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Vince Gray Defends Andy Shallal’s Honor, But Shallal Doesn’t Care

Vince Gray's campaign sent out one of the odder blast emails of the election cycle so far this morning, claiming that rival Muriel Bowser's gone Tea Party.

"I never thought I'd see this in a Democratic election in the District of Columbia," Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies wrote in the email, which includes pictures of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. "Muriel Bowser has taken a page out of the Tea Party's playbook."

Bowser's misdeed? Calling Busboys and Poets owner Andy Shallal a "rich socialist," a remark she first made in a December LL story that pops up again in this week's profile of the restaurateur. 

"Bowser is doing exactly what right-wing conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and others have done to President [Barack] Obama," Thies continues. "There is no place for Tea Party rhetoric in our Democratic Primary."

Later in the email and in another press release, Thies writes that he hopes Bowser will apologize to Shallal. While Gray's camp is looking for Bowser to make nice, though, Shallal's team isn't.

“It doesn’t even really matter to Andy," says Shallal spokesman Dwight Kirk, who points out that Shallal didn't say anything about Bowser's quote when it first ran in December.

Kirk declined to say whether calling his boss a "rich socialist" was accurate. With an estimated net worth between $12 million and $15 million, though, Bowser was certainly right on the first part.

When LL reached him this afternoon, Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff seemed delighted by the Gray email.

“The only thing that I really think it shows is that this is really a two-person race, and we’re the only other candidate they’re worried about," Shuff says.

Worryingly, Thies' email isn't even the only example of outrage-fundraising this week. On Wednesday, Bowser's campaign sent out an email after LL quoted Thies calling Gray's rivals "smurfs." Subject line: "Feeling blue?"

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Tight Lips

    Bowser: Offspring of Adrian Fenty & Sekou Biddle

  • Schoolman

    @ Tight Lips:

    Think that the Gray campaign would be concerned even if Bowser did insult Andy? Please!!! Just another cheap political stunt by the wounded Gray campaign.

  • truth hurts

    Classic Thies faux outrage stunt.
    It shows that Gray's loss in the ward 4 straw poll really stung. Good for Shallal not taking the bait.

  • Zed

    Class warfare on Bowser's part. Disappointing. She's also played the race card in reference to one of her opponents to another candidate.

    Playing the race card and class warfare. Old school DC. She should know better. Alabama's segregationist Governor George Wallace pulled this nonsense, too.

  • Ward4Rez

    ^^ Well, that escalated quickly...

  • Queenie

    Who is Bo Shuff and what is he smoking? Where is Tom Lindenfeld ?

    I am just waiting for the Stein Club endorsement meeting. Maybe Chuck can get Peter Roosterstein to channel Linda Blair again. Browser is bound to come out of that looking really bad, if she shows up. She will be shown to be a fraud or a liar or both.

    Chuck Thies certainly sees that Browser is proposing to lead 30% of the electorate back into the closet. That is red meat to Chuck and unlike the children, neophytes, and boshuffs praddling around the other campaigns he has no boundaries or politeness.


  • truth hurts

    Agreed that Thies has no boundaries. I guess Gray's good with him and his sock puppets comparing a black woman running for mayor to Rush Limbaugh, George Wallace, and Sarah Palin. Says a lot about Gray's character.

  • drez

    The ward 4 loss did sting team gray.
    1st, the day before the event they implied it was rigged.
    then, the day of the event, they used schoolbusses to transport "their" voters, provided meals, and had government staffers using megaphones at the front door.
    They clearly went all out to win.
    Their best effort fell far short.

  • The Scoreboard

    Bowser played the race card?

    I think you're thinking of Anita Bonds.

    Confusing two black women for each other has it's own racial implications.

    In other news, Thies today called Bowser "shrill," which is nakedly sexist.

  • Zed

    Scoreboard, no confusion. The candidate shared the Bowser charge directly to several of us in conversation. Not hearsay. One could allow it to being a weak moment on Bowser's part. #nastypolitics

  • Chris hauser

    Rich socialist is right. Question is how much he pays his workers, and what benefits they get.


  • DCPeopleWhoThink

    Muriel has made many promises to DEVELOPERS, and if she wins, DC will be faced with another level of more gentrification and overlooks of qualified Blacks that reside in our city.

    Let's not forget, how Muriel has voted in the past three years, which have not served to benefit low or moderate income residents. Yet she and Gray today, talk about the need for affordable. The question becomes for who, those making at least $60K or better.

    By no means, is Muriel like her father ( real DC warrior), nor will she ever achieve that status quo. This 40 year old woman, thinks like a conservative on a lot of matters, whereby our city consist of liberal and moderate young, middle and senior adults THINKERS.

    Her staff is not effective in dealing with effective constructive criticism from her poorest constituents, only those who are middle and above economically.

  • Ward4Voter

    10 to 1 Muriel doesn't know what "socialist" means.

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