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Jack Evans: I Do Too Have Vision

Does Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Jack Evans have a "vision" for the city? Evans thinks so—his speech on Muriel Bowser turf today mentioned the word "vision" three times, both the quality of his and the alleged failure of Bowser's. The Post editorial board disagrees, citing his lack of a "robust vision" as one reason they endorsed Bowser instead of Evans.

If the Post wants vision, Evans will show them vision. In a letter to the editor, Evans writes that he's got vision for miles:

Here is my vision: I want to establish the District as a great city of the world, with a robust economy and a public school system whose graduates go on to achieve great things. My vision is to establish a shared mission between the government and private sector to prepare citizens of the District for economic opportunities and to address major issues such as affordability, public safety and the achievement gap between white and black students.

So there.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Mystic Seer

    So what's wrong with that? Having a vision, being able to articulate a vision, and most importantly having the experience, smarts, and ability to deliver on a vision are not the same thing.

    What actual practical vision does Browser have except a whole lot of boilerplate? What possibly suggests Browser could deliver on anything except being swamped by the cronies of her puppet masters? Yes, Bill Lightweight we mean you.

    Perhaps you should try some other view of Jack other than snark Will. It is old. Jack has done a yeoman's job doing his part to bringing this city out of the hole it had spiraled into when he came on the Council. There was some vision involved.

    You just don't see how indoctrinated you have been by the wily Chuck Thies. Of course Chuck is now shilling for a candidate with a vision, albeit a vision of 1992.

  • MB- Fenty TWO

    If Muriel's vision is pack her administration with Fenty retreads like Ben Soto, David Janarone, Sinclair Skinner and others, please vote for anyone but her.

    Ask Ben how many city linked business deals he was involved with after Fenty won vs. how many he's been involved with over the last 4 years. Raising money for a campaign certainly had its perks.

    Will Muriel pledge that Soto/Janarone/Skinner, and others with her campaign will not be involved with city related real estate/construction deals during a Bowser administration?

    And David J., you should know better than to be making those fund raising calls folks are reporting you have been making...you know, some of them have been recorded and they sure sound like threats, especially when you mention that you know the person you are calling has a city contract. We've moved passed that sort of strong arming in fund raising David.

  • DC Quilter

    I agree with MysticSeer and MG-Fenty Two. Jack has been around a long time but I trust him. He has the financial interest of the city at heart. He has the experience to go to Wall Street. He would be a breath of fresh air for the city.

    Muriel has her circle of cronies and you better believe that they have her well supervised. She needs more experience. She should run for Council Chair and then think about running for Mayor. A lot hot air!!

    I vote for Jack.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    As DC resident, Jack allegiance is for people of his kind, like it or not!!!

    We, the people of the District of Columbia are unable to believe that this character, who has faced many scandals of the past, and never once been removed from office or sanctioned; as others have been found guilty w/ improperly handling our finances does not deserve to represent the diverse (remaining Blacks, Caucasians, Jews, Asians, Indians) population of Washington, DC.

    I vote for Andy Shallal and Reta Lewis this city needs some new leadership that sustains integrity and intelligence to bridge the racial and financial gaps that are becoming more and more prevalent.

    There are too many economical deals that have been made and/or committed between Evans, disgraceful Gray and even Bowser that fall on the lays of taxpayers.

    Our city must think smart with the best of leadership needed to move DC into statehood w/o the past haunting or creating doubt from the US Congress. Just like Eleanor, someone must defeat her for her days in representing this city are over.

    It would be criminal.

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