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Graham, Allen Land SEIU Endorsements

Ward 1 incumbent Jim Graham and Ward 6 Council candidate Charles Allen got some labor backing for their respective campaigns today, with both winning the endorsements of the Service Employees International Union.

The union endorsement gives a boost to Tommy Wells heir Allen in his race against former Harry Reid staffer Darrell Thompson, with the Ward 6 race shaping up to be the most competitive race outside of the mayoral primary.

Thompson campaign manager Aimee Occhetti tells LL that her candidate should be receiving some labor endorsements soon, but declined to name the unions. Allen, meanwhile, is expecting some of the union's 45,000 members in the D.C. area to help out his campaign.

"They absolutely put boots on the ground," Allen says.

The union also endorsed Ward 3's Mary Cheh and Chairman Phil Mendelson, neither of whom is facing a serious challenger. The union will endorse at-large candidates and mayoral candidates next month, according to spokeswoman Julie Karant.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC Guy

    How is the at-large race not competitive? You have two Democratic State Committee haunchos who are basically East of the River types, and then John Settles and Pedro Rubio. Seems like two really good candidates who can challenge the status quo BS of DC politics in Nate Bennett-Fleming and Anita Bonds. Given how Anita won the special election, I would think this would be considered a toss-up.

  • joan

    Aimee Occhetti? Wasn't she Harold Brazil's mistress?

  • Anonymous


    Could be. Fun to be reminded of that legendary "swordsman" at any rate. Ol' Harold was a chick magnet back in the day. No wonder Crystal Palmer always looked like the cat who ate the canary, no offense meant to canaries.

  • Nicole

    What about Tillman?

  • Typical DC BS

    Nothing like being able to endorse/help elect your bosses who determine wages for SEIU workers in the District.

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  • Ward1United

    Really disappointed to hear that SEIU supported the ethically challenged Graham. Besides making it hard to trust their judgement on political issues it just adds to what I have heard about what it's actually like to at the union...bad management, poor communication and an unpleasant work environment.

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