Loose Lips

Jack Evans Finds a Sporting Event He Doesn’t Like

In his 23 years on the D.C. Council, Ward 2 Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Jack Evans has cemented his reputation as the body's most devoted sports booster. He's always trying to lure the Pigskins back to the District, and he was the one of the first councilmembers to sign on with to the D.C. United stadium plan.

But now, pro-pro sports Evans is trying to put the kibosh on a game. Evans' campaign sent out a press release yesterday saying that the 2015 Super Bowl should be moved out of its planned location in Arizona if the state passes an anti-gay discrimination law.

In the release, Evans sounds genuinely pained that the economy-boosting effects of the Big Game would be used for evil.

"Arizona doesn’t deserve that benefit if its leaders single out the LGBT community and their supporters by declaring they are not welcomed," Evans says. "Furthermore, the law is cruel and because of it, they should not be awarded with any special events, conventions, or business recruitment opportunities."

You hear that, Roger Goodell?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Zach

    With all the business pressure against this law, I'd put better than even money on Brewer vetoing it.

    Also, parenthetically...don't you have work to do, Jack?

  • Tight Lips

    Although its a great idea, we do not have an arena in DC to host the Super Bowl. I definitely do not want to drive all the way out to Landover for the game, especially since there isn't anything exciting in that area.

  • truth hurts

    Evans is right on this one.