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Morning Links

The District's streetlight contract fight isn't over yet. [WBJ]

District could take over charter school at center of self-dealing scandal. [Post]

Former principal pleads guilty to overbilling scheme. [Post]

DC Water scraps portion of tunnel plan. [Housing Complex]

SEIU backs Ward 1 incumbent Jim Graham and Ward 6 candidate Charles Allen. [LL]

Do Wards 7 and 8 need a dedicated deputy mayor position? Muriel Bowser says yes, opponents say no. [LL]

The 2014 election gets a .gif reactions Tumblr. [Tumblr]

What's the point of being a councilmember if you can't get priority snow-plowing? [WUSA9]

Andy Shallal tells The Nation that he's a little bit Bill de Blasio, a little bit Michael Bloomberg. [Nation]

Whatta town. [City Desk]

Stealing a necklace leads to 43 years in St. Elizabeths. [Times]

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    The street light contract is a mess, MC Dean the current or former employer of one, David Catania. He was the VP of Corporate Strategy, so it is safe to assume that protesting losing DC bids is their "corporate strategy". The legal bribe of a job for Catania with a city contractor is not only unethical but is egregious on all levels!! During his tenure with MC DEAN, their contracts with DC rose from $9 million a year to $98 million a year..... what was Catania's bonus? Total compensation?

    If Barry or Orange had this same position with MC Dean, folks in DC would be outraged!

    But Councilmember "McSassy" Catania gets away with it because he is so "intelligent". Don't get it twisted, being sassy does not make you intelligent.

  • tony

    On a serious note.


    “After we have made our requests known to Him, our language should be, “Thy will be done.” I would a thousand times rather that Gods’ will should be done than my own.”
    -D. L. Moody