Loose Lips

How the Snow Could Affect the D.C. Mayor’s Race

While city work crews sprayed bridges with an anti-icing mixture of beet juice and brine ahead of Wednesday night's snowstorm, Vince Gray engaged in some press conference punnery about how he wanted his administration's snow work to be remembered.

"I hope they will say Gray had a snow...ball," Gray said.

Ouch, Mr. Mayor. But Gray knows that any lackluster response to the first snow emergency of his administration won't be so humorous for his re-election bid. Adrian Fenty's snowstorm response in 2009 and 2010 gave fuel to the Fenty haters of Facebook and MSNBC alike. Marion Barry's 1987 absentee blizzard response (he was going to the Super Bowl!) is the stuff of District political canon, and Gray just spent five hours absorbing wisdom from him.

"All you've got to do is have one mess-up with snow and that becomes headline news," Gray says.

Gray even has a recent example of how quickly a botched snow response can turn on a mayor. Atlanta's Kasim Reed—"a great mayor," Gray insists— came off looking distinctly not so great after his constituents were left in Mad Max-esque chaos following a 2 1/2 inch dusting last month.

Yesterday, Gray said his administration was ready for the snow, and LL hasn't seen any reason to think otherwise so far. All the same, one would-be mayor, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells, despite hoping for the best, told LL that he'd be up late Wednesday watching the response in his ward.

Also likely glued to their computers as the snow falls: District Department of Transportation and Department of Public Works officials. During yesterday's press conference, Gray joked—or "joked"—that he'd made something clear to DDOT director Terry Bellamy and DPW director William O. Howland Jr.

"If we mess up with the snow," Gray says. "Don't call me for a recommendation for your next job."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • JimA

    Gry is correct. A municipal's incompetent response to a snow storm usually mens trouble for the chief executive. And that is as it should be. Moving snow in s a timely manner is a core function of local government. Snow storms are a predictable emergency; we know that snow will happen.

    If the DC government dos a good job removing the snow from today's storm and if the streets are clean tomorrow morning, the gray administration can claim credit for having done a good job. But if the snow response is incompetent and if citizens get angry about the response, then that will spell trouble for Gray.

  • neodino

    Mr. JimA: Oh, so maybe you do have some good sense.
    But this sucking up to Gray won't absolve you from your attacks on Marion S. Barry who could be fighting for his life in a hospital while you attempted to have your way with him.

    And one more question, if you please:

    Dollars to donuts, I bet it was the deep South.
    And I'll bet it was in a racist community.
    I also wouldn't be surprised if you were in the gawking audience of degenerates who gathered for a picnic while some poor soul was being lynched.

  • JimA

    neodini, you need to get a life.

    As for kissing behind, you, neodino, kiss marion's behind. And Marion is a bigot. Not good, Dino. Let's discuss Marion's bigotry and your identity.

    You're wrong about the South. Im Not from there. I was born in the Northeat.

    You from the ghetto? Yup. are you Poorly educated also? I bet.

    Now, dino, what's your name?

  • SEis4ME

    In other words, if effective management of city affairs is the issue then I've proven why I deserve to be reelected.

    That's right Gray, use the competence card and fight for your reelection Gray.

  • GoldCoastKid

    my street still hasn't been plowed. They haven't even been down to this part of town yet.

  • schoolman

    @ SEis4ME:

    Mayor Gray doesn't deserve anything! The PEOPLE are deserving. Deserving of the best leadership. On April 1, 2014 the people will make their choice.

    Even if Mayor Gray has been the best Mayor in the city's history, which he hasn't, he still wouldn't be ENTITLED to re-election. This is an election, not a program offered by the Department of Human Services.

  • JimA

    If the Gray Administration does a good job on this storm, Gray can rightly take credit. If the government screws it up, Gray has to take all the blame.

    Free Advice to Gray. Go easy on people who had their cars towed. Some were out of town. Some simply had no place to put their vehicles. YOu have to tow them, but hitting them with punitive fines would be mean. They did not intend to block the streets; they just couldn't move their cars.

