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Finally, A Ron Moten Song for the 2014 Election

Peaceoholics co-founder and Adrian Fenty diehard Ron Moten made the 2010 mayoral election catchier than it had any right to be with "U Fenty, Huh?" and "Don't Leave Us Fenty."Despite an abiding feud with incumbent Vince Gray, Moten hadn't released a similar song for the new election cycle—until today.

Moten's "We're Coming Out," a riff on Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out," is light on the Wilson Building inside baseball allusions that made his previous efforts so delightful. Instead, Moten and his D.C. M.U.S.I.C. group warn haters that Moten and a crew that includes Backyard Band/The Wire's Anwan "Big G" Glover are going to save their concert venues by voting in elections in the District and Prince George's County. (Update: A representative for Glover says he's not associated with Moten's group, and has asked that he be removed from the video).

In a go-go style "roll call" at the end of the video, Moten tells fellow go-go fans to unite and back politicians who support their music. Moten, who hasn't affiliated himself with any candidate, doesn't know who that will mean for the mayor's race, but says his group may make an endorsement.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hog

    I didn't know this fool was still alive. He should go back into hiding. Miss Diana Ross should sue them for using her song.

  • HUAlum71

    I thought Ron Moten joined the Republican party.
    Are there an Republican candidates?
    Is what that asswipe think of any relevance?
    Do he and/or any of his reckless crew know about the Returning Citizens Program set up to assist people being released from jail?

    I mention it because so many of the demographic Moten is attempting to use to vote the Mayor out of office need to know who is REALLY trying to help many of them and thier families and friends. Ron could have used that help himself a few years ago.


    But of course he already knows that but he is still carrying water for the Fenty Gang though they don't take his calls anymore.

    Remember now, Moten was Chief Bully when the two of them were in school together. Not College, of course. Lomax was a substitute teacher and he got in on the scam. Neither Moten, nor Lomax was qualified to get the funds they purloined from DC gov, but they were people to whom Fenty felt an affinity.......That is until he moved on up or should I say OUT to the West side of the country.

    Fenty is trying to put all of his gang behind him now. But it won't help. He still fears the midnight knock.

    The Widow Jobs should hope she never has to call the authorities on our boi who likes to wup up on women.

  • Marvin E. Adams

    This is too F-U-N-N-Y! But seriously,, can Ms. Ross and I sue these folks for infringement rights? I'm jst saying:)

  • GreatWard8Debate

    Ward 8 has the greatest number of returning citizenz and the current Mayor, Vincent Gray is working very hard to encourage businesses to come East of the River and in Ward 8 to offer entry level and other jobs that would teach a meaningful trade and allow them to earn a living wage. I am not one to focus on rhetoric or pandering to fear. If the go-go community has such massive influence in the youth community then we would not have the senseless violence in Ward 8 perpetrated on young people by young people. We need to encourage youth to be engaged in the political process and help enact the laws that will be beneficial to them. What better role model than our current Mayor for them to learn from. He entered college at 16 years-old. He is from where they are from and yet he excelled beyond his neighborhood and came back and worked on the behalf of homeless youth at Covenant House. Let's me real here. If we are talking about leading by example; they could not go wrong walking in his footsteps. Before this blog attacks, yes, I am a supporter of the Mayor and proud of it. I could care less about things that do not affect the youth that I come in contact with each and every day. He is the only Mayor who has worked in social service work his entire life. The only one who has chosen to live East of the River. Stop talking/rapping about it and begin to affect "positive" change among our youth and especially our black males. Star with telling them that they live in society and appearance and education is everything; pull up their pants and open their minds; dont' destroy where you live at and place a very high value on life; shooting and 8 year-old in the chest makes you something far less than a man.

  • Tight Lips

    @GreatWard8 you talk a good game, but how long has the Mayor represented EOTR? Has EOTR developed any faster or created more opportunities that any other wards WOTR? If the answer is no, its time to find new leadership.

  • GreatWard8Debate

    @Tight Lips; the development or should I say "re-devolopment" of East of the River is a story as old as time and has its own history. Engrained in DC history is the fact that East of the River used to be the Georgetown of DC and then, as times, do, they changed and poverty, drugs, etc. became the plague on this city.

    We are trying to change that direction that took generation of systemic, covert as well as overt racism to stem. We are not singing that story any longer but neither am I willing to allow my children, grandchildren, neighbors or the youth that I serve to be mis-directed. The "go-go" wave is culturally entrenched in DC and we are raising young men and women of color to be international scholars; these scholars don't speak with broken English, nor do they wear their pants down to their knees. Again, if we are looking for role models let's keep it real. A role model is not "perfect" he or she is human and trying their best to do what they feel is right. Mayor Gray has a lifetime of achievement that cannot be marred or discounted and again, I stand by my original post. If we are looking for a candiddate to follow who cares and show they care by their actions they youth would have no recourse than to vote for the man who "by his example" has always strived to be an example to his youth peers from Dunbar High School(college at 16 is not easy task be you white or black); entering a life of civic service to shut down the District-run Forest Haven mental institution that treated the handicapped as sub-human; ran Covenant House to secure safe, placement for homeless teens, and as Councilmember for Ward 7 and Chairman of the City Council fought and continues to fight as Mayor for a quality education for all DC children starting with the Pre-K3, Pre-K4 program. East of the River is changing for the better, we are building bridges in economic development that will stand for years for both my children and grandchildren and we have Mayor Gray to thank. Again, we are not looking for perfection we are looking for someone who wants to see the poorest of use succeed. Mayor Gray is that man for Me, My Children, My Neighbors and My Ward.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    GreatWard8Debate - the man you endorse truly has mislead you.

