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Jack Evans Plays the Nixon Card

It took a while, but it looks like Jack Evans has found something to criticize about mayoral rival and one-time chum Vince Gray. In an afternoon appearance on WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show, Evans said Gray's reaction to the federal investigation of his campaign evoked Watergate and Richard Nixon.

At issue: Gray's claim in a Washington Post interview yesterday that he doesn't remember when he heard about the illicit shadow campaign that helped him win office in 2010. Evans said wondering about when Gray found out about the off-the-books effort, and whether he notified Office of Campaign Finance regulators when did, reminded him of Nixon.

"It harkens back to kind of the Richard Nixon Watergate, which is when did Richard Nixon find out," Evans said. "Richard Nixon didn’t break into the Watergate Hotel, he didn’t even tell those guys to do it. But at some point he found out about it, and when he found out, what did he do?"

Evans went on to tie the mayor's fuzzy memory to a certain disgraced ex-president. "And so with the mayor, it’s just the simple question is, 'When did you find out, and what did you do?'" Evans said. "And I think that’s what people really want to know, and unfortunately they’re unwilling to provide that information."

Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies declined to comment on Evans comparing his candidate to Nixon, but then, in typical Thies fashion, went on to comment anyway. Thies welcomed opponents bringing up the 2010 campaign, calling it a losing strategy."You remember what Obi Wan Kenobi said to Darth Vader?" Thies told LL. "'When you strike me down, I will be more powerful than ever.'"

If Evans is leaving Grayland, though, he's taking the economic success with him. Evans said his own record is hard to separate from Gray's, with the shadow campaign scandal as the biggest difference between them.

Evans defended that coziness with area developers on the grounds that, without deep-pocketed real estates types, D.C. would be another Detroit.

"For one to take the position 'You should’ve always been against developers,' we would been Detroit today," Evans said. "And so we are not Detroit today."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Staci

    Did Gray's Campaign Manager just call his boss Darth Vader??? Will the Mayor fire another campaign staffer this week?

  • Ward 7

    Gray's campaign manager called his candidate Darth Vader LOL

  • Gray Cloud

    I can't even see the sun with these thick Gray clouds hanging over DC :(

  • KitKatBar

    Go Jack Go!!! Jack is the Man for Mayor.

  • KitKatBar

    Hold on Chuck...I'm rolling on the floor...I like you Chuck for you make me laugh and hard too.

  • Pete

    "You underestimate the power of the Dark Side!" -Sulaimon Brown

  • drez

    Cant beleive Jack is really stupid enough that without developer give-always DC would be like Detroit.
    You know what would make DC another Detroit? If the Tea Party cuts 70% of government funding.

  • Roscoe’s Wetsuit

    Wow Chuck, you really are a moron. Going to be an interesting few months what that boob in charge of the campaign. Best thing is, Gray can't fire him, because ol' Vince had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to dig up chuck (get it, upchuck) in the first place!

  • elf meter

    not to state the obvious, but i will anyway, he was referring to obi wan kenobi.

    unfortunately, a ghostly presence can't hold office.

    now, perhaps mr thies was using a "recent" aka thirty years ago or whatever pop culture reference to lower the brow of a reference to a well known aphorism of friedrich nietzche, which is probably a no no in politics anyway.

    yadda yadda yadda, it's going to be a long 69 days and counting.

    go ahead, count.

  • eddy

    Evans looks like a wilted Vienna sausage! He needs to take some nutritional supplements and get some sun and exercise. Is he physically capable of assuming the role of Mayor?

  • http://www.tinyurl.com/westend-vid co2_in_dc

    Hey Jack, DC's housing bubble will burst. And thanks to all the public property giveaways, there will be nothing for the public and our City to fall back on in the leaner times. Thanks Jack for heisting our West End properties and giving them to your buddy, Anthony Lanier.

  • BobbyDylanRocks!

    Jack's "Uncle Sugar" Patton Boggs is defending alleged criminals in N.J.'s Bridgegate:

    An incensed LaHood, who declined to comment for this article, demanded that New Jersey return the $271 million which the federal government had already poured into the project. Christie refused, and hired the law firm Patton Boggs to negotiate a settlement with DOT. Ultimately, New Jersey only had to return $95 million—plus over $1 million in legal fees for Patton Boggs. The law firm—which now represents Christie’s reelection campaign and the New Jersey Republican State Committee in the Department of Justice’s Bridgegate investigation—did not return a request for comment, and Christie spokespeople did not respond to multiple requests for comment.


    And let's not forget all the constituent service fund conflicts of interest Jack has engaged in!

    Nixonian behavior - as Pee Wee said "It Take One To Know One"

  • BobbyDylanRocks!

    P.S. Jack is playing the role of Darth Vader trying to strike down his own "government policy twin" (The Good One) Vince Gray...

  • BobbyDylanRocks!

    P.S... Jack is playing the role of Darth Vader trying to strike down his own "government policy twin" (The Good One) Vince Gray...