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Muriel Bowser Won the Post Endorsement. So?

The Washington Post editorial board endorsed Ward 4 councilmember Muriel Bowser in the mayor's race Thursday night, meaning the city will get another chance to find out if the Post endorsement means anything in District elections.

Bowser's campaign, at least, thinks it means a lot. Delighted by the endorsement, which came out during the Woman's National Democratic Club forum, Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff scrolled through the article on his phone to quote favorite passages. "It ends any question about how many people are in this race in a competitive way," Shuff says.

Mayor Vince Gray, at least, isn't convinced he's in a two-person race just yet. "Do people have to vote, or are we just mailing it in?" Gray says.

Explaining the pick, the editorial board dinged Gray for questions about his 2010 campaign, Ward 6 councilmember Tommy Wells for "livable, walkable" sloganeering, and At-Large councilmember Vincent Orange for demagoguery. Ward 2 councilmember Jack Evans seems to have come in second place for the endorsement, but alas, he couldn't convince Metro issues editorial board impresario Jo Ann Armao and the rest of her colleagues that he had much of a vision for the District. Bowser, on the other hand, is praised for her ethics bill, her focus on improving middle schools, and—this being the Post ed board—being Adrian Fenty's protege.

The Post editorial board also quickly dispatched outsider candidates Reta Jo Lewis and Andy Shallal, describing them as weak on city issues. They reserved a special needle for the Busboys and Poets owner, writing that Shallal's "main focus seems to be to decry the economic forces that have contributed to his business’s success."

Fine, Shallal's no fan of the Post editorial board either. "Usually the Post endorsement is a kiss of death," Shallal says. "It's a for-sure no-win."

Also in the "kiss of death" camp: Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies, who points to the ed board's spotty success record carrying a winner across the finish line. (In 2010, the paper endorsed Fenty). "I've think they've made their agenda clear," Thies says.

If there's an agenda behind the pick, it's not one that's bothering the Bowser campaign's Shuff. "If [Thies] doesn't want it, I'll take it," Shuff says.

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    The problem is, despite their claims to the contrary, Bowser really doesn't have much of a legislative record, nor any executive experience whatsoever. It is really hard to understand the critical thinking behind the Post's endorsement. Most people who follow this stuff understand the distinction.

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    The Washington Post editorial board has never been aligned with the issues that affect "the real Washingtonian", those issues relating to poverty, gentrification, joblessness, black on black crime, returnign citizen issues, housing, you know the issues that affect the masses of todays society and especially those issues that affect the voters in many of the wards that make up the District of Columbia. This city needs leadership that can be inclusive and not just when it is election time. I give respect to all of the candidates for throwing their hats in the ring however, we need to focus on the candidate who can and has taken this city to fiscal solvency/stability. We have, as my kids say, "money in the bank". We are respected on Capitol Hill. This Mayor kept the District running during a government shut-down, defying the heavy fist of the Hill. I want a Mayor that knows me and the needs of my family; not jsut at election time. Mayor Gray has always had a pulse on the plight of people less fortunate. He has always strived for excellence in his own life and for the life of District residents.

    The Washington Post is still stinging from the loss of Adrian Fenty to Vince Gray in 2010, they cannot get over it or see past it. I will purchase them some "hater blockers" so the glare of Mayor Gray's successful years as Mayor of the Distric of Columbia does not burn their retina's.

    Always remember, Muriel Bowser will be calling plays from the book of Adrian Fenty and we will be a city under seige of debt and classism yet again. We were more divided on race, class and socialism under a Fenty Administration of which Ms. Bowser was a key player. I will never forget her behavior at the 2010 Ward 4 Endorsement, Councilwoman Bowser "barked like a dog", "shouted residents and spectators down" if they apposed then, Mayor Fenty. This was behavior totally unbecoming a legislator. She has not developed enough in her policy making aptitude to manage the business of this city or its people.

    Washington Post endorsement is irrelevant to the voters!

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    No surprise here...

    Who actually takes the Post Endorsement seriously these days.
    It's an ongoing joke with truth be told a kiss of death for the candidate.
    Clearly they were pro-Fenty in 2010 and they are staying with Green Team on this

    Jo Ann with your endorsement being essentially egg on your face in every election cycle, you should stay out of the endorsement business. It's embarrassing.

