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Union Endorsements Fly in Ward 6 Race

Darrel Thompson

Which Ward 6 candidate do city employees think is right to replace Tommy Wells? It depends on which ones you ask. Both the firefighters' and police officers' unions backed former Wells staffer Charles Allen today, while the AFSCME local that represents other city workers endorsed former Harry Reid aide Darrel Thompson earlier this week.

Fraternal Order of Police president-elect Delroy Burton opted for some clean-house rhetoric in his endorsement. "If the District government is going to move past the seemingly unending cycle of public corruption and mismanagement—it is going to take people like Charles Allen to do it," Burton said in a statement.

Endorsing Thompson, AFSCME boss Geo T. Johnson pointed to his work with Reid on labor. “We didn’t have a difficult choice bringing [Thompson] into the family," John said at an endorsement ceremony yesterday.

In other competitive Council races, the AFSCME chapter also endorsed Ward 1 incumbent Jim Graham and At-Large Council candidate Anita Bonds.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Unions = US Middle Class

    Right On AFSCME! The Firefighters Union unfortunately represents an archaic "Old Boy Network" whose members want District taxpayers to subsidize their Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Delaware lifestyles. Let's bring our Fire Department home!

  • Son of Washington

    Unions=The Middle Class you are full of shit. Less than 15% of the police in the union live in DC. This is no different than the firefighters. Less than 1/3rd of the AFSCME members live in the city. The numbers are the same for the AFGE membes and the DC Teachers Union as well.

    So we are talking about a group of folks who don't live in our city who all want us Tax Payers to foot the bill for them. Hell, at least the businesses that are based in the city who have owners who live outside pay business taxes. The folks who provided these endorsements are full of shit, much like you. Hell at least the folks at the Post who provide an endorsement actually live in the city.

    Hell you are probably just another Union Scab coming to our city to try to over liberalize us who doesn't live in the city either.

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