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Jack Evans Accuses Rivals of Dishonest Campaign Reporting

Something's been bugging Jack Evans. Ahead of every campaign finance report deadline, he brings in the gargantuan campaign contribution totals that made him the first mayoral candidate to break $1 million in total fundraising. But he has similarly outsized expenses, repeatedly leaving him with a smaller bank account in campaign finance disclosures than rival Muriel Bowser.

Now Evans says he's figured out why he's lagging in cash on hand, claiming that his rivals are dishonestly keeping their disclosed expenses down by making payments to pollsters and staff after filing deadlines.

“The other candidates are not honestly reporting,” Evans tells LL.

Consider Bowser, whose campaign paid for a poll conducted between Jan. 6 and Jan. 9. In her Jan. 31 campaign filing, though, there's no payment to the polling firm. While Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff says that the campaign pays its expenses when a vendor asks, Evans thinks the campaign delayed making the payments until after the Jan. 31 reporting deadline to boost Bowser's cash-on-hand figures.

“I’ve been polling for 22 years," Evans says. "Pollsters don’t do polls unless they get paid upfront. So what she’s doing is she’s suppressing her bills."

Also stuck in Evans' craw these days: the fact that Vince Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies hadn't been paid yet by the Jan. 31 deadline for his work on the campaign since early December.

“Does Chuck Thies work for free? Is everybody working for free?" Evans says. "Am I the only dummy in the whole place that’s paying anybody?"

Thies explains his lack of a salary by saying that he volunteered for the campaign in December and planned to invoice the campaign for January after the end of the month. "I’m not doing this for money," Thies says. "I’m doing this because I care very deeply for Mayor Gray, and he was dealt a bad hand in 2010." (LL's waiting to hear back from the Office of Campaign Finance on whether Thies' volunteering should count as an in-kind contribution.)

Thies, not one to let a campaign slight go unanswered, tells LL that Evans' 2005 Jack PAC flap, in which Evans controlled a PAC that spent money on his own sports tickets and trips, makes him an imperfect messenger for campaign finance honesty. OCF later cleared Evans, but suggested that he pay back some of the money, which Evans did.

"He’s just lucky that happened before there was a sheriff in town," Thies says, referring to U.S. Attorney Ron Machen.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • MMJ

    "I’m not doing this for money," Thies says. "I’m doing this because I care very deeply for Mayor Gray, and he was dealt a bad hand in 2010."

    I just vomited in my mouth. Or rather, up-CHUCK-ed.

  • Tight Lips

    Evans and Orange are the financial experts on the council. No other councilmembers have the accounting/finance background like those two.

    Bowser started her campaign a year ago for a reason. That was her only ticket to getting a fair shot.

    If issues arise from Bowser cheating her numbers, its a wrap for her and her campaign.

  • EC

    Wow. Thies has spent the last two months telling anyone who raises the fact that our mayor is in office thanks to an illegal campaign in 2010 to stop obsessing about the past. Now he turns around and starts talking about 2005 when Evans brings up what is pretty clearly some shady behavior.

  • stick2yourguns

    well everyone in ANC Commission 4B knows she doesn't know numbers hell she was the reason the ANC allotments were frozen, she was the treasurer and didn't do the books right then...keep opening that door on her cause move will fall out.

    Can you imagine her on Wall Street trying to get funds for our city...they would laugh her butt right back down the road.

  • PT

    Not for nothing, but "I've been polling for 22 years" isn't the most impressive sounding accomplishment.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Jack Evans would make a good Mayor if he could pull the majority of White votes and get 10% of Black votes in DC. The question here is why won't White voters vote for Jack in large numbers?

  • drez

    MLT: Is that a real question?

    Thies is an idiot for mentioning Machen when his client is under investigation by him. But, then again, he has a narrow window. Either gray draws charges or he doesn't. If he does, nothing thies could say makes any difference. If he doesn't, he can point to his size 36 puffed out chest and claim innocence.
    It's a bluff.

  • truth hurts

    Classic Thies b.s. Guess what, Chuck, nobody with a brain believes you.

  • truth hurts

    Don't know when Bowser's campaign was invoiced for polling work done 1/6-1/9. Generally speaking, though, once contractors/vendors submit their invoices, payment is made within 30 days.

    Full-time paid campaign staffers like Thies, on the other hand, usually receive stipends twice each month. They don't ordinarily submit invoices. Maybe Thies learned that trick from Graham.

  • HUAlum71


    Did Chuck Thies say he was referring to Machen as the Sheriff in town?

    Can somebody tell me when it was stated that the MAYOR was under investigation? I don't remember reading that in the media. Maybe his campaign, but not him personally.
    Just askin'.