    Anywho, enjoy it... Gray will win again

    Your girl Bowser is extremely light upstairs and it's scary that anyone would believe she is more capable than Jack Evans or Gray to run this billion dollar business we call DC Government.

    I challenge anyone to name 3 things she can tout as an exclusive Muriel Bowser accomplishment.


    Even Wells would be a better choice...


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    The late Chuck Stone of the Afro American paper and AA for the greatest congressman to ever grace the halls of congress taught a Racism course at Cheney state. The post was required reading. Big Adam was the congressman.

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    Sound reasoning by the WaPo editorial board.

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    DC Guy - Gray didn't have much of a legislative record when he transitioned from Ward 7 Council person to Chair. Likewise he didn't have much of a record when he went from Chair to Mayour.

    Great Ward 8 Debator - your statements show that you need to stick to your day job. First off Gray as an Executive. Lets not forget that he almosts killed a City Government Agency and sent it into receivership. He was a Director under Mayor Pratt Dixon/Kelly and was ran out of government. The sad part is that he simply brought back those same groups of folks to work with him during his campaign and his administration which is why his campaign was so screwed up last time. Likewise his administration was so messed up in the beginning with so many bad appointments.

    Then lets move into your so alled discussion about knowing your issues. You mentioned Gentrification which is funny. Blaack folks talk of this as a major issue. What you all are really saying is that blacks are being pushed out of our city because we can't afford homes becaue we aren't smart enough to get well paying jobs. I reject that beucase when my parents were raising me in the 70's this was the place to be. We had smart professional blacks. Then we brought in Barrry and he started to see the issues and the give aways.

    As for the issues of undertanding the poor. Yeah, he understands that as long as he panders to you all and does nothing to truly change your status that you will run out and vote for him in droves because you are sheep.

    Funny enough I don't really like the majoirty of the candidates but must say that if I had to pick it would be Evans, Catania then Bowser. My only issue with Evans is that he is a little strange and has seemed to flip flop on some of his traditional stances this time around to try to get elected.

    Catania is just an asswhole but I think he has a solid understanding of the city and its issues. He can get past being an asswhole I think.

    Bowser is probably the best black option and that is sad to say.

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    @Son of Washington - couldn't have said it better myself.

    SEis4ME - wrong yet again.

    Not sure about Bowser, but it'll be either Bowser in the primary or Catania in the general in our house (even though Catania is an ahole).

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    The Washington Post- "If you don't get it, you don't get it'!- Their jingle is so true about themselves. Where are the changes that the Amazon man is supposed to make? This papers's editorial board is just out of touch. At this point, take no position. Bowser is not a good choice for mayor on any level!! Also, Bowser's talk on middle schools is hilarious, she has been ward 4's rep for 7 years....how are the middle schools in ward 4? Exactly, you go Bowser.....NO THANK YOU!!

    Gray will win with 24% of the vote...bad but better than his challengers.

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    Who couldnt have guessed that? No surprise there.

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    does anyone even read the post anymore. NAH!!! Who cares what Joann bias azz prints. Bowser has no legislative record showing anything of merit. My problem with my fellow DC residents is just because someone new smiles in your face and knocks on your door does NOT mean they are the better suited for the job ward 4 has NOT received complete service Bowser or her staff during her council term...not one year have they serviced the entire ward, so why take a chance on her trying her hand at running OUR city?

    For myself if a person hasn't mastered their own neighborhood then there is no way I cast my vote for their in-experience to run my city!

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    Wash Post is a joke, Bowser is a joke, she is east of the river promising half the city away for a vote. Promising current and former drug dealer group homes as real employment and has WARREN WILLIAMS (lottery contract) gathering all of the past and present drug/street guys to gather more thugs to back Bowser with their rewards to come if she wins...talk about ethical...NOT!

