her tremendously.
    Basically Bowser is an empty suit. My money is on Lewis mopping the floor with Bowser in a 1-on-1 Ward 4 race. Bowser has never had a legitimate opponent in Ward 4.

    Lewis you have our support and we'll raise money for you.

    Can't wait to show the door to Miss stank, do nothing, air head Bowser.

  • tony

    I hate to say this but Bowser's problem is Jack Evans. I believe that Evans understand that he must secure that second seed position from Bowser in the polls to restore confidence amongst his base that his candidacy remains viable.

    The question becomes: Is Evans "ruthless" enough to snatch that second seed position?

    I have a hunch that Bowser is in for a rough couple of weeks. LOL!

    In the meantime:


  • SEis4ME

    The problem Lewis faces is no different than what other candidates elsewhere in the country with similar "washington experience" face. Whether 5 or 25 years in, DC residents prefer candidates who seem to have demonstrated a commitment to understanding and solving local issues.

    OTOH, this is a vanity campaign for her and I can't imagine her not using it to raise her platform in anticipation of what comes out of a Hillary 2016 run.

  • SEis4ME

    And wait, there was a debate last night?

    @Will Sommer?

  • Ivy

    Tony, good analysis on Jack Evans. Evans would make a good mayor.

  • tony




  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    My comment was removed about Bowser gaining weight and needing a make over.

  • drez

    I listened to the debates and was most impressed by Bowser. Evans came in 2nd, but his pandering obviously rehearsed opening "statement" was a turn off.
    Gray spoke well, if one is a fan of chamomille tea.
    Muriel seems to have the fire, the passion, the deep understanding of what DC needs to move forward and grow (as it surely will regardless of who is mayor) in a way that makes DC greater and respects all those who've to date made DC the great place it already is.
    I say she will do #dcproud

  • Freedom of Speech

    Muriel Bowser may be many things to many people, but Mayoral material she ain't. Don't know if she is gay or not, but Tamara Watkins is or was her partner.

  • tony

    Gray's number one on-line hater supports Bowser.

    See, this is why the haters got to be divided up....some haters for jack...some haters for bowser.

    Mayor Gray wins by a landslide and "Chocolate City" is saved!

  • drez

    Tony- you miss the forest for the trees.
    Per the wamu/informer poll Gray has the highest negatives of the entire field, and his support/negatives are dramatically polarized. Bowser has the lowest negatives, and the highest support among all demographics.
    If you truly want One City, vote Bowser.

  • Tbonebullets

    @Daddy Grace FishS: Yes, your comment was foul, but the moderator took it down. I would rather they left it up, in order for posterity to be the judge of the hate in your brain -- as is the case many Gray supporters, though we need a record of their thoughts in order to know them.

  • BobbyDylanRocks!

    Muriel Bowser - Adrian Fenty in Drag ...

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  • DCShadyBoots

    That was one ole' debate.

    Bowser is waaaaaaayyyyyy out of her element.

  • stick2yourguns

    well we should all give out tv's a rest when this dummy comes on can we get Beyonce to to a power outage for us for those few minutes please....

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