  • Eat This Apple Son

    Come on son! Money Making Jack, is this the best you can do? Dude you've raised over a million bucks but have nothing to show for it. Nothing at all. your biggest issue at this point is trying to zero in on how much money your competitors have to pounce on you with...Congratulations you finally got a news hit. But wait, it sucks.

    Pro tip bro, Do what the Gray campaign did to that other Bonds leftover. Bonds won because a good number of our voters prefer someone from the African American caucus over a no it all Caucasian. Your campaign manager is a joke he stood outside the ward 3 forum screaming what sounded like WHO SMOKES JACKS? WE SMOKE JACKS. You've done pis pour in both straw polls. Hell I could have found 20 people to come write me in at these forums.

    Bro, stop it. Do all of DC a favor and wilt away somewhere far away from the Wilson Building. You've been a CM for 22 years and have nothing to show for it but the dwindling support of apathetic voters who have no idea what goes on in DC outside of their humidor rooms in Georgetown.

    Breaking News: You and Tommy Wells are the worst type of politicians. Yes corrupt politicians are dangerous but pandering ones like you two are as well.

    May the odds forever be against you.

  • Eat This Apple Son

    Two words about Chuck Theis. *$!k*n Joke...

  • watchdog

    Gray needs to go.....and sooner rather than later. Gray will not be getting my vote and i know plenty who feel the same. Go retire somewhere.

  • watchdog

    Before Gray can get these 25 votes over from young black professionals he would need to clean house in several agencies. DC Office of Aging, Health Care Finance (Money Pit) and DYRS.....Director Neil Stanley is and idiot and is doing many illegal things within that agency. Contract steering in all of these agencies. Human Care Agreement violation in DYRS. Who in the hell hired Neil Stanley?

  • JimA

    Lots of DC campaigns hold off paying expenses until after the filing deadline. everyone knows that.

  • watchdog

    Jim that wasn't the point....the reporting of the expenses who and what you are paying the person is.

  • The Scoreboard

    "Am I the only dummy in the whole place that’s paying anybody?"

    You're the only one paying interns to wave signs at forums and randos to wave signs at a straw poll in Ward 8 where you can't even beat Tommy Wells.

    I have yet to meet a single person from Evans' campaign who isn't paid, from the core staff to "super vol" Michelle Bundy to their petition circulators to random sign wavers to college interns.

    All paid.

    Does anyone actually support Jack Evans? His Campaign Manager Josh Brown was shopping all around town before landing with Evans. Even he is on the campaign for only one reason: to make money.

    This lack of real enthusiasm, support, and organization becomes obvious when you consider the fact he had more interns waving signs at the Ward 3 forum than he had votes at either straw poll.

  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    Jack has been very creative with DC tax dollars for too many Legislative years that have lead many to be apprehended except for him. Therefore, he knows the tricks of the finances in DC and corresponding laws.

    As it relates to his campaign staff that includes a few blacks, who have been unable to bring him the number of ethnic votes needed, although well paid because BLACKS do not trust him any more. This is the man, who no longer desired the Shaw residents.

    However, made it clear, how he would not give up Convention Center or the Old Carnegie Library. Sadly, this fool consents to the operating agenda of the Gray's administration with serious housing, homeless and employment oversights. Today, Gray's administration comprise of many Fenty's executives, as no Mayor has ever kept the majority of leadership from it's predecessor.

    Gray is so unfit, even if he has not be officially charged. This man is a LIAR, who comprise women (looks at the numbers that speak for themselves) he never knows nothing, because he has no signage of authority.

    This pale face, yellow tooth smoking fool has been in office for four years, and for the fourth year makes a conscious decision to offer his first apology regarding the campaign finance charges, and sudden need for affordable housing plans/modifcations, accolodates about employment (for WHO?). Then, his last hour of review how best to resolve HOMELESSNESS jthat has increased under his tenure, and to think that Ward 8 should respect him, after being the CEO at the Convenant House for decades, is crazy.

    Who in the hell does Gray think he's fooling? Both, Gray and Jack needs corporate jobs, since they value such dealings and granting of opportunities. Non-profits have been over-looked by Gray and Jack.

    If Jack thinks his ear-marks for the Ford's Theater, Source theatre represent Blacks in the Arts, he is ignorant or think others are crazy. Just as Lionell Thomas (A BLACK PERSON), who serves as Executive Director for the Caucasian Performing Arts agenda.

    A change can only come through Reta Lewis or Andy Shallal, who needs to obtain a chance. Look at their records and professional business results.

    How I wish Joe Bowser (younger and w/ good health) versus Muriel Bowswer was campaigning. Muriel is too conservative, and have made financial commitments that will serve to further disenfranchise DC residents in need, as Gray and Jack employs.

    This city needs new untaunted blood for leadership.

  • Miss Lu Lu Hog

    Jack Evans has aged badly. The man looks so old and like someone in their late 60's.