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    The endorsement of Muriel Bowser is an absolute joke. She has no record of accomplishment whatsoever, and very little experience. Most issues (DC United Stadium, Marijuana, etc) she is "on the fence" about. As a member of the WMATA Board, up until a few days ago, she has done absolutely nothing while the system deteriorates. However, a few days ago, she came up with a proposal to help Metro: Allowing the hiring of felons. Out of all the issues Metro is facing, especially when it comes to the accountability-free culture in the workforce, Bowser thinks adding felons to the mix is a top priority for Metro.

    You want someone with priorities that out of whack to be your next mayor?

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    I think we can all agree this is a silly endorsement. It's getting less and less likely anyone is going to be able nab the nomination from Gray.

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    Welp so much for running Muriel lol. Now take your talents back to Ward 4 and continue doing minimal for the ward that everyone else takes care of!

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    nice comment clone.

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    Bowser to Gray: "Goodnight, Sweetheart, it's time to go..."

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    I'm waiting for more out of town celebrity endorsements before I make up my mind.

    I see that Danny Glover from New York has weighed in for Shallal, and Jo-Ann Armao of Montgomery County is backing Bowser, but I'm not gonna make up my mind until Lindsey Lohan and Justin Bieber tell me how to vote.

    Not only don't we have Congressional representation. We in Washington need the help of outsiders to tell us how to vote in our local elections.

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    What a JOKE!!!!!

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    The more I hear about Bowser the less I like her, and with this endorsement she's officially fallen to eleventh place in the cminus mayoral preference poll.

    (Current standing: Wells, Gray, Catania, write-in, Evans, Orange, Ike Leggett via retrocession to Maryland, Shallal, Carlos Allen, seizing the Wilson Building via a communist revolution and administering the city via a system of worker's soviets, Bowser, asteroid impact, and Reta Jo Lewis.)

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    This was a beauty contest. Obviously Ms. Bowser is SOOOO much better looking than everybody else.

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    all this did was make this race between bow-woser and gray so if you didn't like Gray you now have no choice but to re-elect him so you don't let this under skilled women in office.
    @cminus just imagine how we in her ward feel really good candidates in the ward 4 races wouldn't run against her because of all the money Fenty would have poured into her campaign and they all felt as if they were running against Fenty and not bow-woser!
    most women I know like to earn what they have her council seat was given to her she has never earned it. Fenty was a GREAT council member he was actually a good mayor...but he was an awful people person which is what lost him his seat. The one thing bow-woser has got that he had is not being a people person, very rude and nasty and ward 4 residents young and old white and black will tell you the same.

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    @no haven't you heard bow-woser is now on the owing side of the ex-felons, she the same person who looked down on them is now using them to help people from the streets vote for her she has gathered them all to make east of the river vote for her cause she sure as hell ain't going over their. she and Warren Williams that owned Club U that was finally shut down after who knows how many people were murdered/shot in his club just had a conference call with over 20 ex-felons just last night because she has promised them jobs group homes etc. get ready for us to be a city under control of dummies and felons with bowser incharge cause she has promised them the shirts off of all of OUR backs!

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    The Washington Post have lost their credibility by supporting Muriel Bowser. Muriel lacks compassion and concern towards most people living in Ward 4 and in the District. Her constituent services and committee staff is non responsive to most Ward 4 residents. Fenty was an asshole, however, he was the best Ward 4 Councilmember since Home Rule. I definitely will not be voting for Muriel Bowser to be the next mayor of the District of Columbia. Tommy Wells seems like a nice guy, but he's too liberal. Jack Evans is so out of touch with most D.C. residents lacking wealth. Vincent Orange is a former Pepco pimp and he supported all their rate increases. Mayor Vincent Gray have been surrounding by too many scandals in his administration. I'm not motivated by this mayoral race. However, after pondering or doing some critical thinking, I will be voting for Vincent Gray because he's more compassionate and an experience candidate. My mother passed away suddenly last Christmas Eve. I sent an email to Muriel Bowser and other D.C./MPD officials informing them of my mother's sudden death. All responded within 2 hours offering their condolences, with the exception of Muriel Bowser. All D.C. Councilmembers, cabinet members, and MPD officials have government issued IPads or Blackberries paid for by D.C. taxpayers. There was no excuse for my Ward 4 Councilmember not to respond offering her condolences in the passing of my mother. Muriel doesn't respond to most of her Ward 4 constituents and when she done so in the past, it was her staff using her Council email address. There are many Ward 4 and other D.C. voters that's been silent during the mayoral campaign. However, most will not be voting for Muriel Bowser.

