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Mayoral Power Rankings: Week 7

With the Winter Olympics over, the Mayoral Power Rankings are the only spectacle left that combines both influence-peddling and tests of endurance. 
1. Jack Evans
What: Statistically tied with Tommy Wells for third place in the NBC4/WAMU/Informer poll, Evans is cutting loose. Still, he remains unable to resist a downer policy speech at a debate, even Wednesday night's live broadcast [...]

Jilted Ward 4 Residents Aim to Make DYRS Group Homes A Campaign Issue

Because of nearby drug dealers, Ward 4 resident Melissa Quick doesn't let her daughter hang out in front of their Petworth home. Now, she's worries that their backyard won't be safe either. Quick thinks they could build an addition over the back of the house; her husband wants to get a Doberman pinscher.
The Quicks and dozens [...]

Wells Campaign Accuses Bowser Supporters of Spoiling His Birthday

Tuesday's mayoral polling data boosted Muriel Bowser's campaign hopes, with the numbers confirming Bowser's claim that she's the frontrunning challenger to Vince Gray. Bowser supporters are so jazzed about the new figures, apparently, that Tommy Wells' campaign is accusing them of crashing his birthday party to brag about them.
After last night's ACLU mayoral forum, which Bowser didn't [...]

Morning Links

Internal report unearthed by Fox5 reveals new details from Medric Mills' death. [Fox 5]
Tommy Wells buys time for TV ad criticizing Vince Gray, Muriel Bowser. [LL]
And Bowser will be on TV to respond to Gray's "State of the District" speech. [LL]
Kaya Henderson talks achievement gap in schools. [Post]
A whole slew of endorsements. [LL]
Attorney general candidate Paul Zukerberg makes one final attempt to [...]

Nadeau Beats Graham in LGBT Club Vote, Plus: More Endorsements

Challengers ruled at last night's Gertrude Stein Democratic Club endorsement vote, with both Ward 1 challenger Brianne Nadeau and at-large hopeful Nate Bennett-Fleming receiving more votes from the LGBT-focused club than their incumbent rivals.
Nadeau received 70 votes from members to incumbent Jim Graham's 64, with club president Angela Peoples calling Nadeau's victory "somewhat of a surprise" in a statement. Still, Nadeau fell [...]

Muriel Bowser Plans a Televised Response to Gray Speech

District politics: It's just like Congress! In her latest attempt to climb out of the crab bucket that is the field of Vince Gray challengers, Muriel Bowser will deliver a televised response to Gray's "State of the District" address.
Bowser's campaign promises that the response will reveal "Bowser's vision for the future of D.C." When LL heard this, he froze. [...]

Wells Runs TV Ads Criticizing Bowser, Gray

If you're a Verizon FiOs or Comcast cable subscriber, you might see some Tommy Wells with your news programming soon. The campaign has bought ad time to run two ads as commercials around news shows.
Both of the ads focus on alleged Vince Gray shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson. The first, with a jazzy elevator music soundtrack, asks in a quiz-style [...]

Morning Links

Mayoral candidates tussle in broadcasted WAMU debate. [WAMU, NBC 4]
Vince Gray won't be canning his fire chief, Tommy Wells' request aside. [Post]
Jack Evans heads to Muriel Bowser's turf to criticize her economic record. [LL, Post]
Tommy Wells concedes that new ad isn't accurate, but it's nice of his staff to think so. [LL]
D.C. cops need better hate-crime training, new report [...]

Jack Evans: I Do Too Have Vision

Does Ward 2 D.C. Councilmember and mayoral hopeful Jack Evans have a "vision" for the city? Evans thinks so—his speech on Muriel Bowser turf today mentioned the word "vision" three times, both the quality of his and the alleged failure of Bowser's. The Post editorial board disagrees, citing his lack of a "robust vision" as one reason they endorsed Bowser instead of [...]

Evans Bashes Bowser’s Record In Front of Vacant Ward 4 Businesses

Eight points ahead of closest opponent Muriel Bowser, Vince Gray looks like the biggest obstacle in the way of the seven other candidates looking to replace him. But mayoral hopeful and Ward 2 councilmember Jack Evans took aim at second place this afternoon instead, holding a press conference on a stretch of closed businesses in Bowser's own Ward 4.
Evans' campaign selected [...]