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Gray Raises $627K in Latest Campaign Report

When the Washington Post reported  that supporters of Vince Gray wanted to raise $1 million by the Jan. 31 disclosure deadline, Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies claimed that the seven-digit figure wasn't an official campaign aim. Realistic goal or not, it's one Gray's campaign couldn't reach, pulling in just more than half that with a still-hefty $627,061.57.

Here's how Gray's and the rest of the campaigns came out in Friday's reports.

Vince Gray

Raised: $627,061.57. Spent: $66,243.77. Cash on hand: $560,817.80.

This mayor can fundraise. Among Gray's donors this period: Wizards owner Ted Leonsis ($2,000) Walmart ($2,000), ex-Pigskins player Darryl Pounds ($2,000), mayoral frat brother/megalobbyist Bruce Bereano ($2,000), and flack-for-dictators Lanny Davis ($1,000).

Gray's campaign also benefited from big bundlers, receiving money from businesses associated with gas station king Joe Mamo ($4,000), and people associated with favored city construction firms Brailsford & Dunlavey ($4,000) and McKissack & McKissack ($10,000).

Mayoral staff helped out their boss in a big way, with Gray taking in the maximum $2,000 donations from chief of staff Chris Murphy, Office of Neighborhood Engagement head Francisco Fimbres, fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe, deputy chief of staff Sheila Bunn, and Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor Hoskins.

Other Gray staffers contributed too, including Taxicab Commission head Ron Linton ($500), Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs boss Nicholas Majett ($1,000), mayoral spokesman Pedro Ribeiro ($250) and Attorney General Irv Nathan ($1,000).Gray donated $2,000 to his own campaign, as well.

But despite an impressive treasury, there's one guy who still hasn't gotten paid: outspoken campaign manager Thies. Thies, who didn't receive any money for December either, tells LL that he'll invoice the campaign for his January work this month.

Jack Evans

Raised: $198,174.56. Spent: $95,179.55. Cash on hand: $685,491.81.

Evans' campaign continued his usual stellar buck-raking this period, with only Gray outraising the Ward 2 councilmember. Among Evans' donors: former Ward 4 councilmember Charlene Drew Jarvis ($400) and Washington power restaurant BLT Steak ($1,000). Evans even received a donation from one Brendan Sullivan—although not the Brendan Sullivan representing alleged shadow campaign mastermind Jeffrey Thompson, but his son. Between himself and his baseball camp company, the younger Sullivan contributed $1,000 to Evans' bid.

Evans' run has been great for the Current newspaper chain's bottom line, with Evans spending $14,235 on ads in the papers.

Muriel Bowser

Raised: $165,958.18. Spent: $130,896.89. Cash on hand:  $791,080.32.

Bowser broke the million dollar mark in total fundraising this period, bringing her campaign's total to $1,086,262.98. With more cash on hand than any of her opponents, Bowser is well-placed for big spending in the last two months before the primary—one wag remarked to LL that it's time to get ready for the "Bowser barrage."

Tommy Wells

Raised: $90,534.15. Spent: $53,585.68. Cash on hand: $169,519.11.

Despite lagging far behind his main rivals in fundraising, Wells' financial situation looks better than it did in December, when he spent more than he took in.

Wells got a boost this period from, among others, District developer Pedro Alfonso ($2,000) and ubiquitous local marijuana activist Adam Eidinger ($250), who's apparently come around on Wells since he said "Fuck him" about the Ward 6 councilmember in October.

Andy Shallal

Raised: $103,307.72. Spent: $97,271.85 Cash on hand:  $99,309.20.

Busboys and Poets owner Shallal gave his own campaign $50,000 this cycle. The campaign could use the cash, spending $57,000 on consultants and $4,228 on canvassers. Among the more interesting uses for Shallal's money: $1,225 for wraparound advertising on a car and $621.90 for travel expenses for Danny Glover.