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    Why is it Bowser is the only one "without executive experience" and lacks "legislative leadership?" Sounds like the same stuff that was said about Hillary Clinton before a man appointed her to Secretary of State. Folks better be careful how they criticize Bowser or the ladies gonna stand up!

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    @Ward4Voter can you please explain what a "Pepco Pimp" is and if Orange worked for the company, why he shouldn't have supported the rate increases?

    If he didnt work for the government at the time, why should his actions at Pepco still go in favor of the government?

    Also, if Pepco raises the rates, dont you think you should be smarter about the way you consume electricity?

    Name one company that has continued to do well while not increasing their rates over the past couple years?

    In every other industry, service rates are increased all the time and no one has a problem with it.

    Nike increases the rates on their shoes all the time. People are killed over the shoes yet, parents still provide funding or kids still save up money to purchase the shoes. Why arent wwe making a big fuss about that?

    Pepco doesn't currently have anyone from the council on their payroll. Who are you blaming now for their rate increases?

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    Bowser is on the WMATA board, yet has proven either unwilling or incapable of actually doing anything in that capacity (other than hiring felons, apparently). If she can't handle her current duties, why should she get the entire city?

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    @Jason: why is Bowser the only one responsible for whatever WMATA is doing? A Board as a whole is limited in what it can do, and she's just one of them. And it's not like WMATA is in a ditch, anyway.

    Why you hatin'?

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    There are a lot of white, black, Asian, and Latino silent voters out there. Many will not be voting for Muriel Bowser. Most D.C. voters will not be voting period. Apathy around elections are abysmal.

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    Tight Lips, Vincent Orange supported all the Pepco rate increase that they wanted to impose on D.C. residents. Yes, I too agree, both Jack Evans are Vincent Orange are corporate pimps.

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    Miss Bowser and many of her colleagues are in the pockets of big developers. Many devolopers give lots of cash to their campaigns.

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    "Miss Lu Lu Hog" must be one of the many receiving some of Mayor Gray's payroll checks. She seems concerned. Better send some campaign money Muriel's way, honey, if you wanna keep that easy money job.

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    Thonebullets must be one of the many (along with the Washington Post editors) receiving some of councilwoman Bowser's payroll checks. Signing those checks is probably the only thing she has done since becoming a councilwoman.

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    Well at least I called it right...(well sorta). I did say that the WPOST would endorse Gray only if the shadow campaign wasn't an issue - it was. What I didn't expect was that they would endorse the one w/the leanest record of accomplishments or management experience. The Post acknowledged such when they decided to list ONE accomplishment she's made - ethics reform. They rightly give her credit for things that have happened in W4 while she's being CM and at no point suggest she "didn't build that."

    What's sorta surprising is to what extent they dismissed all of the other candidate's "experience" favoring Bowser's articulation of her "agenda" - an agenda they didn't seem interested in letting us know. The boilerplate accolades like "supporting school reform" and extremely bad resume worthy "identifies problems before formulating solutions" and "willing to admit mistakes" (HUNH) makes this seem quite odd.

    The only reasonable conclusion to draw from this is that they're still rooting for Fenty. Hence the "protege" reference. Like saying, you can redeem him if you support her...experience not required.

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    Gray supporters have no problem with misogyny, apparently.

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    Why is it Bowser is the only one "without executive experience" and lacks "legislative leadership?"

    Because she's the only one without executive experience and lacks legislative leadership. Another woman is running, Reta Lewis. Doesn't seem like her experience is in question.

    Nice try. Stand down w/the sexism.

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    Oh, and Bowser supporters are playing the female card. The race card can't be that far behind.

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    I'm not voting for Gray this time. Shallal strikes me as naive to think he can straddle the lines of big business and social justice (I think *he* is a big business). So voting for Bowser.

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    @SEis4ME: Rita who?

