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Gray, Wells Top LGBT Activist Rankings

Vince Gray and Tommy Wells are the most gay-friendly candidates in the District's crowded mayoral field, according to new candidate ratings from the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance.

Using an elaborate calculus based on candidate records and questionnaires that cover topics from medical marijuana restrictions to eased liquor license requirements, eight activists met Tuesday for a process that ended with Gray receiving a maximum +10 on a scale of -10 to +10.

"Our few differences were swamped by [Gray's] total record of accomplishment," a press release from the group reads. Gray also had the highest mayoral candidate score in the 2010 race, when he received +8.5 to Adrian Fenty's +4.

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells came in second to Gray with +9.5, based on his work on marriage officiant and birth certificate bills.

The ratings are comparatively harsh to Jack Evans, who comes in third with +8 despite a history of pro-gay legislation. Blame it on  the "championship point," an extra boost candidates can get for leading on a recent issue that GLAA president Rick Rosendall says adds an element of "What have you done for me lately?" to the scores.

"Lately, he hasn’t really taken the lead on a bill for us," Rosendall says. That extra point also makes it difficult for challenger candidates to score as high as their incumbent opponents.

Busboys & Poets owner Andy Shallal scored high for a non-incumbent at +6, thanks in part to gay-friendly programming at his restaurants. Muriel Bowser followed with +5.5 points, while Reta Lewis received +4.5.

With White House party crasher Carlos Allen not returning a questionnaire, Vincent Orange scored the lowest out of the mayoral candidates who did with +3, based in part on his curt responses to GLAA's questionnaire.

“He didn’t give any substance," Rosendall says. "He just said 'Yes, yes, yes,' to everything he answered."

In the Ward 1 race, incumbent Jim Graham received +7.5, with the group listing his work on a bill increasing funding for LGBT youth in homeless shelters as one of the reasons. Challenger Brianne Nadeau earned +5.

Former Wells chief of staff Charles Allen handily outscored rival Darrel Thompson in the Ward 6 race, +8.5 to +2.

"Allen has a really solid questionnaire response, and not so much with Thompson," Rosendall says.

At-Large candidate Nate Bennett-Fleming was the only challenger candidate to score higher than an incumbent, receiving +7 to current councilmember Anita Bonds' +6.

Current D.C. Council chairman Phil Mendelson isn't facing much opposition so far from sole challenger Calvin Gurley, but just in case, it looks like he's got GLAA on his side. The group gave him the maximum +10, calling him "our champion on the council."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DCDweller

    Nate Fleming is showing what he's got! He obviously is running a good citywide race and he's smart as a whip.

  • Ward 2

    What in the name of heaven is Jack Evans doing? Is there nothing the children's crusade doesn't just hand over to his opposition? The only thing interesting coming out of 14th St. in the ends seems that it will be the cost per vote as he struggles to get 7%. That will be Evans only win.

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  • watchdog

    Gray need to go.....some of the agency heads need to go with him.......Neil Stanley, John Thompson and Turnage all of theirs agencies are money pits mismanaged and not well organized........look at the data.

  • GayWhat?

    They might want to drop the s off of Activists because this is an insider group of 2 guys who "rate" candidates based on their personal preference and nothing more. Ask any 29 year old gay man in Logan Circle who GLAA are and you will not get an answer.

    They have no credibility when they give Evans a high rating one year and a low one the next. What he all of a suden became homophobic?

  • DCPeopleWhoThinks

    We agree w/ watchdog. For the record, Lisa Mallory left before his campaign began, after the Department of Employment Services have been under microscope jby the Department of Labor. This agency lost $1.5 million for poor performance, and Easy Mallory w/ the boys (Gray and boyfriend Ellerbe) stated it was due for the former Director under the past administration, oversighting the fact of how she worked for the former Director via Fenty's administration.

    What about UI and employment opportunities for those still looking, since Gray became Mayor. That's just one agency.

    Now let's talk about DPR, Jesus Aguirre now Interim OSSE Director. After Fenty recruited him, his appointment never became finalized until Gray entered. Today, he has done good with structure; but what about programming (traditional and non-traditional needed), hiring practices (more new Marylanders than people from DC, and pay scales that secures 21 year-olders for major management positions) -- obviously our city lacks professionalism in Recreation and Education, and latest security (as Department of General Services oversights the systems that need major updates).

    Gray was too busy keeping himself from the scandal of the 2010 campaign, which has cost our city drastically, whereby his so-called main lietuants - like Deputy Mayors (Hoskins and Quander) and Ellerbe have made some serious errors giving away public domains, not being proactive about the lack of Fire trucks, staff and other equipment, failing to report to a scene that lead to a life lost.

