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Ron Moten: Bring Me Vince Gray

Embattled go-go impresario and Adrian Fenty BFF Ron Moten wants to call a surprise witness in his legal battle with the District: Vince Gray himself.

Moten, whose Peaceoholics group is accused of misusing grant money intended for anti-violence work, says only Gray can explain the motivations behind the attorney general's lawsuit.

The official motivations aren't hard to puzzle out—Moten's accused of signing bogus tax forms for the group, while Peaceoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham allegedly blew grant funds on two SUVs. But, even without deposing Gray, Moten suspects it's something more. A memorandum filed by Moten's lawyer suggests that Moten thinks he's being pursued because of his enthusiastic backing of Fenty in the 2010 mayor's race against Gray.

As evidence of Gray's interest in Moten, Moten's attorney includes a Washington Post story about Gray's 2010 campaign keeping a dossier on him. Moten's attorney didn't respond to LL's request for comment.

Gray and Attorney General Irv Nathan aren't so eager for a deposition. While a spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General declined to comment on the case, an OAG memo filed in court argues that deposing Gray would "burden and distract" him.

Besides, according to Nathan's office, there's a good reason to think that Gray doesn't know anything about the audit. OAG points out in a court filing that Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, not Gray, requested the audit into Peaceoholics' books that started the investigation in the first place.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • keynote speaker

    Will the Fleeceoholics ever go away?

  • Lonnie Dickerson

    I'm not understanding this story..... Who gives the last Fuqq about what someone's motivations are..... REALLY!!!! If Ron Moten hadn't been involved in something deceitful then he wouldn't have to worry about someone else's motivations... How about maybe the question should be : What were the motivating factors for what he is accused of doing? What motivated him/Peaceaholics to literally 'TAKE' from those less fortunate. I am so sick and tired of people who are in legal trouble wanting to somehow take some of the attention off of their criminal behavior and point a bright shiny beacon on someone else. YO RON: MAN THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zed

    Moten and Peaceoholics got something like $12 million in DC funds thanks to Adrian Fenty. This seems like a story that has not been fully told.

  • dan

    I too am sick and tired of Ron Moten and Peaceoholics. Please go away

  • HUAlum71

    Seems to me there should be a quid pro quo: Bring Gray and Nathan in along with Fenty and Nichols as witnesses.
    Maybe Fenty and Nickles could explain why Moten and his gang of thieves got the money in the first place.

    I find it fascinating that Moten would have the nerve to discuss dossiers when he, himself was taking pictures of DC government employees who showed up at Vince Gray rally's in 2010.

    He may not realize it, but pictures were taken of him doing so. At the former Armstrong High School for instance.....

  • DC Guy

    In addition to the $12 million that peaceaholics received, how about an audit of the reserve funds as administered under the Fenty administration. There are a few BILLION dollars that need to be accounted for. What was that fund when Williams left office and what was it when Gray was inaugurated?

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  • Smh

    Ron Moten needs to have SEVERAL SEATS and stay the hell out of WARD 8!!! Go back to Ward 7 with your shenanigans! CROOK!!!

  • DCShadyBoots

    Ron Moten, 5 minutes called and said your time was up 15 minutes ago.

  • DC Chick

    @Smh, no no, we don't want him. You all keep his sorry behind. Ward 7 rejected him for the last election. Ugh.