    Does managing a DC Council Member's office & its employees count as executive experience?

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    Am I the only person that remembers Bowser getting smacked down by the public when she foolishly tried to lower DC speed limits to 15 miles per hour???

    This woman has no leadership experience. No vision for the City. And no compassion for residents.

    Bowser would set the City back decades

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    Did y'all get your Mayor Gray Trash Can(TM) yet? It means he cares.

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    Thonebullets: Can you name some accomplishments of Bowser's while she was in city council?
    Any major issues where she isn't wishy washy?

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    @no: who cares? Muriel is fresh, with no blemishes on her record. She represents the future of a modern DC. Gray is same-old, same-old, divided DC.

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    Thonebullets: so you have no idea what the hell you are getting with her. The fact that you can't name any accomplishments she's made in SIX YEARS in office should throw up some red flags for you. She's absolutely useless as a councilwoman, and she'll be absolutely useless as a mayor.

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    The comments are interesting to this article about Miss Bowser.

    Tbonebullets darling, I retired from the private sector and I never received a payroll check or money order from Mayor Vincent Gray. I've never met the man or should I say the Mayor.


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    Mayor Gray running on "One City" is like George Bush running on "Freedom." Do not be fooled.

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    and I'm still waiting on my Trash Can, One City!!

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    Bowser may be considered fresh with an unblemished record, but she has spent six years proving that she delivers service selectively to some constituents, and not at all to many others. She is not going to be any better at governing the entire city.

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    Bowser's record is "unblemished" because she HAS NO RECORD

  49. #49

    @MsLuLuHog your claim makes entirely no sense. If Orange was on the council and worked for Pepco at the same time, then supported Pepco's increases, would be a problem.

    ORANGE WAS NOT ON THE COUNCIL DURING THE TIME HE WORKED FOR PEPCO. Unfortunately, unlike other councilmembers who abuse the system, Orange commits to one job and one job ONLY!

    If RG3 couldnt close a deal to re-sign with the Redskins, and he signed up with the Cowboys, I don't see RG3 trying to win the game for the Redskins. He is going to go out there and compete for the Win.

    Similar to LeBron returning to Cleveland when the Heat play the Cavs. LeBron is going to score a lot and the Heat will win.

    Unless Orange had Pepco as outside employment (which he didnt since he took the job after losing to Fenty for the Mayor's race) this should not be a reason that you not vote for him.

  50. #50

    @justsayin the people cannot tell you what Bowser has produced since joining office because all of her "accomplishments" or reasons to claim success are all based off Fenty's work.

    There is a difference between claiming things on your OWN merit vs. being the person in office while the execution is done.


    You will find very few.

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    @TightLips #50: Trust and believe, I know!! I sincerely hope that she doesn't knock on my door because I'd be tempted to give her my a$$ to kiss, just as she and her staff have done to many of her constituents on numerous ocassions when we've reached out to her office.

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    In the moderation queue?

  53. #53

    (snicker) KISS OF DEATH endorsement. Right behind the City Paper.

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    How is a closeted lesbian worthy of the WP endorsement in a town wherein 30% or more of the electorate is openly gay? Houston has reelected an openly gay woman as Mayor three times but we here are expecting our gay voters to just hold their noses and march back into the closet to vote for some, to be charitable, lightweight. The woman is a fraud.

  55. #55

    Ghosts and Angels, please stop putting rumors and lies out there. Muriel Bowser is not a lesbian and if she were it wouldn't matter to me as a voter. I'm not support Miss Bowser because she hasn't done shit for most Ward 4 constituents.

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    supporting, not support

  57. #57

    Miss Hog, now you see what you're aligning with as a Gray supporter. Don't be fooled.

  58. #58

    This is a good thing that she got the posts endorsement. We know for sure Bowers is going to lose. Thank you Washington Post
    Vince Gray Will Be the Next MAYOR.:)

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    I am very impressed by Councilmember Muriel Bowswer. So proud that she got the Washington Post endorsement. She will be a great Mayor and bring honesty and integrity. She did a great job in Ward 4.

  61. #61

    Washington, D.C likes to self-promte as being one of the most hiighly educated and informed cities within the country. I submit that this uppcoming Democratic mayoral contest will put that proclamation to the test.

