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January Campaign Finance Reports: Everyone Else

 Jim Graham

The January campaign finance shed light on campaign financial details  beyond the mayor's race. Incumbent Jim Graham managed to outraise sole opponent Brianne Nadeau in Ward 1, but still lagged behind her in cash on hand.

In Ward 6, meanwhile, ex-Harry Reid staffer Darrel Thompson took in the most money while, like Graham, he lagged behind rival Charles Allen in reserves.

Ward 1

Jim Graham

Raised: $58,565.00 Spent: $2,200.00. Cash on hand: $58,585.00.

Graham took in some big money, including $2,000 from companies with addresses associated with developers Cohen Siegel, $2,000 from companies associated with gas impresario Joe Mamo, and $3,000 from the employees of the Sydell Group, the New York-based company behind the Adams Morgan Hotel. Also Graham fans: the owner of Adams Morgan bar Jack Rose, which gave him $500.

Brianne Nadeau

Raised: $20,081.68. Spent: $5,504.24. Cash on hand: $80,990.65.

Nadeau took in donations from ex-Ward 6 Councilmember Sharon Ambrose ($250) and attorney to the (political) stars A. Scott Bolden ($500), and mayoral hopeful Andy Shallal ($250). Also making a contribution to Graham's opponent: businessman Warren Williams ($500), who was involved in the Graham lotto brouhaha.  

Bryan Weaver

Raised: $975. Spent: $254.78. Cash on hand: $38,444.90.

And with only $975 raised this period, Weaver leaves the Democratic primary with plans to run as an independent in the general.

Ward 3

Mary Cheh

Raised: $3,000. Spent: $2,814.33. Cash on hand: $28,492.35.

Ward 5

Kenyan McDuffie

Raised: $20,180.00 Spent: $28,671.34. Cash on hand: $21,371.83.

How does a councilmember who's all but unopposed spend his campaign treasury? On a campaign kick-off ($1,600), yard and lamp-post signs ($13,501.10), and a headquarters ($5,000). At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds gave $250 to her colleague's campaign.

Kathy Henderson

Raised: $3,022.93 Spent: $1,545.00. Cash on hand: $1,477.93.

Despite being outfunded by McDuffie, Henderson pulled $500 from big-time donor Douglas Development.

Ward 6 

Darrel Thompson

Raised: $53,924.00 Spent: $43,027.97. Cash on hand: $77,371.12.

Thompson raised big from labor, receiving $4,000 from different union-affiliated PAC's. Former Councilmember Harold Brazil, who used to have Thompson campaign manager Aimee Occhetti on his Council staff, kicked in $500.

Charles Allen

Raised: $30,088.00 Spent: $6,215.00. Cash on hand: $93,927.14.

Allen fell behind Thompson in fundraising, but managed to spend less than a fifth of his opponent, maintaining the advantage in cash on hand. Among Allen's donors: former Pigskins player Darryl Pounds ($500) and developer W.C. Smith CEO Christopher Smith ($500). Allen gave $616 to his own campaign.

Shelonda Tillman

Raised: $0. Spent: $0. Cash on hand: $152.50.


Anita Bonds

Raised: $24,375.00 Spent: $2,035.40. Cash on hand: $42,524.60.

Pedro Rubio

Raised: $1,521.00 Spent: $2,153.22. Cash on hand: $1,343.48.

Rubio provided the bulk of his campaign contributions himself, kicking in $1,321.

Nate Bennett-Fleming

Raised: $15,054.11. Spent: $6,678.93. Cash on hand: $19,409.18.

Bennett-Fleming's donors include Shallal ($250) and fellow District politics young gun and former at-large candidate Josh Lopez ($50).

John Settles

Raised: $18,271. Spent: $13,368.60. Cash on hand: $9,004.09.

Robert White – Independent

Raised: $9,140. Spent: $1,693.40. Cash on hand: $26,091.47.

Eugene Puryear – Statehood Green

Raised: $1,600. Spent: $13.17. Cash on hand: $1,986.83.


Phil Mendelson 

Raised: $25,840. Spent: $12,151.88. Cash on hand: $37,608.92.

Everybody loves Mendo. Labor loves him (AFL-CIO, $1,000). Landlords love him (Metropolitan Washington PAC, $1,500). City contractors love him (Fort Myer Construction, bundled $4,500).

Calvin Gurley

Raised: $230.26 Spent: $230.26. Cash on hand: $9.00.

Perennial candidate Gurley's rock-bottom bank account makes LL concerned that he won't be able to afford more banners.

Shadow Senator

Pete Ross

Raised: $42,000. Spent: $40,474.61. Cash on hand: $9,536.42.

Furniture baron Ross continues to self-fund, giving another $42,000 to his campaign in his quest for the unpaid lobbyist position. Ross' campaign continued to employ the private investigator firm run by ex-LL Ken Cummins, spending $540 on him this period.

Alas, all of Ross' money can't keep his bank account straight. His campaign spent $222 on overdraft fees.

Paul Strauss

Raised: $22,675. Spent: $6,346.33. Cash on hand: $16,328.67.

Incumbent Shadow Sen. Strauss pulled in a surprisingly hefty amount for his position, including $100 from fellow Shadow Sen. Michael Brown.

Attorney General

Paul Zukerberg

Raised: $3,767. Spent: $11,000.70. Cash on hand: $4,577.49.

With the future of his would-be office tied up in the court system, Zukerberg continues to raise and spend money, with most of his expenses going to canvassers.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Iggy

    "Former Councilmember Harold Brazil, who used to have Thompson campaign manager Aimee Occhetti on his Council staff"

    I see what you did there. Just remove the word "Council"!

  • Ward1voter

    Graham only out-raised Nadeau because he started raising money this cycle. She's raised double his amount over the course of her campaign.

  • EasternMktWard6

    Why even bother with $100 in your account re: Ward 6 candidate?

  • stick2yourguns

    calvin gurley run everytime it's an election...damn fool.

  • Dave

    What's with Graham's report not itemizing expenditures? And what about the poll he did, is he still not paying for it?

  • Really?

    Let me pull out my check book for Darrel and Kathy. On never mind.

  • famba

    I am so voting for Gurley. $9 cash on hand is awesome! I saw him campaigning at the DMV auto inspection station. That's actually a pretty smart place to campaign if you are running for an at-large office.


    Pete THE CHEAT Ross has not paid his Campaign workers. Reports of over 30 black workers looking for Pete Ross to pay up!. If know anyone who has not been paid their money from the April 1, 2014 Pete Ross 2014 campaign please contact the District of Columbia Office of Campaign Finance 202) 671-0547 and Dorothy Brizill dorothy@dcwatch.com