    Now, Dino the sock puppet, I'm still waiting for your name. I'd love to know the agency you work for also but I'll take a first name.

  • SEis4ME


    Isn't your CM currently running for mayor? And she can't see to it that the streets are plowed in the very ward you suggest she's done lots for? Or maybe they haven't gotten to your street yet...

    In comparison, Marion Barry is my CM and although he isn't running for Mayor, my street IS plowed.

    I'm sorry but what point were you making again?

  • HUAlum 71

    SEis4ME #8.

    Like it was stated before: the GoldCoastKid probably lives in somebody's garage. Stupid MoFo just walked into that wallop you just put on him/her.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    Despite, who one finds best to support for in this Mayoral campaign, we thought the question was the status of this administration's snow removal process has been for TODAY?

    Response - unbelievably not good.

    Even in the community where the Mayor resides, Hillcrest are seriously complaining.

  • JimA

    Neodino, I'm still waiting of your first name. You are obviously a Sock Puppet using several avatars. Come on, neodino. also, tell us the agency you work for. Obviously you are associated with a mayoral campaign. tell us a little about that.

  • neodino

    Drinking again, JimA?
    Feeling your oats again Jimbo?

    Me, no deity in any form; Hindu or otherwise.
    No agency to report to either.

    I did vote for Gray in the his last three runs for office and I will certainly vote for him again. I also voted for Marion Barry and will do so anytime he runs for office just to sock it (and not puppet) to little wimps like you. I made financial contributions to both as well.

    Now let's make a deal: Since you started this little childish shell game I'll let you see mine if you let me see yours. Now, to even the game, my first name is Sharon, but before I give you the first initial of my last name I'm waiting for your ENTIRE last name.

    Come on, JimA/Jimbo, tell us your ENTIRE name. I DARE YOU!!!!!!

  • JimA

    I don't like to give my last name because I don't like my political rants being internet searchable. People involved in DC know who I am.

    Now, Sharon, I'm waiting for the first letter of your last name. My guess is that you are using multiple sock puppets.

    As for your ad hominem attacks, I won't even dignify with a response. (Look up ad hominem; I'm sure its not in your vocabulary.)

    I really think that you are not being truthful about your first name. I don't know many shorans. the few I do know aren't weirdos like you appear to be. So I don't believe that sharon is your last name.

    I'm waiting, neodino. Real first name, please. If sharon is your real first name, first letter of last.

    I don't know many sharons, so I really

  • JimA

    neodino, i've given my identity enough so that you imply that yo know me. Okay. so let me know who you are. If you know me, you know at leaf one of my three email addresses. Send me an email. I won't reveal your identity on this board. But id like to know who you are.

    You are not telling the truth when you say your name is sharon. I am call you out on that. I just ran through mental list of all the sharons I know. Not one of them is an angry weirdo like you.

    Im waiting.

  • schoolman

    @ JimA:

    Neo/Dino's first name just might be Sharon. That would explain a lot if she is a women. But can't tell for sure simply because she/he's first name is Sharon.

    Neo/dino are you a man or a woman?

  • neodino

    Jimmy, there is neither rhyme nor reason, or even common sense to your responses #'s 13 and 14.


    Did you really have the nerve, the audacity, the sheer unmitigated gall and STUPIDITY, to accuse me of using the term ad hominem attacks upon YOU after your vitriolic attacks on The Great Mayor for Life Marion S. Barry who has asked for prayer????

    You know!!! The one's you dignified with a response after saying your wouldn't.


  • JimA

    Neodino, your name is not Sharon. Im sure of that.

    I've given my first name and Im waiting for yours. One more chance. If you don't provide a truthful answer to your first name then I reserve the right to stop engaging with you. I probably should have not engaged with you initially.

    Its usually unwise to argue with whack job like you, neodino. You, neodino, hide behind your sock puppets. You use anonymity to attack.

    Oh, and, Marion is a bigot. He's also called an elected official. In America, neodino, we're allowed to criticize elected officials.

    I would be glad to have this discussion focus on Marion's bigotry.

    First, your real first name, weirdo.