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Morning Links

Tommy Wells tries to get beyond white voters. [Post]

Vince Gray lands the SEIU endorsement. [LLPost]

City cans Park Morton developer for delay. [Post]

Mice can't stop the Piney Branch Safeway. [WTOP]

Muriel BowserReta Lewis make their pitch at women's forum. [Times]

Irv Nathan wants to squash a plan to keep the attorney general election in 2014. [Post]

D.C. Health Exchange sees membership bump. [WBJ]

Flip hipsters, or flip for hipsters, right here in D.C. [WBJ]

Pro-gay banner set on fire. [Blade]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • SEis4ME

    See the post article wrt my point about endorsing Wells giving his inability to demonstrate he's a city-wide candidate.

    See WTimes article for reasons why endorsing the "women" and "outsider" in race does not translate into building or demonstrating an effective manaGement platform that reasonably supersedes what we currently have with Gray.

  • SEis4ME is right

    When does the GOTV start for Catania? Bring on the general!

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Charles Allen has the same Black voting problem Tommy Wells has and Allen is not campaigning in Black Neighborhoods. If
    Well's can pull 15% of the fading Black vote in DC he may have a chance to win.

  • HUAlum71

    No disrespect, Mr. Thorpe, but what Kool-Aid are you drinking? Tommy Wells has lost his ENTIRE Ward 6 base of big hitters who were around for him in 2010. He avoids Ms. Sharon Anbrose like the plague. The woman who previously drove him around won't even speak to him now.

    He knew he could never win another term on the Council and that is why he ran for Mayor. He thought about running for Chair and an At-Large seat. He should ride his mule on back to Georgia, or Alabama, or Mississippi
    or wherever DF he came from.

  • watchdog

    Tommy Wells as a SW should be probing into how DC Office on Aging is being managed, ask the right questions about Neil stanley look at DYRS data all false and made up, kids are missing, kids are out of state and no one is monitoring....Money pit at Health Care Finane. who has oversight of these three agences.