    Today, being unprepared for the snow removal by 12 noon.

  • schoolman

    @ Watchdog:

    You are absolutely right!!!

  • DC Guy

    So you win the rating because you think insurance should cover sex-change operations?

    Wow, I am as egalitarian as it gets, and that is a very fringe position to take.

  • watchdog

    Listen Gray will not be getting my support, he will not get support from many friends I know. People have serious issues with whats going on within these agencies. People that work at these agencies are afraid to speak on certain issues. Before I would even consider to vote for Gray someone from the race would need to confront Gray about all the money going to MD for hotels for the homeless families. ADRC is a joke when it comes to assisting the disable and the extremely poor with bad credit. The ADRC will only assist you if you have a pretty good income and live within a certain zip code. Call and see for yourself. Now, DYRS who is monitoring the children that are sent out of stateto residential facilities and how often...what is this costing the city. This agency has a high turnover rate with it employess and i understand that bullying takes place within this agency. (guess by who?) Then we have the good old nedicaid agency where the salaries are off the chain for very little work. The salaries are public information and the majority of the directors and managers live in MD. The EPD waiver is a joke who is overseeing these services and are they really being provided. Now befoe any do any voting do your research on how your government agencies are being ran and who are running these agencies and where do they live Md or DC ?

  • HUAlum71

    watchdog: You sound a lot like that fool EJ Coleman.
    If you two know so damn much about all of this nefarious stuff you rant about, WTF don't you report it to the proper authorities? Or are you and/or EJ Coleman involved in the fraudulent activity as well, and didn't get as big a piece of the pie as others?

    Call the Office of the Attorney General; call the Office of the Inspector General; call the Board of Ethics (or whatever they are called).

    Hell, call the Office of the Mayor. Call some Damn body!!
    If you know all of this stuff is happening and you don't report it, you're just as guilty as the perpetrators.

  • watchdog

    HUAlumi71.......Are you for real with your response? What make you think that all of the agencies haven't been put on blast? I am pretty sure that there may be a few investigations going on. I know many DC Government workers that do blow the whisle and it take a couple of years some time to get people out of their positions depending on who knows what and who is handling the investigations. Listen right now my job is to enlighten those who care and really want to at least ask questions. I want people to do their research on several agencies research some of these directors that are communiting from MD.
    I want DC voters to really have a choice and a voice. Trust me when I see a rat I report it.....I just spoke about DYRS a couple days ago and today that ageency is talked about in the Washinton Post. DYRS deals with kids....I don't take that lightly the head of that agency needs to be investigated and fired. Do your research on the director and see what you come up with. That agency turnover is horrible. The bigger question is who hired him and who is overseeing that agency......Voters know what and who you are voting for.

  • HUAlum71

    watchdog.....I am very for real. People who gripe and moan about what is going on and then tell other people to research it are not helping to resolve the problems.

    You are not the only one who sees things happening in government that should not be happening and WDC is not the only place where stuff happens.

    You have a judge who was taking money to mete out harsh punishment to juveniles for large sums of money.. He got 28 years in jail and a $1m+ fine. Why did it take so long? I don't know but it was going on for a long time.
    SOMEBODY did something about it.

    You had a facility that operated for generations and tortured, maimed, killed and the buried bodies in the cemetery on the grounds. Why did it take so long? I don't know, but it went on for generations until SOMEBODY
    did something about it.

    I understand there is some foul stuff going on at DYRS. The murder of the official being just a small part of what they say is really going on. Why is it taking so long? I don't know, but it seems to have been happending for a while and NOBODY has done anything about it.

    Creeps want to blast the Mayor for something that ALL politicians (except that flake, Wells, and that was only because of a fluke since the donor was backing the man who was running aginst Wells) are doing Nationwide.

    Concentrate on the serious stuff that hurts our children, do whatever it was that was done to bring the above mentioned atrocities to light. Stop obsessing on our elected Mayor and find out what was done in those matters.

    Writing about it on a blog is futile. Most voters don't even know about LL. If they did we'd spend all of the time reading their comments.

    DO SOMETHING, MAN/WOMAN!! Quit bitchin and moanin' and DO SOMETHING if you know so much about what is going on under the cover of darkness.

    Elected officials would love to know if something untoward is happening in their districts. But look what happened to Harry Thomas when he tried to expose what Fenty and his gang were doing.

    Yeah, he was doin a li'l sumpin' sumpin too and I don't overlook nor do I condone that. But compared to the $90m+
    Fenty etal got away with stealing the $600k+ Harry got put in prison for is peanuts. I won't even go into the Kwame thing. What does that tell you?

    It tells me that the politician and bureaucrats are not the only ones who need investigation. Know what um sayin'?