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    Okay, gang. Here's today's "come closer" question. This was the first WaPo editorial urging election of Muriel Bowser. How many more will there be between now and April 2nd?

    Of course, we could make this a drinking game, with two drinks for the second editorial, three for the third, et cetera. The risk with that, however, is the number of drinks could be so high that not even Tosspot could play.

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    @Ward5Resident can you please name 5 initiatives that Muriel Bowser put together and closed during her time as Ward 4 Councilmember?

    Anything that Adrian Fenty rolled out during his years in office doesn't count.

  64. #64

    So, I understand now that Ms. Bowser was the treasurer of her ANC before the became the Ward 4 Councilmember, so I stand corrected that she does have some leadership experience. Can anyone tell me how she was in that role?

  65. #65

    ahahaha @DCGuy what leadership experience does being a Treasure provide? The treasurer doesn't lead anyone but the numbers.

    It's simple, she counted/collected the money and told the President how much they have the in the account before every meeting.

    The End

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    As treasurer of ANC 4B the quarterly reports to the DC auditor were late resulting in delayed allotments to the commission. In all fairness, this was an continuation of dysfunctional accountablility that preceded Bowser's ANC term, but she brought nothing new to the table. As for her leadership, her ANC constituents were left wanting and frequently reached out to her colleagues for help with their concerns.

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    Bowser is an excellent choice and the right choice. No, the Post Endorsement guarantees nothing, as past endorsements have shown. But a candidate would rather have it than not have it. Bowser will win and she will be an excellent mayor. We also really need a female mayor for a change.

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    Everyone on this thread keeps saying she was a horrible CM. If so, how was she possibly re-elected? If she had no experience or was viewed as unqualified then why did she get the job in the first place.

    I was on the fence but one of the things that won me over was her Kids Ride free bill. She showed that she is thinking outside of the box. I've always viewed her as a pragmatic and sensible leader. My instinct proved to be right when she objected to the Reeves center swap today.

    I considered the likes of Tommy and even VG but was quickly turned off. Tommy is incapable of illustrating a vision for the city besides being ethical, he panders way to much and has no accomplishments aside for the bag tax. I could possibly look past the 2010 issue with Gray but his willingness to keep his boy ellorbee around is sickening. He's also lacked innovation as mayor. The city is simply going. It's moving a long as it would if I was mayor. We need someone fresh with new ideas. This election isn't about the next 4 years for me but the next 10-15.

    Bowser gets me and my households votes this go around....

  69. #69

    "Folks better be careful how they criticize Bowser or the ladies gonna stand up"!

    Yeah.......just like Sharon-Pratt-Kelly did!!!

  70. #70

    OK, so I've been watching these threads for a while now, and pretty consistently over time we are seeing two sleazy themes raised by the Gray supporters: (1) Bowser's leadership should be questioned because she is a woman; and (2) Bowser is a Lesbian.

    The fact that these themes are biased, bigoted, and show a crude, antiquated mindset goes without needing to say much more. But it fits within Gray's pattern of hiring or appointing flunkies to do his dirty work by appealing to voters' vilest, most primitive fears. Last time, Fenty was an Uncle Tom. This time, Bowser is -- well, it is clear what these lowlifes are saying. Do. Not. Be. Fooled.

  71. #71

    Time for some inconvenient truths (aka facts): (1) every candidate wanted the Post's endorsement and every candidate pitched his/her case in person to the Post's editorial board (not just Armao), (2) the Post's editorial board decided to endorse Bowser, (3) Armao drafted the Post's endorsement with input from editorial board members, (4) when Gray first ran for Council Chair, the Post endorsed him -- and Gray won, and (5) when Fenty first ran for Mayor, the Post endorsed him -- and Fenty won.

    All the disappointed campaign managers and sock puppets whining "I'm so happy, I never wanted WaPo's endorsement; it's the kiss of death" are full of shit. They wanted it.

  72. #72

    No one raise Bowser as a lesbian til tbonebullets. Where is this coming from? First I have heard about it (not that there is anything wrong with it).