Vincent Orange

Raised: $43,319.00. Spent: $35,653.06. Cash on hand: $87,865.94.

Orange remains a favorite for big-time bundlers, taking in $10,000 from five companies affiliated with developer Willco Companies that share the same address in Potomac, Md.

Reta Lewis

Raised: $52,472.00. Spent: $79,748.36. Cash on hand:  $30,296.96.

Former State Department bigwig Lewis got a contribution from former mayor Sharon Pratt ($100), but that and other contributions weren't enough to stop her from spending more than $20,000 more than she took in this period.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • SEis4ME

    Slight quibble w.the word choice.

    Its odd reading you refer to cabinet-level heads as mayoral "staffers."

  • noodlez




  • truth hurts

    The same pay to play low life donors that bankrolled Gray in '04, '06, and '10 are stepping up again. In each of one city's campaigns, convicted felons, lobbyists and their clients, government contractors, out of state developers, government employees/ unions(and now political appointees worried about losing their jobs) bankroll Gray's fake "one city" man of the people scam. These folks care about only one thing: bellying up to the public trough. Bereano, Gray's frat bro felon lobbyist bff, was quoted as saying: I don't buy politicians, I just rent them.
    It's a corrupt system, and I suspect Gray holds the DC record for the most close associates with felony convictions. Perfect storm, folks.

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  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    Will: I believe it should read mayoral frat bro/ disbarred lawyer/ convicted felon Bruce Bereano...

    Fortunately Sharon Pratt already sent a check to her protege.

    Wonder if Kwame and HTJ can scrape together a donation?

    With friends like these, eh vince?

  • name

    I guess the big question is how much a phoney voter costs this year? You know, the guy who's handed a slip of paper with a name and bused to a polling place where someone who's moved to MD used to vote?

    How much does that guy cost?

    Also, what do groups like the gloria steinham club cost this year? How much grant money has to be doled out for an endorsement and the votes of their members?

    Because money is one thing, but to actually buy votes, you need voters (real or not) to cast ballots.

  • stick2yourguns

    who said bowser and smart in the same sentence??? are you high or just crazy!! lol

  • pachamama

    Gray vetoed the much-needed Large Retailer Accountability Act (LRAA), which would have forced WalMart and other mega-stores to pay their employees a living wage, and the appropriately-named Bowser was among those who voted NO to overturning Gray's veto.

    Neither Gray nor Bowser deserve a seat on the council, let alone the office of mayor.

  • noodlez

    MY BAD!!!

  • justsayin

    "....one wag remarked to LL that it's time to get ready for the "Bowser barrage."


    Having her as Ward 4 council rep has been an exciting as a visual of Gov. Christie wearing a onesie.

  • justsayin

    Correction; "..as exciting.."

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    One thing you can say for Vince - he's gotten what he paid for in Theis so far...

  • JimA

    Can someone please explain why Reta Lewis is in the race. The girl couldn't get elected to ANC.

  • Tight Lips

    So wait.... look at Vince Gray's contribution description:

    "Gray's campaign also benefited from big bundlers, receiving money from businesses associated with gas station king Joe Mamo ($4,000), and people associated with favored city construction firms Brailsford & Dunlavey ($4,000) and McKissack & McKissack ($10,000)."

    Now Orange's:

    "Orange remains a favorite for big-time bundlers, taking in $10,000 from five companies affiliated with developer Willco Companies that share the same address in Potomac, Md."

    Gray's description sounds more like he REMAINS A FAVORITE FOR BIG-TIME BUNDLERS than Orange.

    Just saying....

  • watchdog

    You mean Gray hasnt received money yet from directors Wayne Turnage (Dc Health Care Finance) or John Thompson (DC office of Aging)Both would like to keep their job of course. Neither agency is doing that well. Some should take a look at both of these agencies. Health care Finance is top heavy with its salaries. Some one should take a very close lok at both agencies. The contract process should be looked at closely in both agencies. Once you see whats really going on you will not vote for Gray.