    Please define why he has failed to conduct himself responsively, as the Chief Executor Officer of this great city:

    1 - Lack of qualified and non-compromising women as Directors and Deputy Mayors that are Black.

    2 - Decision to finally extend an apology to DC residents (under great embarrassment and concerns w/ the trust factor) during his fourth year term, after his 2010 shadow campaign was made public by the FBI.

    3 - Explain why his loyal friends and colleagues, who are men as you, like Thomas Gore and Vernon Hawkins would put themselves on the line w/ signage and actions to ensure his campaign's success (needed or not)?

    4- How can any Mayor claim they did not know that Parks and Recreation was taking thirty "30" people out-of-town, during the federal shut down, as this plan was in place months before the trip took place? Then, your candidate, who is a disgraceful Mayor shared with the media how he learned about this trip when they informed him.

    Exactly, who was terminated, since they kept this information from Gray (COS, City Administrator, Director of DPR now at OSSE)?

    5- Look at the poor operations of DOES, as Lisa Mallory found another job that started January 2014, who dates his friends (ellerber) and the lost of Labor dollars.

    This incompetent DOES Director elevated Gabney that later was fired, look at UI issues, lost of $15 million for low performing DC contractors.

    6 - Look at DCRA where are the improvements.

    7 - Why has there been no affordable housing developments until this year, as developers are approved through Deputy Mayor Hoskins time and time again to provide AMI?

    What is the average medium income in DC, and who can really benefit from this housing opportunity in Ward 8?

    8- Look at our pubic properties Gray, a paleface graduated from Dunbar has given to Caucasians.

    9- Did you know that Franklin School was first given to Douglas Development, and after the Commissioners (All Caucasians challenged Hoskins selection) their first preference was awarded ICE-DC?

    10 - Look at the number of developers who are Caucasians vs. the few Black developer.

    10 - Any man who knows from the Covenant House the needs of the East of the River, and has sold out that community to Developers, where the AMI will be unaffordable, and think we are unaware of his underground operation is crazy to run for Mayorship again.

    11- How many DCPS schools in Ward 8 did your Mayor Candidate preserve?

    12 - How many people did Gray offer workforce training services for that reside in Ward 8?

    13 - What made Gray select Victor Hoskins over Stanley Jackson for Deputy Mayor of Economics and Development? Stan is an invested and intellect ED native of this city, who resides with his family in Ward 8, who gave this man time and energy when he first ran for office.

    14 - How can anyone trust a person, who never knows things that are or legal importance and creditable to the welfare of our city.

    15 - When will he be able to accept constructive criticism without feeling he must attack, when it comes down to Black woman.

    16 - Did he not extend a divorce decress to his wife, when she was in the hospital under critical care?

    17 - Was he a faithful and devoted husband to his wife, when she was alive?

    18 - He supported no more ear-marks, when his office provides major tax abatements for affluent Developers, and still finds ways to grant funding w/o competing to organizations.

    Hopefully, your children and neighbors wake-up and understand why they must not support a person who does not best FIT the opportunity to be re-elected ever again to public office.

  • HUAlum71

    DCPeopleWhoThink is B. Tolson, Orange's campaign manager.
    This creepy broad has a son who has been working in jobs for which he is much ill-suited for years now.

    When Tolson didn't get what she thought she should get from the Gray Administration, she went on the attack and as we can read, a very vicious mean spirited attack. She attempts to hide her true identity by complaining about what Stan Jackson did or didn't get.

    She actually professes to know something that no sane person would reveal to such a witch as B. Tolson. How in the world would she know what really went on in the Gray marriage before his wife's demise? She doesn't know. What she states are outright lies. The truth is not to be discussed because the lady has been dead for over ten years now and only a crass crude shrew like B. Tolson would try to resurrect such blasphemy about a long deceased beautiful and wonderful woman.

    All because she thought she would get a position she didn't get. Stan Jackson is not foolish enough to complain regardless how he feels. If I were Jackson, I'd let B. Tolson know to leave me out of her vituperate rages.

    This crow sounds like a mad woman. No wonder Barry got rid of her ass. Wonder why Orange hired her. Look what it got him: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The big time party wasn't worth a shit either.

    Hopefully she'll take her non-qualified child out of a job that someone who is qualified could have and be productive.

    Sit The Fuck Down, Tolson. Like someone said in a comment recently: 5 minutes just called and said to tell you your 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

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