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Ex-Young Democrats Official Mulls At-Large Run

Eric J. Jones Head Shot

For Democratic office-seekers, switching their party registrations to run for the at-large D.C. Council seats reserved for minority parties is a time-honored, if not exactly honorable, tradition in the District. But potential 2014 candidate Eric J. Jones may have taken the ol' switcheroo to the next level, launching an exploratory committee last week before he's even changed his party registration.

Jones, who was still a registered Democrat as of yesterday, says current set-aside seatholder David Catania's own exploratory committee to run for mayor made him look more closely at running. If Catania runs, he won't be able to hold on to his at-large seat—a fact that also hasn't been lost on fellow independent-in-name-only candidate Robert White and an unusually bustling field of Statehood Green Party candidates.

Jones, a 33-year-old Ward 5 resident and former D.C. Young Democrats official who now works for a building industry trade group, tells LL he'd bring a younger voice on issues like youth homelessness to the Council. Jones won't say his whether or not he runs hinges on whether Catania launches his own campaign, although he concedes that it would make his decision much easier.

Photo courtesy Eric J. Jones

  • Marvin E. Adams

    It seems that there are not too many folks in D.C who are willing to embrace change, with respect to governance. Mr. Jones, along with former councilmember Michael Brown and present councilmember David Catania, through no design of their own, have opened Pandora's Box - possibly!

    Open elections is the future and one-party domination will soon be history. Granted, there will be those who will disagree and will fight, to the very end, to maintain the status quo, and we all know why. But it won't matter, because it's enevitable. And it will occur sooner, rather than later.

  • 7r3y3r

    They need to (but won't) change the rule so that the "independent" candidate is not a registered party member for AT LEAST a year prior to beginning their campaign.

  • Son of Washington

    Folks would just change their padty registration earlier. Further that would also violate the Constitution.

    What DC realky needs to do is to have open non partisan elections for tbis position in November.

    As far as this race it isnt that cut and fry. Mr. White is an ultra liberal who just wants the seat. Mr. Jones isnt truly a Democrat and hasn't been for years. Look to see who he works with and his stances. He is at best a Blue Dog Democrat which means in DC that he is an Independent and possibly a Republican.

    The only folks who seem to be concerned are the other rogue so called political parties who cant field a worthwhile candidate who doesn't seem batty.

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