  73. #73

    Bullshit, DC Guy. You're not new to this site. Tbone's dead on.

  74. #74

    T Bone's Bullets are DUDS and therefore so is Tbone.

    WTF cares who Muriel is doing as long as they are consenting adults??? Who, but Tbone, of course.

    Muriel's sexual orientation is NOT an issue related to why she is not ready for the big time. She keeps stepping in it over and over again. Who doesn't know you can't use pictures without approval and certainly not pictures of children without parental authority.

    The WaPo definitely knows that. Yet they had to publish a story reporting the person they endorsed and her ground crew were ignorant of that simple fact?

    Nah, not ignorant of just the facts. The fact is they are probably just arrogant and feeling some sense of entitlement just like Fenty and Nickles.

    FOUR MORE YEARS of Intelligent Leadership.

  75. #75

    There's not one campaign that didn't want the Post endorsement. This is a two candidate race. Anyone who believes otherwise is naive.

  76. #76

    To be clear, the Post endorsed Fenty in 2010. He lost. The Post endorsement has weight but that weight has its limits. Who knows what this means at this point? There are many weeks of campaigning left.


  77. #77

    The reality is that Mayor Gray does not need the Post endorsement to win this election, period. He did not need it in 2010 and he won. He will win again without!
    I don’t see the problem.



  78. #78

    @lol, Muriel Bowser was reelected because the majority of Ward 4 voters didn't come out to vote. Bowser made sure her supporters came out to vote. Many voters are so disgusted with politicians and politics and this is why most no longer vote. I can assure you, this Colonial Village Ward 4 resident will not be voting for Ward 4 D.C. Councilwoman Muriel Bowser.

  79. #79

    and Bowser didn't come up with the free ride for students.....someone else did, she just presented it...just like when Victor Reinoso Fenty's Dep of Education committed plagiarism...she did the same...which is why she didn't get all the praise she was hoping for. Many of us education advocates knew of this being done and truth be told it was already being done for certain below income families.

  80. #80

    who cares what side of the fence Bowser is on with men or woman....she is an idiot which that is what should matter, not who she sleeps with!

  81. #81

    I see bowser has David Jannarone as one of her top people working with her campaign, isn't he the one who helped Fenty and his frat brothers steal all the money or should I say get all that money under the table for giving all the city contracts to his frat brothers....yet she screams her hands are clean...looks like she starting early with the swindles

  82. #82

    So gray's peeps wanna slime bowser by making unproven claims about one of fenty's (not bowser's) frat bro's. OK, in the words of doug jemal, one of several gray convicted felon financiers: let's get it on!

    gray's early mentor, his bff and advisor for 50 plus years and his "big brother" frat bro, is the infamous bruce bereano. bereano's a convicted felon (for fraudulent campaign related finance schemes), a disbarred lawyer (in MD and DC), a shadowy serial gray financier/bundler, a lobbyist the press quoted as saying: I don't but politicians, I rent them. And so much more. Just google bereano and gray. Stop reading the hundreds of media reports when you up-Chuck.

    As for swindles and under the table money, anyone out there with a brain still wondering why gray won't answer specific questions about the shadow campaign, his campaign insiders like Vernon Hawkins, Thomas Gore, Jean Harris, Howard Brooks, all convicted felons? Or his private meetings with Jeff Thompson, a future convicted felon?

  83. #83

    There you go again, truth hurts!!!
    Do you see any of the above individuals you keep 'sliming' listed anywhere in Gray's campaign worker roster?

    Why is it the allegations about Janerow are unproven claims, but the allegations about Mayor Gray are more than just THAT?

    Fenty and Gang are not out of the woods yet either. Odd you call Jeff Thompson a future convicted felon. You could end up being right, but why not call his charges just what they are: ALLEGATIONS?

    You Fenty Freaks are Freaking Folks the Fuck out.

  84. #84

    TH is right, anyone would want the Post endorsement whether it helps get votes or not. For those who might be influenced by it, I would be concerned about just how entirely empty the endorsement is.

