Loose Lips

Morning Links

Muriel Bowser gets the Post endorsement. [Post, WAMU]

Bowser's rivals call it the "kiss of death." [LL]

AG Irv Nathan says the marijuana legalization referendum's provision about public housing would break federal law. [PostTimes]

Don't believe everything the mayoral candidates say. [LL]

Vincent Orange picks his official campaign song. [LL]

Fire department set to release report on Medric Mills' death today. [NBC 4]

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen busts far-reaching Medicaid schemes, says D.C. Medicaid fraud is at "epidemic" levels. [Post, WTOP, WAMU]

Ward 6 competitors score union endorsements. [LL]

New Franklin Park designs revealed. [Housing Complex, WAMU]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • IsntItObvious

    Loose Lips. I find it curious that both yesterday and today you have linked to other articles in other newspapers and news outlets; and even to the City Paper's Housing Complex, but you have failed to link the the incredible and disturbing article that is the cover story in the City Paper regarding the disbarred ALJ at DOES; and the failure of DOES management to do anything about it for at least 16 years. I simply do not understand why you, who covers DC news, would not have linked to this very troubling article or even make a mention of it in your reporting. Wow! What a complete miss on your part.