  85. #85

    I'll answer your questions, HUAlum. No, neither Vernon Hawkins, Thomas Gore, Jean Harris, nor Howard Brooks is officially associated with Gray's CURRENT campaign (and I didn't claim they are). But they all were important players in his 2010 campaign, and in his 2004 and 2006 campaigns.

    Why are statements that Bereano, Jemal, Hawkins, Gore, Brooks, and Harris are convicted felons more than just allegations? Because they all either plead guilty to felonies or were convicted at trial of felonies, which makes them convicted felons, not alleged felons.

    Why are allegations that Janerow helped Fenty, et al "steal all the money" and/or "get all that money under the table" unproven claims? Because the commenter who leveled those accusations implied Janerow and Fenty engaged in a criminal conspiracy that illegally enriched them and their friends. Yet neither was prosecuted for or convicted of committing crimes. That's the difference between a blog accusation and a statement of fact (i.e., that the people I named above are convicted felons).

    Why call Thompson a future convicted felon instead of saying he allegedly committed felonies including financing Gray's shadow campaign? Because the evidence against Thompson is overwhelming, corroborated by at least one co-conspirator who plead guilty, and buttressed by a massive paper trail. If you think Thompson might walk, that's your right; it's a free country.

    I see you're not troubled by Gray's continued refusal to answer the questions referenced in my earlier post. Again, it's a free country and folks can, if they so choose, bury their heads in the sand. Not me, though, I've followed Gray's money for years, heard what he's said, and seen what he's done.

  86. #86

    I just want to jump in here:
    The Washington Post editorial board has never been aligned with the issues that affect "the real Washingtonian", those issues relating to poverty, gentrification, joblessness, black on black crime, returnign citizen issues, housing, you know the issues that affect the masses of todays society and especially those issues that affect the voters in many of the wards that make up the District of Columbia.

    That description hasn't fit the "Real Washingtonian" for 15 years! Yes, what you wrote describe the real people of 1973, but the underclass long ago moved out. The kind of person you describe above simply no longer exists or does so in so few numbers that they no longer matter. It's a GOOD THING that DC residents got masters degrees and good jobs and are nothing like what you describe. In a city with $300k condos, the person you discuss above has moved to a trailer park in PG County or Virginia. They have nothing to do with DC anymore and it should make us all very happy!

  87. #87

    Muriel Bowser has a pathetic record on the council. She hasn't introduced any meaningful legislation that has passed for her own ward, much less the entire city. I appreciate the direction the city is moving in. Not interested in changing tires in the middle of the race.

  88. #88

    My problem with the Wash Post endorsement is that it seems incongruous and in some respects irrational. The Post acknowledges that Gray as done a very good job in running the city with improvements in many significant areas. However, because he has not confessed to the unproven allegations surrounding his election and he has not cooperated with ( confessed to) the feds, he does not deserve reelection. In his stead the Post endorses a member of one of the most corrupt city governing bodies in not only our history but also the nation. Bowser it may be recalled did not call for the resignations of her colleagues Kwami Brown, Michael Brown or Harry Thomas all convicted felons, or CM Graham who was censured for the Metro contract mess. Yet Bowser called for Gray's resignation when he had been formally charged with NOTHING. There is something strange about the Post's endorsing a person who has no executive track record, has been a part of a proven criminal enterprise- the Council- and has very few legislative initiatives or successes; while at the same time deeming a proven successful executive not worthy of reelection. This is irrational and to me bespeaks a vendetta- namely , revenge for Gray's beating the Post's favorite, Fenty. Just my two cents worth.

  89. #89

    Pardon the typo...Gray has done...

  90. #90

    Reading these vicious, unsubstantiated attacks on Muriel Bowser only makes her look better to me. I'm looking for someone to focus on making the city livable. Rent control to keep housing affordable. I have been harrassed by DC Tax and revenue every year since 2008. Just sending bills that I owe money without any explaination as to why. Living in fear of speed cameras and tickets out of no where. Come on man, it can't all be about a revenue stream. It's got to be about spirit if cooperation. Treat others as you would want to be treated. That makes a city. Who among you can give me that? And another thing. Where have all the black people gone? When I grew up the city was 80% black. At least Muriel Bowser was born and raised in Washington.

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